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    Tomlinson wrote an excellent response to all of this–a must-read:

  • That’s clearly inappropriate and malicious conduct by the police. Question is, will anything be done about it?

  • OSC is a homophobic, religious-zealot bastard and I refuse to pay for anything that he might profit from. That’s a given. However, I have to take issue with ne of your points.

    I first have to ask: have *you* read the book?

    ***Spoilers*** ahead:

    1) The enemy are called “Buggers” because they are insect-like beings. In the book, that is clearly explained. In this sense, I have the stretch to get the *cheifly British*, perjorative sense of “bugger”, which no American I know uses. Americans typically default to the other words to insult gay people, yeah? Now, this matters because when I, an American, call my cat a “bugger” I am not calling her a nasty word of a gay person, but a pest, like a bug. And when I read this book eons ago, and a few times at times, I never, never got the sense that these aliens were a metaphors of gay people, but rather beings so different from humans that they scare humans on a visceral level, like insects so often do. This is in line with the cheifly American sense of the word, and yes, regrettably, OSC is American, so you are best to gie his some benefit of teh doubt and lean toward the American sense of the word rather than the British when interpreting what he meant by it.

    2) I have no wy of knowing how they’ll handle it in the movie, but in the book att the end, Ender comes to understand, empathize with and even love the “Buggers” and feels deep remorse for what he has done to them. If OSC meant to use the “Buggers” as a negative metaphor for gay people, he sure did a whammy on his own propaganda there.

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    I like you. You pay attention.

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    I love how accusations of those us whose side Conor joined today–accusations of being lost in our “privilege”, in particular–have been largely lobed at us by white and/or male people with comfty jobs or other cozy platforms from which to shoot off their fat mouths. Seriously, TBogg, you’re the self-crowned king of privileged liberal blogging–or is that crap about you coming from a family of academics [ahem, *privileged*] that you like shoving in people’s faces really just a cray-cray hipster joke?

    I, a disabled woman who struggles to find work, finds this silliness not surprising. You privileged folk sure love projecting. And when that doesn’t stick, you just go straight for middle school-grade bullying, like this. Classy. Did your family of academics teach you that?

    Oh and yeah, sorry that Conor had to go rogue so noisily, but he made a great point about how the flack he got over the suggestion of withholding votes means in fact withholding votes is effective, contrary to critics who have been saying this is all purist posturing and cowardly, empty gesturing. Funny shit. Really. You liberals are more and more like the GOPers every day, howling at the wind like fools and wondering why rational people are repulsed by you.

  • I am of the growing conviction that Obama’s political brilliance, if not political genius, is intractable from his moral cowardice and easy dishonesty. That makes him frightening. And Assange seems to be in a disturbingly small minority of those who will speak out about this.

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    No, you’re not alone. But it does seem a LOT of liberal bloggers and voters can’t remember as far back as Dec 2010, when Obama caved in to GOP on the Bush Tax Cut extensions, which pretty much shot any credibility on taxes he had with me straight to hell. Tired of this game, tired of the President’s words. tired of falling further and further down the cracks financially and employment-wise while liberals fist-pump over Obama’s kill rate while screaming at me that the “other guy” is worse. Who has prospered under Obama? The 1%. Who can we reasonably expect to prosper under Obama’s 2nd term, based on what we know of him from his 1st term? The 1%. Who can we expect to prosper under Romney? The 1%. Tell me why I have to vote for Obama again?

  • Meanwhile, stalwart Obama supporters are shrieking about how Mitt is a psychopath because he bullied people, completely ignoring the moral atrociousness of simply executing people without trial via the military and CIA, and for–in Obama parlance–being “up to no good”. Probably they were, that is. We paid good money for that intel, after all, so it’s good, right? Heh.

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    If it is “marred” at all it’s because so many (mostly liberal) journos and bloggers have been spending the day focusing on Munro and not on Obama’s policy. As political theory prof Corey Robin pointed out on Twitter, executive leaders in other countries are interrupted and heckled all the time. Only in the US do we act like it is such a massive ordeal that it could “mar” the President’s announcement that directly effects the lives of hundreds of thousands of people living in this country.

    Sorry the Brave and Good Osama-Killing Leader didn’t get his glorious storybook moment in the sun to radiate his uplifting benevolence upon the downtrodden brown people all because of one mean right-wing troll with a very loud voice who writes for a website that no one but other trolls reads but now, thanks to the liberal journos and bloggers who have serious prioritization issues, everyone else knows about, giving them oodles of free publicity. Happy? Can we act like adults now, please?

  • As a former equestrian (I trained in hunt seat and dressage, but only competed in hunt seat), I find this “La ti da, Ann Romney has some dancing horseys” garbage quite ham-fisted and grating. I wasn’t wealthy when I was riding, so I did ride other people’s horses. I wasn’t anyone’s “slave.” I trained hard and was highly skilled at what I did. And I was no way nearly as trained and skilled as rider who go on to compete in the Olympics. These people are athletes, not salves. Jan Ebeling is one such athlete, and one who no doubt has worked extraordinary hard to get to chance to compete in the Olympics. To dismiss her lie this is just inexcusably vicious and petty.

