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    Good article! I’ve lived in Orlando off and on since 1989. Orlando’s plastic…and the only reason I’m still around is because I’ve got a great job. I’d head back up to NYC if the same gig was available. It’s a big small town, with lots of suburban sprawl. And let’s just face it–Interstate 4 is [...]

  • The Democratic Party won’t touch TBTF on a national level. The heart of the party was scooped out and tossed aside, replaced by corporatist, globalism worshiping robots. The Republicans may be playing populist politics, but they’d never actually implement any sort of those policies. But it plays when they need to win an election. The [...]

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    The endgame is neofeudalism. The 1% thinks you make too much. They think you have too many benefits. They think you should belong to them, body and soul. They want to be liked, to be appreciated for their rampant greed and corruption.

    We see it whenever one of their functionaries (like Ed Rendell, Joe Scarborough, Cory Booker, David Brooks, Harold Ford Jr., Andrea Mitchell-Greenspan, et al) complain about how we don’t appreciate the wealthy and how we criticize the wealthy.

    In the end they want us to worship them and depend upon them for everything.

    That’s their endgame. They want to be kings. They want us to wait upon them hand and foot as serfs, with only the words “Yes, your grace” passing through our lips while in their divine presence.

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    I don’t think there wasn’t much to be done about Jacob Lew. Wall Street loves him, so he’ll get the nod after some kabuki in the Senate–you know, Senator So & So from Flyover proclaiming some nonsense, the Villagers talking about it on the Sunday Morning Talk Show Circuit with some flak guest.

    He’s Wall Street’s guy, so he’ll pass through relatively easily. Sucks, but there it is. President Obama doesn’t have to listen to the voters anymore.

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    DDay, you will certainly be missed. Good luck to you.

    Thanks for what you did here at FDL and at Hullabaloo.

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    I don’t think we’ll get Medicare for All for a long while. The Democratic Party in DC is still patting themselves on the back over the ACA and recently trying to fake everyone out with that ersatz Public Option deal.

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    The rank and file Right won’t fight Romney. He is run and surrounded by the Institutional Right, the real powers that be behind the tri-cornered hat freakshow that the Republican Party has become. The rank and file will fall into line…it’s how they are wired as authoritarians. We’re in a no win scenario–Romney wins, Social [...]

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    As long as the DLC/New Dem/Centrist/Blue Dog cabal has their hooks into the inner working of the Democratic Party, the rank and file along with the Liberal and Progressive wings of the party will remain completely neutralized. It’s going to take years of work to stop the conservatives from permanently ruining the paty, but it [...]

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    I live in Florida and have deliberately waited for Election Day to come around, even though the early voting location is literally a 10 minute walk down the street. I’m torn between voting for Stein and Obama. Living in a swing state is…difficult. If I lived in CA, I’d be Stein all the way. I [...]

  • Austerity…it’s like the zombie that just won’t die off. Once again, we can only hope that the crazy Republicans prevent Obama from passing the B-S Plan like last time.

    It’s a shame that we’re relying on sociopaths (Republicans) to stop sociopaths (Pete Peterson and his cabal).

  • Well, the Villagers always default to their false equivalence game, so it’s only natural for Mrs. Greenspan and company to dredge up the “bitter” comments from the 2008 campaign.

    This Romney cock-up might be worse than the George Allen comments.

    In any event, I await to see how Nate Silver’s number-crunching adjusts things after this mess.

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    Loving the comments section. Most of the commenters picked that ridiculous Op-Ed apart piece by piece, with only a few trolls, authoritarian, and neoliberal apologists supporting the piece.

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    I think he’s more than content to be the mayor, in order to try out his privatization schemes…so he can later become governor of Illinois and expand his neoliberal policies statewide later on.

    Can’t say that he wouldn’t run for president eventually–but his personality and speaking style is too…jerkish to be taken seriously. Maybe as a VP candidate down the line maybe? I can see that.

  • You presume that this was due to blindness because of their neoliberal ideology. No, this was the intended affect–to get the general populace used to a lower standard of living, so they won’t notice that the elites have gutted the middle class and kept all of the gains for themselves in perpetuity.

    Welcome to the precursors of neofeudalism. We will learn to love it–because if we don’t the elites always have the most security, own the media, and won’t have to worry about the hypnotized rabble staking them out for retribution.

  • #5!!! Hilarious entries all…

  • 1. True. He gets a step-up on his political career because now he’s got the “I-was-tough-on-the-banks” bullet to use on his resume when he runs for higher office.

    2. Oh hell yes. Daily Kos has been nearly unreadable lately, save a few excellent posters. They’ve gone into election mode and it shows.

    3. ?

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    Good luck! This whole thing is based on turnout. We know the Pachyderms are going to be at the polls–it’s getting our side out there that’s going to be the challenge.

    I think it’s going to be really close. But I think Walker’s going to lose. He has to. No one that vile should be in the governor’s chair. And I should know–we’re dealing with all-around criminal and Complete Monster Rick Scott in Florida.

  • Cases of wine by the truckloads.

    Watching Krugman calmly explain how austerity has never worked and about what the neoliberal agenda was all about to the very faces of the Tories…that was beautiful. Stuff like that will never happen on the Sunday morning in the US.

    Good luck, Ireland. You’re so screwed now. It’s not going to be pretty.

  • The Democratic Party was dead the moment the DLC/Third Way/New Democrats sunk their hooks into every part of the leadership. The Democratic Party now consists of a tiny cabal of wealthy Centrist dogmatic ideologues holding the Left/Center-Left under their thumb.

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    If that happened, the crowd would be bludgeoned, pepper sprayed, and LRAD’ed into submission by lots of militarized police accessorized in an absurd amount of riot gear. Also, tanks.

    But it would make them pay attention for once.

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