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  • Actually the Democrats had strong majorities in Congress during Obama’s first two years. The main thing we got out of that was the passage of Mitt Romney’s health insurance program.
    However, in typical Obama fashion, the law doesn’t even take effect until 2014. So unless you live in Massachusetts, you don’t get Romneycare for three more years.

  • The key to Obama’s job creating strategy is to cut payroll taxes. This is important because those taxes fund Social Security and Medicare. Obama’s long term goal is to gut those programs, which is why he trying so hard to decimate their funding.

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    Once the Boehner bill passes, the debt crisis is largely over. Both the Boehner and Reid bills are 100% benefit cuts and 0% new taxes. The Democrats will quickly include most of what Boehner wants and pass it.
    Nobody is more eager than Obama to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
    And he almost certainly will get his way.

  • You’re right. Obama is leading the charge to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He probably wants to do that more than most Republicans.

  • You’re right. The idea that Obama is weak, is ridiculous. This is a guy who pounds a half dozen third world countries with predator drones and cruise missiles on an almost daily basis. This is a guy who sent a Navy Seal hit team to kill bin Laden and dump his body in the ocean.
    Obama wants to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, for the exact same reason he extended all the Bush tax cuts; he is a proud Reagan Democrat.
    His hero Reagan gave the rich big tax breaks and his hero Reagan was the only president who made major cuts in Social Security. That’s why Obama cut the Social Security payroll tax. He wants to defund Social Security.
    Obama loves Reagan and hates FDR.

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    Obama wants to cut Social Secuirty, Medicare, and Medicaid by 4 trillion over the next 10 years. He wants to keep almost untouched the military-industrial complex, the War on Drugs, and 17 vast and sprawling intelligence agencies. All he asks from the Republicans in return are a few tiny raises in taxes for the rich. And this after going along with all the Bush tax cuts and more.

    And since Obama is supposed to be a “liberal”, and certainly is a Democrat,
    all the natural enemies of those proposals are confused and silent.

    Obama is the dream politician for the ruling oligarchy.

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    The key to understanding Obama is know that Obama’s political hero is Ronnie Raygun. Raygun was the only president to substantially cut Social Security benefits. Obama wants to cut Social Security to be just like Raygun.
    The Republicans are the left of Obama on these programs. For example, Bush increased Medicare benefits by adding a prescription drug program. Obama would never dream of doing anything so radical.

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    The pro-Obama liberals are a sad bunch. Obama just gave the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy two more years to run. In addition, he lowered the estate tax rates for America’s wealthiest families-billionaires and multi-millionaires-to 35%. That’s a much lower rate than anything Bush or Reagan did. Obama has to throw the liberals a [...]

  • Unregulated, jungle law, free market capitalism is almost as dangerous as communism. Whenever you try it, it leads to disaster. That happen with Herbert Hoover in the 1920s; it happen to George Bush in 2000s, and it is happening to poor Ireland. Left to their own devices, capitalists will destroy any nation that they control. [...]

  • Obama was very upset that he had to compromise with liberals and Democrats in the last Congress. Now that the Republicans have some real power, the liberals will be completely cut out. Expect the kind of rightwing legislation that would have shocked Ronald Reagun.

  • Okay,we had eight years of the Republicans who gave us unnecssary war, tax breaks for the wealthy, trillions in deficits, and torture. If I had wanted more of those fun and games, I would have voted for McCain and Palin. Why does “Mr BiPartisan” give us the same old pile of junk?

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    Afghanistan is now Obama’s war. The majority of Americans killed in Afghanistan have died in the less than two years Obama has been president. Obama has escalated the war in Afghanistan and is carrying out a terror bombing campaign in Pakistan, so he can run to the right of the Republicans in 2012.

  • Obama is just being honest. Now that he has a Republican House, he no longer has to compromise with the Democrats, and he can move to the right of the Republicans.