    Yes, equestrian sports are very expensive. Yes, certain circles (but not all) in the sport are incredibly elitist. Yes, the industry rests on the labor of undocumented workers and the disposable income of well-off people. The equestrian world is not particularly fair and not always particularly pretty. But what I get from articles like this is Ann Romney’s grave sin is actually being in involved in a sport culture that’s very unfamiliar to ordinary Americans, and so deemed fair game to mock and insult, even when the mockery and insults are targeted at people, like Jan Ebeling, who are undeserving. I think you owe Jan Ebeling an apology.

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    Speaking as a polyglot American living in El Paso, TX, where cultural and language politics are forefront, I am going to go off-topic here and address this “Anglo-American” nonsense. If you mean “Americans who speak English,” the term is “American Anglophones.” Anglo-Americans means Americans of English descent, which hardly encompasses the majority of English-speaking Americans, which also includes virtually all African Americans and a significant majority of Latino Americans. The latter, I can assure you, usually do not want to be called “Anglo” by any means, as well as a growing number of us white non-Hispanic Americans of Irish, German, Italian or other non-English descent. As a melanin-deficient Franco-American whose family spoke French as their first languages in this country from the time of Revolutionary War up until my father’s generation, I cannot help but think of a particular Monty Python reference (not to mention a few French insults) whenever someone tries to call me an Anglo-American. So please, if you mean people who speak English, say “Anglophones.”

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    Infrastructure! Jobs! Investing in America! Keeping America safe!

    I’ve telling you guys, we might as well remove the 50 stars from the flag and replace it with an icon of a Predator drone.

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    I think that may be the most believable accounting of OBL’s assassination that I’ve read to date.

    The issue of the helicopter not being able to hop a wall or take off due to unfavorable air conditions astonishes me. WTF? Calculating air density is basic aerodynamics. Perhaps they thought that the utterly righteous awesomeness of their mission would make the air do their bidding.

  • Depressing. Really, absolutely depressing. And Obama supporters are aghast and offended when I say I can’t in good conscience vote for this charlatan again.

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    Heh. “I hate American Exceptionalism, except when it gets me what I want. Then it’s awesome!”

    Sorry, there’s no magic in bin Laden being dead for me. Personally, I think if Obama had been thinking about justice, he and his allegedly constitutional scholar self would have been thinking of the power that the rule of law has in the face of evil, the power of making bin Laden face the American people, through the court, through evidence and through witnesses. Obama would have thought of dragging bin Laden to New York to stand trial, to have him sit through hours, if not days, of family members of 9/11 victims making statements to the court. We as a nation had the right to go before a court of law and argue that bin Laden committed an heinous, unparalleled atrocity, not because we feel it to be such, but because the law cannot but recognize it as such. We as a nation had the right to look bin Laden in the eye, and make him feel every bit the damned man he was, not because we felt he was such, but because the law cannot but recognize him as such. We deserved that, we deserved OUR day in court with bin Laden, and Obama cheated us out of that.

    The depressing thing about all this is, we are justified before the law to want justice for what bin Laden did. We DON’T need to be “exceptional” to justify our desire for justice. We DON’T need anything but the law–no torture, no secret kill orders, no covert ops, no sneaking around the Pakistani government, no media manipulation. Just the law. The rule of law is on the side of the American people. But what Obama did is not rule of law. It’s exceptionalism. So he wasn’t doing it for us. He had other reasons for killing bin Laden that did not serve the American people’s rightful claim for justice. Yet now he is selling this to us as if this was for justice and for the American people. And it’s bullshit. But Obama will get away with selling us bullshit and cheating us out of the justice we deserve, because the whole thing “feels” good enough and truthy enough to enough Americans.

    As far as I am concerned, if any American is OK with that, it’s because they have lost any genuine understanding of the recourse, protection and affirmation that the rule of law really gives us when such profound wrong has been done. And without that understanding, we can convince ourselves that we are satisfied when we demand justice and are given a cheap, cardboard knock-off of justice instead. In other words, we are just stupid fools and suckers, ready to be led wherever propagandists want us to go.

  • CBS Nightly News with Katie Couric reported tonight that “enhanced interrogation technique” aided in finding bin Laden. Couric even asked whether we should “review” Obama’s choice to end use of those techniques at the start of his term “in light” of bin Laden’s capture.

    Heh. CBS cares. Just not about the truth.

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    Par for the course with Obama: to “justify”, perpetuate, normalize and then inevitably institutionalize the worst things Bush put into effect.

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    I’m no expert on Islam, but that sea burial didn’t sound right to me. But I guess “gaffs” like that are inevitable when you fire your Arabic translators for being gay.

    Snark aside, nothing about this sits well with me. I think they just wanted to get rid of the body ASAP–to not risk turning it over to a country that might be sympathetic to bin Laden’s followers or family, or give it to a government that would allow it to be buried in a public ceremony, or allow public mourning for him in relation to a traditional burial. Their lame attempt at observing Islamic law sounds like typical “reading” into religion practice what you need to support your political agenda. We Americans are good at that.

  • Smells? It stinks. It reeks. And there’s “liberals” over at the Daily Kos cheering that their Democrat president is bringing home Bush’s most wanted war trophy. I can’t tell you how creeped out by all this I am.

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    My short-hair calico Cordelia’s fur rolls up into felt balls nicely. I can even shape the fur into felt cubes. It makes it easy to collect after brushing her, once I get a small ball going, I can use it to collect fur off some furnishing too. Then I let Cordy play with them for [...]

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