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    You know, when I saw this post, I swear that I glanced out the window, saw sunlight gradually light ice crystals on the window pane, and heard Lara’s Theme! Really, and it’s 6 a.m., and about 90 degrees here in Texas.

  • Having said my farewell to Tbogg, I was going to butt out, but you shrivel-souled little creeps keep scurrying through when you think the lights are out. Get this. If Dr. Jill Whatshername, Ralph Nader, or any of your other would be heroes ever stood the best chance of defeating the conservative arch villains and their moronic followers, I would vote for them and guess most of the others who frequented this blog would do likewise. But you and your ilk would not. You would find some minute speck of a reason to huff back to your mirror and fantasize that you are the last honest person. You and the religious fundamentalists really have to believe in the narrow path that only a few can travel. Otherwise, you are nothing more than particularly useless cogs in the big wheel.

    Sorry, Tbogg, and others. This time, really for the last time, I salute you.

  • Well, I fully understand. I had to get interested in pro baseball and football again, despite the absurdity in national priorities, in order to avoid bringing the term “apoplexy” back into vogue as a cause of death. But over the past six years, you’ve expressed my point of view pretty closely (and much more amusingly) with regard to politics. I’ll miss you very much, and miss the dogs and family. I wish you the very best and hope to cross paths again (the earlier reference to comments in filling in occasionally for Charlie Pierce would be nice). I also will miss your loyal readers/supporters. To you and them, well done!

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    I’ll stick with a fantasy I noted on another blog sometime back. I wish some Sunday, following one of her unctuous but nasty ramblings, Paul Krugman would, after a slight group silence, say something like:

    “Peggy, it has been obvious to all of us that your falcons have not been responding to the falconer for a long time now. Perhaps only your beloved Ronny ever thought they did.”

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    “I propose ….no one.
    The system is beyond corrupt, I care not which souless coward rules.”

    I did find the sentence structure entertaining. It’s a shame Ronald Coleman isn’t still around to play the part. Most commenters would have said the more usual, “I don’t care…” Oh well, the upshot is that they are not going to vote. We just don’t need to hear the embarrassingly pompous explanations. I mean, their rationalizations for not voting are as self obsessed and as meaningful as Lieutenant Scheisskopf’s plans for a parade. It’s enough, as even Lieutenant Scheisskopf finally realized, to say simply, “…there will be no big parade on Sunday afternoon.” Talcott and his/her%?=ilk aren’t going to vote. It’s probably for the best.

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    But, the attacks on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education, the right to vote, women’s health, government performance of any utilitarian service to promote the general welfare, and virtually everything which has occurred since 1900 to make the U.S. a comparatively decent place to live for the majority of the population are not a result of the funds appropriated for the NSA to intercept and warehouse private communications. In fact, while some of us may be concerned, to a degree, over the matter, it seems to us that tunnel vision concern with that matter is actually damaging to the much larger matter of attempting to save and restore some of the things we hold dear about life in this country.

  • Every once in a while, a person needs to really have fun writing. It shows.

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    As a fellow dog lover, it makes my heart hurt. But even those experiences are part of what makes the world seem like a better place.

  • True, ref. Cheney’s.

  • I thought you would. Thanks.

  • I hate to jump off subject, but if you haven’t read Mark Sumner’s post, Washington is Not Broken, it resoundingly describes treason. I think Tbogg would approve the temporary interruption. If not, he can say so and I’ll never do it again.

  • You laugh! Wait until you get a pacemaker. You’ll pay attention when you notice that every plate of Frito pie and every chili dog causes you to expel the call to prayer five times a day.

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    I don’t like to brag, but Corgis have learned to do the same thing with artificial light. They can “stay under” about the same length of time as the U.S.S. Nautilus could and yet respond instantly when Mormon missionaries ring the doorbell. I seldom even have to go to the door and yell, “No thanks”. We think it is the erect ears which absorb ambient light, and the absence of much of a tail, which results in short, compact and efficient wagging strokes, rather than the long, wasteful “going for the downs” swings.

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    More specific English translation: “contract this out to private enterprise.” It applies to functions previously considered governmental for one or two hundred years. The concept will reach its zenith when we vote for someone to select among Halliburton, Lockheed-Martin, or some other corporation to supply legislators, executives, and judges to BE government for each two, four, or six year terms. Their main job will be to select among subcontractors to promote the general welfare, provide for the common defense, etc. We’re getting close to that now.

    Sorry for the off-topic rant, but that term hit a nerve.

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    Ooooh, you got me there! You’re a brilliant one, you are! (Memo to self: stop casting pearls before the swine.)

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    For my part, I’m arguing that there is a need for security on some things. I’m pretty much of a dunce with regard to computers, but I really hope the government is developing some systems to stay a step ahead of inimical governments or individuals who, for whatever reasons, would like to completely disrupt our power systems, financial systems, etc. and send our lives into chaos. I don’t really know what kind of surveillance and secrecy they need to counteract any such efforts now, or in the near future. There are a host of other things I don’t particularly want hostile countries are individuals to have. I know the system is imperfect and I know there is a loss of privacy and an increasing potential for loss of more. Still, I at least voted on the government and understand the way it is supposed to work. It’s not working completely to my liking, but I still have some hope for saving it without the horror of revolution.

    I never voted for Mr. Snowden. He may be a hero, but I have more education and more life experience, and more children and grandchildren at stake than he does. There are people who hated John Kennedy and thought he was a threat to humanity. Squeeky Fromme felt that way about Gerald Ford. You may be right in your assurance about Snowden and what’s good for all of us, but I’m not so sure and you belligerent assurance is irritating.

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    My own recollection regarding security clearances is that it’s not just a matter of a single oath, like assuming a public office or joining the military. I recall recurrent training and signing of statements regarding both security and ethics. A key point in security was attesting that one understood that they were neither to reveal, confirm, nor deny questions or assertions regarding classified information. This, of course, was to prevent revelation of classified information by allowing someone to participate in guessing games and the process of elimination. So, unless information was declassified, it doesn’t really matter whether someone else had made a revelation or the public had reached a widespread conclusion. It was still a violation or crime to confirm the conclusions.

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    FWIW, my comment at 385 didn’t refer to you in any way. You and a few others typify the intelligent, open-mindedness which prevailed when I first started reading FDL.

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    That pretty much summarizes my perception of the evolution of FDL. The point of view increasingly narrowed so that only Jacobins remained. Anyway, thanks for hanging in there.

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    Talk about overbred cockers! Still, I guess it could have been worse, if cocker spaniels got their name in the same way rat terriers or English fox hounds got theirs.

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