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    If you’re feeling sad about losing this great actor, do yourself a favor and find a way to watch “My Favorite Year” (1982) as soon as possible. It will make you laugh and perhaps shed a tear, and help you remember just how amazing Peter O’Toole was.

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    Recover quickly and keep up with the post-operative care. Once your doctor clears you for it, do all the exercises he recommends. Surgery like yours heals more permanently when you build up your tissue strength around it.

    I had endoscopic surgery to repair an L5-S1 herniation about 15 years ago. I performed all the recommended care, and to this day I haven’t had any problems with my back. Best of luck!

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    Kind of sad that we won’t have Joe Lieberman to kick around anymore.

    J/K, it’s fucking about time!

    6 years late, but I’ll take it. Good riddance.

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    I can’t believe you went to Scruples and didn’t invite me! That’s practically in my backyard; if my backyard featured a shady strip joint with bad parking, that is.

    Anyway, it’s a well-written article. I can almost smell the cheap stripper perfume on my clothes after reading it.

  • Are we a nation of laws, or a military dictatorship? Wasn’t this stuff supposed to stop once Bush left the White House?