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  • Cuéntame wrote a new diary post: The Amazing, Incredible Video Diary of Stephanie Pucheta

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    By Axel Caballero In January 2013, the staff at Cuéntame received a phone call from 9 year old Stephanie Pucheta and her mom María Ortiz. Their request seemed simple and straightforward at the time: Would Cuéntame help in preventing the deportation of Stephanie’s dad, Julio Cesar Pucheta? María and Stephanie were desperate; they had tried many avenues and [...]

  • By Axel Caballero Our current immigration system is broken. Deportations are at a record high, families are being separated, immigrant workers exploited, human lives are being lost at the border, there is rampant persecution and discrimination of immigrants and a perpetuation of negative stereotypes and criminalization of migration in the media. How did we get here? [...]

  • Cuéntame wrote a new diary post: The Most Outrageous Excuse to Deport a Mother of Three

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    By Jennie Pasquarella, ACLU of Southern California and Axel Caballero, Cuéntame Where would you expect to find half-a-dozen patrol cars on New Year’s Eve? In Bakersfield, California, ranked in the highest ten percent of the most violent cities in America, you’d hope they’d be responding to incidents of violence and preventing murder, rape, and other violent [...]

  • by Axel Caballero Agreed, the window of opportunity is wide open for the passage of substantial immigration reform. Immigration reform is, after all, the next big ticket item. It’s the coveted prize that allegedly holds the key to millions of Latinos nationwide who will soon fall in line with whatever the powers that be decide to [...]

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    By Axel Caballero and Kristel Mucino* The tragedy in Colorado demonstrated the devastating lethality of AR-15 type guns, like the one used in the Aurora shooting, and has caused many to question whether it makes sense to allow the purchase of military-style assault rifles. What a lot of people don’t know is that these rifles [...]

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    On the eve of the Supreme Court’s decision on Arizona anti-immigrant law SB1070, we need now more than ever, to stand together and send a strong & united message: In this country – We Are All “Illegals”! The decision, while hopeful in some areas, leaves a huge gap – one in which allows for the [...]

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