• Wow, fredc, hate much? Interesting that you know I’m a Dem. I’m not, haven’t voted for a Dem in years. I guess the bullshit’s on you there. Hil-bot? Don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean. It was a term Obama supporters adopted after they were stung with the Obamabot label back in ’08. Seems like that was a bit of a knee-jerk, identity politics response on your part.

    As far as joeblue goes, yes it’s true that the Clinton Foundation and The Clinton Initiative take donations for charitable work from these corporations and foreign governments and yes it is also true that it is a Republican talking point that this is somehow nefarious. Other than just repeating that Republican talking point this piece doesn’t go anywhere beyond that in educating us as to what if anything is wrong here.

  • So, BMcGarth, your position is that the Clintons are stealing the money for the Clinton Foundation and The Clinton Global Initiative. Proof?

  • Thanks for the Republican talking points.

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    The government’s reaction to the Bundy Ranch standoff has led to this. The lesson the right wing has drawn from that episode is to always come armed. This will be their de facto response to all future conflicts.

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    So you’re saying that the GOP bought Joe a house in that neighborhood because they knew that Obama would be campaigning there and they knew that he and Obama would have an exchange at the campaign stop.

    Keep it on topic. If you think that Joe is an asshole because of his statements about guns and the Santa Barbara shootings that’s a legitimate position. Why put this other bullshit that’s not even true in your argument.

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    Wasn’t it Obama who picked “Joe The Plumber” out of a crowd in 2008 and made him famous. The McCain campaign then exploited this fame but, if my memory serves me, Obama was the one who first brought Joe to the public eye.

  • The Republicaner Party has become just one more tentacle of Koch Industries.

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    Expect more and more of this in every state with a Republicaner Governor. The Republicaner Party will be pushing this more and more over the next couple of years.

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    We have an off year election coming up. Republicans know that the people who are offended by statements like this are unlikely to turn out for an off year elections. Until they are proven wrong they will continue these tactics.

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    First he shut down the bridge, now he’s trying to sell us the bridge.

  • Unfortunately these assholes are elected district by district. It’s going to be tough for the Dems to take back control after the redistricting that took place in 2010.

    The Republican party is much better at concentrating on the long game than the Democrats are. The Dems made a pathetic effort in 2010 and now the country has to pay for it for a long time.

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    A real news organization would be asking why no one is going to jail. Executives at Chase, WAMU, and Bear Stearns approved and profited from all of this activity. Yet they are keeping all of their ill gotten gains. If Obama and the Justice Department had any balls or any sense of justice they would [...]

  • It’s hard to imagine that states like Texas, Florida, North Carolina, etc. wouldn’t politicize these banks the same way they politicize everything else. They would make them havens for business cronies, climate change deniers, Christian fundamentalists, and gun nuts.

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    The take away from this speech, Obama’s going to cut SS and Medicare. He’s wanted to do this since he was first elected. It is the only part of this entire speech that he can accomplish. It’s what will make him the most money after he leaves office.

  • Wow, people away from home getting laid and doing drugs. What would our founding fathers say? Thomas Jefferson… Ben Franklin… oh yeah, they did the same shit.

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    Once Obama’s policies lead to another Republican victory in the off year elections Obama can use the right wing majorities in both houses to enact even more of his “centrist” programs. Then he’ll leave office and cash in his chips with his 1% pals.

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    For Jay Carney to say that this reflects the people’s will is an out an out lie. The people are overwhelming against making cuts to SS and Medicare.

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    Obamabot meme: “Must hate Clinton…must hate Clinton…”

    Because Obama sucks by any comparison.

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    The MSM constantly rewards the people who are constantly wrong as long as they constantly tout the position of the 1%.

  • A big part of the problem is not that the conservatives live in an information bubble but that the MSM buys into that bubble. There were no talks of austerity when Bush busted the budget and ran the deficit and the debt up. This only becomes a problem when a Democrat is in office. The reason is that the ravings from inside the right wing bubble are bought into by the MSM.

    If there is a deficit under a Republican administration it’s no big deal, under a Democratic administration it’s the end of the world.

    If dozens of people are killed at American embassies during a Republican administration, well shit happens. If there is the same sort of activity during a Democratic administration it’s a scandal and proof that the Democratic president is incompetent.

    If the lunatics inside the right wing information bubble say that something is a problem/scandal then the MSM repeats the lunacy as if handed down from on high.

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