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  • CVilleBob commented on the blog post Mr. President, Have Pity On The Working Man

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    I’d be interested to know how much his tax rate has dropped over the last 30 years. If the highest increase possible hits him he will still be far better off than he would have been at any other time since Reagan took the oath of office. I’m supposed to be upset because after 30 years of constant cuts for people in his tax bracket there will be one increase? Cry me a river pal.

  • Right on cue Jay “I Used to Be A Radical/Puked On The White House Lawn” Nordlinger comes in with one of his regular-guy defenses of the capitalist genius that is Mitt Romney.

  • CVilleBob commented on the blog post Didn’t You Used To Be Somebody?

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    She’s still big, it’s the country that got small.

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    Ruthie beat me to a lot of what I wanted to say about Boyle.
    His earliest work was terrific, but somewhere along the line he turned into Stephen King and just started cranking the shit out – no one can publish at his voluminous rate while also teaching and leading a life without becoming formulaic – as he definitely has.
    Still, I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Water Music, a truly great historical novel, and Ike and Nina, one of the funniest short stories ever written.

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    Mr. Pibb is a poor imitation of Dr. Pepper. Dude didn’t even get his degree.
    The Late, Great Mitch Hedberg

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    “Or we’ll hang out in your living room…”
    …and watch any of the Virgin Ben’s “Top 10 Conservative TV Shows” – your call.

  • CVilleBob commented on the blog post Death Of A Ladies Man

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    Everyone on the left had her completely figured out within days of McCain’s selection. Today the right is finally coming around to the same understanding. That they have all been so gracious about admitting how wrong they were and how correct we on the left were has admittedly been a surprise….oh, wait a second, my bad.

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    As glad as I am to see some Republicans voting against the Ryan plan, I really loathe them more than ever. It’s all about me/me/me with those fucks, isn’t it. They want lower taxes and a bathtub drowned government but they also want their medical care (which of course those very same bastards will deny to everyone else) and social security. What wankers.

  • CVilleBob commented on the blog post Zombie Reagan Loves Traaaaaaiiins

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    That sounds like the best awards show moment since Bianca, Debbie Diamond and Tammi Ann received the

    Most Outrageous Sex Scene

    award at the AVN Show for the

    Motor Oil Scene

    in 1995.

  • “They intend to physically keep the legislature from assembling tomorrow to vote. Mob rule… ”
    How horrible. Imagine if a mob tried to keep duly appointed election officials from counting votes. I’ll bet the right would be up in arms over that.
    Oh, wait a minute….never mind, my bad.

  • CVilleBob commented on the blog post You Gonna Eat Those Fries?

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    Durham and her boyfriend are the kind of young people our culture sets adrift — working-class and undereducated, with weak support networks, few authority figures, and no script for sexual maturity beyond the easily neglected admonition to always use a condom.

    Not that either party has a track record worth bragging about in regards to any of these issues, but isn’t the party Douthat opines on behalf of especially bad on these very issues? Isn’t the right demanding parents get jobs and leave their kids behind every day? And the right’s script for sexual maturity: abstinence. Yeah, that works.

  • CVilleBob commented on the blog post “Connecticut is the fifth ring of hell”

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    Actually I think you understated the case: the entire movie is horribly overwritten. It’s a “beneath the calm facade married life in suburbia is hell” movie. Yes, it really is that clichéd.
    And that is far from being the worst of its sins. Dennis Leary – the single most non-talented comic/actor of all time – gets serious screen time.
    Bill Hicks died broke and virtually unknown. Leary stole his persona and reaps the rewards.
    No justice my friends; there just ain’t no justice.

  • Poor wording on my part. He won two presidential elections. Yes, I know he didn’t serve out his second term, but the American people voted him into office twice.

  • The problem is I’m old enough to remember a time when Richard Nixon was through, never gonna win again. And that was true right up to the moment he became a two-term president. And I remember Ronald Reagan being the punch-line to a series of jokes, being the drug-store truck-driving man, the candidate the Dems desperately wanted to face in 1980 because he was so certain to go down in defeat. I don’t remember that panning out so well either. Palin is a long-shot, but in American politics surprises happen pretty regularly.