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  • I have devised a way to combat bathroom bills very effectivly.
    This is from one of my blog posts awhile back but it bares repeteing.

    The only way I can see defeating the bathroom bills is to show up to the public debates in large groups and use the bathrooms of our births. If a bunch of lawmakers, lobbyists and citizens are subjected to trans women in the men’s room and trans men in the women’s room they would become very uncomfortable. They have power to make that discomfort go away with laws. (see where this is going?)
    If we take up the men’s room with girl talk and female primping and communication while these males are there they will be much more likely to pass a law that makes this discomfort go away. The same with the women’s room with trans men using the toilets like urinals and smelling up the place with testosterone smells, the female law makers and citizens will be seriously put out by this and will insist that their comfort be addressed.
    They want to talk about men in the women’s room? Demonstrate too them it doesn’t work the way they want it too no matter what they do.
    Only by changing tactics can we hope to win the bathroom war.”

    I do not mean just debates about gender protection laws or closed minded laws of exclusion. I am talking everywhere a congressman goes pee he should have a hoard of trans women using his toilets. Target his aides. Do it in large groups. Stay safe. If they want to portray us as a bathroom menace show them they are not thinking this through. If they wish to make it mandatory for trans women to use the men’s room remind them it works both ways. Who really thinks the average man of transsexual history belongs in the ladies toilets? I don’t think that a pack of FTM body builders would be truly welcome in a local city hall women’s toilet. But by the bigots rules they would legally require it.

    Make them think beyond the now. Beyond their narrow prejudice.

  • Hmmm,
    Interesting that he focuses on the worst case scenarios.

    Of course he doesn’t care to talk about the fact that straight people also participate in sex acts that are considered ‘sodomy’. Considering how many breeders there are comapered to gay men, most acts of ‘sodomy’ are enjoyed by heterosexual couples in the privacy of thier bedrooms.
    But that is not something they care to talk about.

    Sodomy, its not just for gay men.

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    Sometime the only response that is appropriate is violence. I doubt that was the case in the subway smackdown but sometimes it is justifiable.

    The words of a “wise man” are just that…words.
    I can come up with fluffy foo foo sayings also. But they do not bring any true relief from grievances.

    It is obvious to me that violent confrontation is sometime the only way to confront an enemy. Some enemies only respect violence and any attempt at discourse falls on deaf ears.

    We must be willing to fight on occasion.

    If you are not willing to fight for your freedon, you do not deserve said freedom.

  • So now we are becoming censors?

    As long as they are not calling for our heads I think we should lighten up and stop being so reactionary.

    Perhaps reactionary is the only way to get readers?

  • I meant to respond to CWM.

  • My doctor prescribed me Lyrica when I was still in male mode. (I am MTF)
    The comercial for Lyrica has one man mixed in amongst the women.

  • I also have fibromyalgia. On top of that you can add in HIV related pain syndrome.

    Daily I take Lyrica and Morphine Sulphate for the last 5 years. Before they gave me this combination I was genuinely contemplating suicide. The pain was just so great.

    If they take morphiene away due to other peoples addictions I will likly not survive.

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    I have been a waitress. I was taught the stereo type that black people tip worse than white people soon into the job. I initialy assumed it was a racist stereo type and actively did my best to go out of my way for the black clients, quikly offering to take the tables when they came in so I could prove the stereo type wrong and bigoted.
    It didn’t make any diferance at all.
    Not only were they terrible to my wallet, they were rather rude and asumptive.
    I have been stiffed, disrespected and undertiped so many times when serving them that I became a service bigot eventually. I found myself actively avoiding black patrons due to it.
    Which is very disheartening for me. I have actively fought bigotry and bias all my life. But it becomes hard to remain objective when the stereo type is constantly reinforced on a near daily basis.

    And you are so right about the church crowd. They are the worst tippers.

    Oddly enough the best tipers are actually POC fellow service personal. I loved it when the person I was serving was both a fellow waitress and a POC.
    Next best tippers are drunk happy old white guys that are trying to impress folks.

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    We have a pit/dane mix breed puppy we rescued.He was found on the street in a bad neighborhood at 10PM with a spiked colar and his ribs were showing. When we brought him in the house he was agressive and very possesive of food.
    We did not make any serious attempt to find his owners.
    The first thing to go was the spiked collar. He had a new destiny.
    It only took us about 2 months of socializing to turn him into a lover puppy. We had him fixed and took the time to train him in the basics like no floor pooing, no stealing food from the other pets, how to follow comands ect…(he even closes the front door behind us if you tell him to.)
    Over the last 5 years he has gone from a 35 pound sickly puppy that we nursed through a parvo episode (almost killed him…) and social issues into a hundred pound love monster. He does tend to use his size to his advantage so he can force the love issue. :)

    To top it off, he is not the alpha dog in the house. That distinction is held by our 8 pound toy rat terrier. She runs the house without a doubt.
    …yes I have the smallest and the largest of the terriers in one house. Thats allot of terrier energy!

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