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    At the end of a long, hard ride- you get off the machine, look back from whence you came, and utter- “godddam, that was fun!”
    Of all the blogs I read, yours was always first (well, 99% of the time) to be read, to begin my busy day of chasing the L’il Creaturette (soon to be joined by the L’il Creature!) and finding mechanical transportation apparatus to repair/modify/dismantle/trash.

  • This is almost like bidding farewell to some terminally-ill friend. Well, maybe not that dramatic. Actually, it’s more like having a trusted, favorite co-worker quit to go run an organic soybean farm in some faraway place. Or getting dumped by a hot chick on Valentine’s Day (actually happened to me!).

    You have been the most consistently informative/hilarious/brutal blogmeister I’ve seen yet! And I’ve seen a fuckload of ‘em. Enjoy your life, T, and just take comfort in the fact that you made so many people happy- and pissed off (or on) some of the most pathetic examples of human procreative mistakes, ever. The long-ass list of great stuff noted above is but foundation for more interwebz miscellany, an inspiration to those of us intelligent enough (and cruel enough) to carry on the noble battle of wits with the witless.

    I know you will magically appear, at random intervals, at random points on the great intertubez. I just hope I can be there to see it.

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    $arah has perfected a method to avoid the ‘get elected, get re-elected’ rat race (too much like work!) and still get paid. Fucking genius- no wonder Billy KritsolMethHead stands in awe of her mighty prowess!

    Goddam clowns and simpletons clotting up the intertubez! The bright side of TBogg’s impending exit: no more troll bastid a to annoy us, no more ‘purity pencilnecks’ to ridicule. Maybe that’s not such a food thing, after all.

    Datum, T, why you gots to be so hard?!

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    Well, well, well, well, welly, welly, well!

    My iPhernaPhone sez WWTBD? iz spam. Dammit.

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    Of all the things TBogg I will miss- this regularly irregular feature is the one I will miss most. I haven’t yet figured out how to do a ‘Random Ten (or so)’ on the iPod gizmo the Creaturette gave me, long ago, so I will never get to play with all the other miscreant music freaks here. Nonetheless, Random 10 (sounds like a name for an automatic pistol, eh?) moved me to investigate new stuff and appreciate the old stuff. Dammital!

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    When I saw the ‘Progressives need to walk away…’, I knew that the asshole(s) would try to conjure up some sweet sounding nuttiness to salve (pre-salve?) the wounds subsequent to yet another Republikkkanz victory. For our own good, of course.

    It’s the same logic as an ‘accident shooting while cleaning a supposedly unloaded gun’. I’d also like to see the stats and facts on when a ‘Real Progressive’ came over the hill, like cavalry, to win back a seat and reverse the oppression and save the populace from further exploitation, in the next election. These simpletons utter that opium-induced dream, while lamenting that the ‘opposing, less desirable, not-really-perfect candidate’ will be ensconced forever and ever. Amen.

    I don’t blame you for bailing out, T- one can only stand so much ludicrosity. Popeye was right- ‘I’ve had all I can stands, and I can’t stands no more!’

    Realism- live with it, or die from it!

  • Every day has its good and bad points. Although you’ve been a beacon of light exposing the dirty underbelly of humanity (as found on the intertoobz), it has been a rough ride and I understand the need to sit back and wonder ‘WotdefukwuzEyedoin’!!!

    You’re right, you’re younger than our dear departed friends, and life doesn’t slide off into a rest stop while you press on regardless, so enjoy your wonderful, real-not-virtual, life. We’ll (your weird, little Internet friends) carry on and bring the good fight and all that sentimental shit.

    Like my cell mate said when I got paroled early: ‘You happy bastard!’

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    Sad to here of Doghouse Riley’s unexpected departure from, well, everything. I always enjoyed his blog- as a recovering Ohioan, I viewed with great pleasure his musings on things Indiana. I also found him through TBogg’s cool blog roll.

    As to the creepy mayor- as notes previously, being from Ohio (far from it, actually and thankfully), I was always in the company of crooked cops, judges, commissioners and mayors- not usually noted for their perversions, just lust for MOAR CASH!!! Although that one probate court judge had a sweet tooth for ladies of the night, and money. I think he ended up doing more time than I did.

