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    Thank you for this post, Autumn. Unfortunately, I don’t think many people understand the terrible harm perpetrated against GLBT people by some religious leaders. I was raised in a very religious family and my “faith” tore me apart and contributed to me staying in an abusive marriage for 8 years. I lost my faith, but it took another 10 years for me to figure out how to accept my true self as a trans man. I wrote my own back-story as a series of posts on my blog if you are interested in reading. Keep speaking out about your personal experiences. People need to hear from us how we are personally affected by religious rhetoric. They need to see how lives are destroyed by dogmas of condemnation.

  • I also noticed that in the first couple minutes of the Michelangelo Signorile Show clip, he says that he got some of his data about gays from books by Frank Turek, who is one of NOMs “Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance” spokesman.

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    Congrats Autumn! I have not yet been able to change my gender markers on my US documents, but by some unknown grace of the universe, Sweden decided to give me a male person number when I immigrated. I was quite surprised just how much of a difference it made to me to be legally my true gender. I knew it would be important, but I had been denying to myself just how important. That little bit of legal social recognition almost made me cry with joy.

  • By this guy’s logic we could legalize polygamy. You don’t need 20 couples. Using the same number of people you could use 4 men and 36 women on the island and probably end up with more children after 100 years than the 20 couples (with the understanding that all of them are fertile and engage in PIV sex). In his example of 20 het couples, there is nothing in that scenarios that says they couldn’t all be polyamorous. What if they are all bisexual with everyone having sex with everyone else? This could still produce the children he expects to be there after 100 years. All his scenario really points to is that a monosex culture can’t survive. Good thing no one is advocating for that.

    Of course none of these scenarios have anything to do with marriage. In none of these situations is there any requirement for any kind of legally bonded coupling.

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    I do agree that this example you give shows a glaring lack of justice in our judicial system, but do you not understand the difference between someone being murdered for something someone says they did (committing adultery in this example) vs being murdered for someone being who they are (murder of gender variant people because they are gender variant)? Letting someone off with a lighter sentence for murdering someone for who they are, because the gay/trans panic defense convinces a jury that the very existence of the murdered person is somehow threatening to the murderer, points to the relegation of trans and gender variant people to a life as second class citizens with lesser rights to live. As long as any court is willing to listen the gay/trans panic defense, it tells me, as a trans person, that killing me for being myself is more acceptable than killing someone else for any other reason. This is why my life as a trans person is less valuable than that of a cisgender, cissexual person.