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  • but the outhouse-as-presidential-library, itself, was brilliant

    If you’re so precisely pleased with the birthers’ tasteful Obama tribute, then I suppose we can (if nothing else) be assured you won’t be joining their gathering–paintbrush in hand–to add your mot juste?

    Having also–despite perfunctory references to “kluxers”–joined in declarations of The End of Racism, now that a not-purebred-White heterosexual man got elected President? I’ve begun wondering what are the “progressive” ideals you insistently claim (ad nauseum) to
    uphold. After so many iterations of furious fuck-Obama posts, inevitably you’ve begun enacting the stereotypy of a Tea-Party drone.

    Lest anyone be confused by the more-familiar use of a similar term, I meant “stereotypy” in the sense defined by Mosby as:
    the persistent, inappropriate mechanical repetition of actions, body postures, or speech patterns, usually occurring with a lack of variation in thought processes or ideas.

  • I thought it was a somewhat out-of-character stance for the New Republic to be taking. Thanks for the details.

  • Funded by NOM and Opus Dei? What a surprise the “study” contradicts all of its legitimate predecessors.

    I’d be interested in knowing why Slate–the bland web publication known primarily for carrying the Doonesbury comic strip–decided to publish it.

    Or how Mark Regnerus–who writes pop “sexuality” books with a heavy Christian slant–came to take on such a project. The big $$$ in charge: they couldn’t find someone who had a professional reputation worth staking?

    The following–from the New Republic‘s John Corvino–suggests glaring signs of bias, which one hardly needs a Ph.D. in sociology to be capable of noticing.

    Question: What do the following all have in common?

    A heterosexually married female prostitute who on rare occasion services women;
    A long-term gay couple who adopt special-needs children;
    A never-married straight male prison inmate who sometimes seeks sexual release with other male inmates;
    A woman who comes out of the closet, divorces her husband, and has a same-sex relationship at age 55, after her children are grown;
    Ted Haggard, the disgraced evangelical pastor who was caught having drug fueled-trysts with a male prostitute over a period of several years;
    A lesbian who conceives via donor insemination and raises several children with her long-term female partner;

    Give up? The answer–assuming that they all have biological or adopted adult children between the ages of 18 and 39–is that they would all be counted as “Lesbian Mothers” or “Gay Fathers” in Mark Regnerus’s new study…

  • What’s Bush holding? The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

    Truly, that title was Bush’ response when a reporter asked him to name his favorite book. After someone noticed that this children’s book was published approx. 40 years after Bush had been a child, the pResident backtracked and tried to explain: it was one of his children’s favorites. Uh-huh.

  • BTW can you believe phrases like “your little buns,” why those were the kinda things Mommy said when you were eight. or younger.

    oh & while on the subject of what may (or may not) be considered age-appropriate. try running an Image Search on Google for:
    “50 Cent” hospital

    ordinarily I’d never knock someone ’cause he needed his lovey. not even a “tough guy.” hey, I adore all 33 of my “friends”, i.e. plush toys, dolls etc.

    one animal I haven’t got, though? a giraffe. awwwww.

    but! in the instance of a wildly successful celebrity whose public image rests hard on keeping it real etc.?

  • straight men gathering together, organizing to look out for their interests. who isn’t familiar with that? usually after way too much football and beer.

    only the tiniest bit of imagination required & you know what kinds of shiitake is coming next

    (and no, I don’t mean Taking Back the Night)

  • In other forums I have argued with folks who regard themselves as moderate (straight) proponents of gay rights. They insist Obama carefully waited until precisely the right moment, then courageously fought for DADT’s repeal.

    When I remind them of Obama’s inaction during the two years when Democrats controlled all of Congress, they tell me I just don’t understand how the real world works. Or they cite bullshit Pentagon “facts”: not from those who needed to be persuaded, but rather from those whose opposition continues today.

    And as surely as we who criticize Obama (from the left) expect to have the bogeyman of President Mittens waved in our faces, we also expect to be smeared as Obamabots should we ever agree that a Romney presidency would be a terrible step backwards. If any folks manage to remember–we have, in fact, criticized Obama–then, they’ll complain we aren’t doing it often enough.

  • You’d think the haters would be satisfied with having forced Bayard Rustin to resign during the height of the struggle: thus, a great man in many instances came to be regarded as merely a footnote.

    But some will never be satisfied. They continue to lie about Rustin, even after his passing.

  • “when President Obama endorsed homosexual marriage, he blamed Jesus Christ”

    Does anyone else find this completely nonsensical?

  • “Had I known it would be such a political issue…”

    This isn’t a peculiarly deadpan parody, is it?

  • cwm commented on the blog post NC pastor: same-sex nuptials ‘not far from’ man-beast marriage

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    There seems to have been a temporary page formatting problem.

    Oh, the anti-gay ads are still appearing. But they’re not covering up more than half of the PHB stories anymore.

  • Regarding such peculiar phenomena (probably a result of Google’s keyword-targeted advertising): perhaps we could simply take comfort in the evident unlikelihood of Skynet-ish AIs becoming intelligently self-aware anytime soon.

  • This piece is (typical of its source) snarky, and more than a bit too recursively self-referential. Makes some excellent points, nevertheless:

    Mitt Romney’s case against a Mitt Romney presidency

  • “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” Not merely Scripture, but a Commandment.

    Nor do I recall an Eleventh Commandment regarding sodomites and cellphones.

    (In case Wooden wants to find a loophole? In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Christ teaches a disciple: all people are neighbors, not merely those we hold most dear. Yes, even members of tribes who’ve traditionally been hated. All deserve mercy and kindness.)

  • “…place [where] evil kinda resides.”

    “Kinda”? “Kinda“??

    Oh, Mr. Shea. Have we given up on moral absolutes?

    Or perhaps he wants to avoid implicitly accepting this “blackening” upon himself. He does live in Washington state.

    Disappointing. Not exactly bringing their “A game” to this fight. It’s as if they believe they’ve already lost. Hm.

  • If they fail to get enough valid signatures–and it sounds as if they might not–wonder how NOM will attempt to spin it as yet another “victory” for the organization?

  • And my favorite: “Sissy Boy Caught Playing with Dolls”

    I’m not sure whether this is parody or biography!

    (If the latter, who wrote it? Sister-in-law probably.)

  • oops, that should read “line in pink…” not “link”

    (wouldn’t ever click on such a thing. feels like encouragement.)

  • Pardon me for wandering from the topic.

    Is anybody else seeing on the main PHB page an ad which looks like an iconic classroom blackboard (i.e. green with white chalk). Scattered stick figures of children holding hands: all of them male-male or female-female couples, with pink hearts scribbled above their heads.

    And the text, with a handwritten look. First line in large white letters. Then a link in pink letters, a bit smaller:

    Homosexual Sex Acts Taught in Elementary School?
    Say NO! Sign the Petition

    the usual suspects, I suppose
    (those scribbles don’t look frightening to me, but I’m hardly their target audience)

  • Recall the recent anti-bullying law (in Michigan, was it?) with the exclusion, “Except when the bullies are motivated by Biblical precepts. That kind of bullying is desirable.”

    Same “thinking” here. Anything which tends to reduce discrimination, gay-bashing, etc.–and yes, harassment of children for having LGBT parents–is a good thing. Because it discourages a deviant, sinful lifestyle.

    Can’t argue with logic like that.

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