  • Having lived in Daytona Beach for quite a few years, and watching central FL go from a green wilderness paradise for creatures and scattered sleepy little ‘towns’ to a condo & gated community paradise for rich (usually white) folks and little else none of this surprises me. My wife was listening to a New Black Panther Party communique that basically said that justice would be meted out, eventually. I figured the fix was in when GZ didn’t testify. ‘Forget it, Jake, it’s Florida!’

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    I very rarely view youTube videos- especially of they’re not music or vehicle repair vids. I had to watch Tammy’s bitch-slapping of that simpleton rat bastid. I’m a disabled vet, and I have nowhere near the damage that she does, but I loathe those frauds that try to ‘game’ a system that is prettying overloaded and dysfunctional (because of aforementioned overload). I get the ‘thanks for your service’ rap when I let some stranger know I’m a vet, and I’m quick to tell them that I am one of the lucky guys who didn’t suffer loss of limb to keep them in a comfy existence, and they should thank those folks.

    Tammy, the ultimate badass- kick this clown’s ass- with NO LEGS! And then slaps him with her pretty-much crippled arm!

    It’s a bit of revenge for Max Cleland. And about time for it, too.

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    An old high school pal is one of those- I get his FB postings of Alex(skyisfalling!!!)Jones AND the wisdom of RonPaul(lovesyoulongtime) on a relatively consistent basis. I don’t delete my bizarro/wingnut/racist/gun-nut/xtian recruiters because, well, it is just too goddam funny, plus I get a heads-up on what the other 27% think and feel. Makes me feel proud to be a human, I tells ya!

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    That is the kind of country music that they won’t play on the radio. Or on the GOP boat cruise.

    That is my kind of country music- outlaw style.

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    Put up or shut up, dammit! It’ll be for our collective well-being. On another note, the li’l Creaturette was fascinated by the Neil Young video. Only two-and-a-half, already a music snob!

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    He hasn’t really been in the NFL long enough to be a car dealer- the tent-show preacher schtick is an ideal hustle. He could open for ‘The Power Team’.

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    This must be the folks heading out of St. Ives.

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    “Today I would like to announce my betrothal to the young, talented and lovely young Adam Save-a-durr. After a swift and expensive divorce from my opposite-married female life partner, Adam and I will marry at Our Lady of Statute of Limitations Catlick Choich, Monsignor Kootchie Chapel, here in the District of Columbia. I would also like to take this opportunity to remark on my budget proposal- *psyche!*- I wuzjust fuckin’ witcha!”

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    I gave up on that shit years ago. When someone asks what I’ll be doing for xmas, I just tell ‘em, “I’m sleeping all day, ’cause I know the shop is closed!” I stashed the menorah in the storage space in my toolshed, though- it might come in handy fabricating a bracket or something. I don’t believe any of that nonsense. Fuck yeah, it’s “Happy Holidays!”

    $arah P will run this hustle until the last chump goes broke or dies. I’d still like to see a good ol’ scandal hit the Palin Klan. It’ll be the gift worth giving!

  • It always puts me in a mirthful mood to view the Dimmer Twins on my hand-held information machine. That we can celebrate the year-long respite from BlightFart impositions on our consciences is just that much better. So long as the sumbitch stays dead, we can plan on an even bigger celebration on ensuing anniversaries.

    Oh, yeah- Virgin Ben- nice shot, man!

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    There is wingnut train of thought that using the lawd’s bounty to comfort us AKA wasting stuff (water, oil, coal, etc.) is going to hasten the end times and jeebus’s triumphant return to claim is faithful supplicants.

    Fucking mythology, how does it work?

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    Although I am fascinated by weirdness, this ‘video’ goes beyond the pale. Her spastic attempt at humor, parody and dancing seem to be a vignette of the wingnut outlook on life- paranoid, unrealistic, distorted and myopic.

    Re: vehicle efficiency- my old diesel Benz gets 30 mpg, and the Creaturette’s Honda does about 38 mpg (she likes little cars, I don’t). My old Chevy trucks, though, get 10 & 15 mpg. The Benz is called ‘Otto’s Revenge’, the big-block Chevy, ‘Sultan’s Delight’- the other vehicles are anonymous, so far. A balanced approach to reality is very calming and, well, realistic.

    Unlike the wingnuts’ vision of the world.

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