• Of course.

    Exactly the position for a clown like Corn Subsidy Grassley.

    Think anybody out there in Prescription Cowboy Hat World is gonna notice?…

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    Good idea about the cows. Give the terrorists something to shoot at. They’s good eatin too. And after all, rancher Bundy did say they are “Amercuz cows”.

    Nice article cocktailhag. Think AP might pick it up? Sadly, I think you underestimate the RW messaging machine if you think Republicans are going to stupid their way out of having a chance at getting elected. Don’t forget: most Americans still receive their information from Fox. And how is progressive radio doing compared to RW radio hate-spew? Your article is hopeful, & I hope you’re right, but I think you’ve overlooked the fact that Republicanism has become much more than a political brand, particularly in the South & West where it is a close-knit ‘culture’of religionists, anti-Federalists, racists, terrorists, seditionists, separatists, nihilists & just plain ass kickers. I’ve been hearing progressive crow that the Pugs are fractured & factionalized right now, but I would argue that, in reality, there’s not a whole lot of philosophical difference between, say, Eric Cantor, & a South Carolina KKK member. Don’t forget they have the House & only a narrow minority in the Senate. I would advise cautious suspicion & crossed fingers concerning the outcome of the election. And don’t forget they control the big spin platform; & you cocktailhag… well, you get here.

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    Thanks for articulating this. There is a salient environmental aspect to this as well. Simply: more people = more degraded environment.

  • Might be an improvement over the drunks who are running Congress now.

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    I saw the clip of that exchange exposing the vibrating gladhander that Clinton is. Made me want to puke. That moment stands as the perfect example of a major problem afflicting the Dems: they can’t refrain from kissing crazy ass. Going out of their way to kiss crazy ass.

    If the Dems truly had a grip on reality, some bankers would be in jail; & every Republican who swore an oath or made a campaign promise to obstruct the lawful operation of the Commonwealth would be cooling on charges of terrorism, treason, or at the very least, sedition. Not a suggestion I make off-the-cuff, but that is where we are.

    Too radical? I don’t think so. Put those bastards in the can & watch the rest of them distance themselves.

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    Semantics nit-pic: Why has that stupid term ‘Welfare State’ become so popular with progressive writers? That term is loaded and does not serve to help the progressive cause. Whatever happened to ‘Commonwealth’? You know, those things we hold in common. Even the worst Tea Baggers in my neighborhood can be reached through that word, though [...]

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    My take on your three points, by para: No. Both defensive and offensive. Trying to stop something and trying to start something. You know. Always that inescapable duality. (suggest: Sun Tzu – Art of War.) I’m a fisherman, correcting flaws and corruptions in my gear makes it work good. Revolution has never worked, really. Look. [...]

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    Oh. You’re a maoist musketeer. How’s that working for you?

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    Yes. And thanks for the report. Added some things, in the post above yours, that I should have included in my piece. I’m a cheerleader in California, and you know my view on Occupy K Street. As I see the cops fracturing the physical occupation, my intent is to help draw focus on occupying the [...]

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    Hey! Whoever posted that video of the K Street Occupation, thanks!

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    Of course. Corupt payola is only one tool used to prop up the regime. Everybody knows that. Yet I see little ultimate value in the helter-skelter approach, alone. My article suggests a methodical approach with focus on a popular, possibly uniting issue that most Americans agree on. Paine, Henry, Jefferson, Franklin and the early writers [...]

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    Thanks for reading. I think wayoutwest expresses the feeling of hopelessness a lot of us feel. Yet, if there is a single issue that right now galvanizes citizens of all political stripes, Lobby Reform is it. This is a viable focus that Occupy might win on. If this one change could be achieved, the affect [...]

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    “…without power these ideas are pipedreams.”

    Good thing Thomas Paine didn’t believe that.

    And your last paragraph indicates that you don’t really believe that. So there’s hope. Nothing ventured…

    The only real power is Cause & Affect. Everybody contributes.

    Thanks for reading me.

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    What Wall Street has come to symbolize is: the ability of extremely powerful private consortiums to be the major force of opinion guiding leadership and informing culture. ‘Wall Street’ is no longer a place, but a monolithic paradigm, artificial corporate culture spinning an ideology of consumerism posed as ‘normal’ life. Wall Street has become emblematic of [...]

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    Really. There is no Tea Party and there never was. Only another label stuck over the same Rebublican brand. Something catchy to motivate the far-right fatties and skinheads. And shame on liberal journalists who’ve given the label the credibilty of mention while refraining from pointing out what it really is: simply the same old Rebublican [...]

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    Under the present system we continue toward derailment. Corruption is built in.

    Three things we must accomplish: Publicly held and financed presidential elections; term limits; lobby by petition only.

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    Nothing I’d like better than to see the whole bunch of them blasting off like naked rockets to be with Jesus in the clouds. Maybe in a hundred years… And those bumper stickers, though disturbing enough, are innocuous compared to some I’ve seen, including one of Obama behind crosshairs. No caption. Their saint, Ronald Reagan, [...]

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    My friend, you have yer finger on this thing. And the latest information being released from the FBI investigation backs what you write. He was a frequenter of Right-Wing blogs and clearly immersed in the Republican milieu. Gee, who’d of thought.

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    At this time, the debate is moot. Progressives won yardage during the Vietnam War period because they were backed by the hammer of far-left factions like SDS, the Weather Underground, Black Panthers and many others no longer existant. It is going to take much more than a rhetorical front to actualize the Commonwealth, by the [...]

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    Twain: don’t expect help from the government. We are long past being a participatory democracy. Make no mistake: the Right is firmly in control of the government.

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