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    Awful torture. There’s no excuse. Clippers aren’t so expensive.

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    “Our position is it does not matter what they put on this legislation, we are not going to accept anything but clean bills because we will not be blackmailed over default. Get it? No extortion. No blackmail. What you hear are their screams of complaint as they realize we are not, not, not budging on [...]

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    Love that music vid. What I like too is this vid by Lisa Nova about being poor and going to a Whole Foods.

  • These petitions didn’t do shit — and they never do. What changed the White House’s treatment of Manning was somebody paid $74,000 of their own money to get into an Obama fundraiser and embarrassed him (which got filmed) and then he later said that Manning ‘broke the law’. Now, when stuff like that runs on Fox News, Obama is convinced to change his position. He’s always seeking approval from his opponents. Otherwise, forget it.

  • I happened to be playing around on youtube the other day and saw this amazing series of videos from 1993 showing Ross Perot debating Al Gore (representing the Clinton Admin) on Larry King about free trade for a whole hour. Boy, the bullshit on the White House’s side was stunning. THis is the point at which the Democratic Party threw working people over the side, and it hasn’t changed one bit. The series starts here.

    Our government has been captured by big business for many years now. The populace certainly never asked for these nonsense free trade treaties, and they have ruined our economy.

  • Well . . . he certainly is a rube, isn’t he? I suppose if Egypt changed governments it would ruin his end-times fantasy of hastening the return of blue-eyed Baptist Jesus and the coming rapture before the planet burns up!

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    Hmm . . . Oil at $91 a barrel, China just raised their interest rates. Their bubble may soon crash. I’d say we’re screwed. The recent growth in the US economy has mostly been in the financial industry — making cash from leverage somebody else’s actual production. Little people are just a drag on America. Time they got a cut. Let them go out and get a job instead of being a leech on our productive people (or so the wingnuts say). This article caught my eye:

    A team of burglars has been roaming the streets of downtown Los Angeles, search for aging, vacant buildings they can strip bare.

    Over the last year, at least four buildings have been stripped clear of copper wiring and other metals during brazen heists that often take days to complete. Police estimate each job can yield $1 million or more in metals — and cost much more for property owners to repair the damage.

    Not exactly what I’d call economic growth! There is 17.1% unemployment in my rural Northern California county. People just don’t have the cash to buy things. Simply as that.

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    I like Kunstler’s take:

    It’s really too late for both parties. They’re unreformable. They’ve squandered their legitimacy just as the US enters the fat heart of the long emergency. Neither of them have a plan, or even a single idea that isn’t a dodge or a grift. Both parties tout a “recovery” that is just a cover story for accounting chicanery and statistical lies aimed at concealing the criminally-engineered national bankruptcy that they presided over in split shifts. Both parties are overwhelmingly made up of bagmen for the companies that looted America.

    But I doubt there’s any solution coming soon — just a further descent into poverty

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    It’s bipartisan, therefore that means it is good.

    Isn’t it wonderful when ‘both sides’ can come together and serve their billionaire overlords in a responsible and meaningful way? We have found peace in our time!

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    I went through a chain of these vultures for several years. Although I never responded to them via mail (which would have ended it), I did learn to deal with their collectors over the phone. I learned to never admit their claim was valid, I learned never to tell them ‘I didn’t have enough money’ [...]