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  • cs100 commented on the blog post Monsanto Loses Patent Case On Climate-Resilient Crops

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    Kind of off topic but, Has there been any studies done that would show the recent increase in peanut allergies and genetic foods? Peanut allergies have exploded and nearly doubled in the last 5 years, about the same time genetic food really stated taking hold.

  • cs100 commented on the blog post DOJ Suing Standard and Poors For $5 Billion Fraud Scheme

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    Some how I just believe that this will end up in a settlement worth peanuts, and that those of us who live in areas where much of this “fraud” occured, and now have homes that are worth 1/3 what we paid for them, will end up with nothing, as per obamas orders to geithner to “foam the runways” and do everything possible to take care of banks and cover up fraud. Good legacy boy.

  • cs100 commented on the blog post TARP Watchdog Reports Treasury Allowed Excessive Bonuses

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    Come on now is anyone really surprised by any of this? Your talking about a government that lies and cheats on everything! Pat Tillman’s a hero until we find out friendly fire, Kennedy shot 7 times by one bullet..the thing that surprises me is that there are still lemmings willing to give up life and limb to fight for this country.

  • hard to believe obumer is Times man of the year, what a sad state of affairs.

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    The dam will burst..unless obama replaces demarco and who ever he puts in charge of the fhfa decides to quietly settle this case. Which is right in line with the double talking, base back stabbing, bank friendly stance obama likes to take but never seems to be reported correctly, except here!

  • Iam so glad CO approved this, now all the mexican drug cartels can leave CA and go to CO and ruin their national parks with legal illegal grows…leagal illegal grows in foreclosed homes, ruining the homes and stealing electricity in the process.. heck we’ve even busted them growing in the middle of our corn fields. You can have them CO!! Thanks from central CA!!!

  • another frustrating part of this so called settlement, is that if Freddie or Fannie decided to buy your mortgage (a transaction you have no control over) you can not participate in this settlement because ed demarco and the fhfa didn’t want to participate in it. So even though your home has lost value and you and your family have been harmed finally by way of these banks fraudulent and nefarious activities, you can not receive any justice because your mortgage is owned by the government. Perhaps, and this is a huge stretch, obama will use the fhfa’s failure to participate in this settlement as a reason to get rid of demarco and justify a huge mass refi program for underwater mortgages.. yeah probably not. Oh and just for shits and giggles, last week we were denied help in the Keep your home California program for the hardest hit areas of the state. Their excuse…your home is too far underwater.

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    I’m not expecting anything to change. In fact on Friday we received notice from the “keep your home California” people that our home is in fact too far underwater to qualify for any help. Yes you read that correct. We have no second on it, never refied, never took money out, and due to so many foreclosures in Patterson ca we are so far underwater that we can not participate in the so called “hardest hit” fund. So we will no doubt walk away some day, like many who are in the same situation and this problem will last for decades.

  • I wouldn’t get to excited, unless you love weed and drug cartels. I live in central CA and we have illegal grow farms all over the place. They love to rent foreclosed homes, then steal electricity and bring in massive ventilation systems. You will notice the smell of weed around 2-3 am when they vent to the atmosphere. Also the foothills are a dangerous place to go hiking in now. Heck they even try growing the shit in the middle of corn fields. And everyone of them said they were growing it for a medical shop and that they thought they were following the rules.. so good.. I say take all this crap and cartels and move it on up to Washington. enjoy.

  • obama must be sweating this reelection! Maybe some really rich person has decided to change the script on obama at the last minute (trump drama ahaha) and now obama feels compelled to finally take charge of his own housing policy. Thats just so unfoamy I don’t know what to think. Tell you what obummer name someone like Neil Barofsky to head the fhfa and then Ill maybe believe your serious, but your still not getting my vote.

  • well its seems like its ramped up in the last 12 with both parties agreeing to consant war, torture, bank and coporate bailouts, warrentless wiretapping, unpatriot act, drones, etc.

  • YEP! The d and r political kabuki theater or is it bukaki theater? Either way we end up the the same results..completely f’d. I really wish people would look at the last 12 years and see how the d and r parties have grown into one big turd of nonworking nefarious chicanery and just start voting for the other parties.

  • Why are they even worried about jail? No banks ceo’s, robo signers, lying rating agencies, or double talking cdo peddlers have done any jail time. I say let them do what they want. Give an idiot enough rope and they will hang themselves. Then in a few years when the next bailout is due we can repeat this whole thing again, but at least then we will know what to expect.

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    this is just what obama wants the banks to spew out in the press as a return on the favor for not prosecuting them, its chicago style, well that the politically correct term for it anyways.

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    At least when you run out of money in a casino you have to leave, you might get a free meal if you lose enough but there is no tax payer bailouts. Comparing wall st’s fraud and other nefarious activities to gambling is doing a disgrace to gamblers.

  • Obamas government thinks homeowners are nothing but “foam” for banks to use and abuse however they see fit, so I dont expect anything to change. We are well down road #2. Also the fhfa just released there “strategic plan” for the next couple of years and never once do they mention anywhere in it anything at all about underwater mortgages. Thats odd since they (tax payers really) are liable for most of the underwater mortgages in the US. So as long as you live in denial and never address the problem you can probably just fix it with hope! yea!!!


  • ture one page long and done over the course of a weekend.

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    I know 3 different people who have been foreclosed on in in the last couple of years, and all 3 said their is no way in hell they would ever want to own a home again after the bull shit they went threw with mortgage mods, shoddy loans and being outright lied to by banksters. Its what happens when you bail out ponzi scheming bankers and let main st get sodomized. Of course this is what obamas justice dept and treasury dept want to happen so Im sure it will all work out great. All you need is hope.

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    Well where were the other parties on last nights debate? Seriously there are at least 3-4 other people on the presidential ticket and all we ever get feed from media is the same D and R BS. How can they call it a presidential debate when 3/4 of the field isn’t even invited to the event?

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    yes I’ve heard of them and after 25 years as a democrat obama convinced me that I need to leave that party and go independent. That being said, those other parties seem to be happy with just getting a name on the ticket. Those parties have been around for decades and they don’t get any play in mainstream media. Unfortunately it seems like unless your batshit crazy or a good corporate liar the media wont even mention you, but they need to find a way to reach more people and do a better job of getting their message out as well as forcing their way into these debates.

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