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  • I thought Obama’s “defining fight” of 2014 is climate change?

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    Not sure if I succeeded but I was trying to go for a type of propaganda jujitsu. The Imperial Wurlitzer has relentlessly pushed the idea that Al Qaeda are the most dangerous and most terrible enemies in human history. So why not turn it around and use this meme against the empire: if Al Qaeda [...]

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    This should be Wednesday morning’s headline in every newspaper and on every TV news show if on Tuesday as expected President Obama continues to advocate an attack on the Assad regime thereby providing de facto support for Al Qaeda rebels in Syria. Whether you believe Assad personally ordered the use of chemical weapons in Syria [...]

  • I am waiting for Ms. Harris-Perry to call-out President Obama, like she has Mr. Snowden, for not having the courage of his convictions in expanding the security state.

    After all, if Obama really was as courageous and principled a man as Ms. Harris-Perry seems to believe than he would gladly release the (presently)secret fisa court rulings, secret Presidential signing statements/findings, and secret laws regarding the overwhelming surveillance of Americans(and all Earthlings everywhere).

    If Obama was a courageous and principled President he himself would put the issue of the Patriot Act and the intelligence communities search and seizure of all Americans communications before the Supreme Court to decide its Constitutionality.

    . . . I am still waiting . . .

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    You’ve got it exactly backwards: it was Obama and not Baucus who pulled the strings. Messina was the message boy from Obama to Baucus.

    I lived in Montana when Baucus was still only a congressman and knew quite a few people who had gone to school with him. The consensus was that calling Baucus an average intellect was an insult to those of average intellect. Baucus is a dumb man. He is an empty suit, a puppet. On his own he is incapable of even understanding the intricacies of ACA, let alone implementing such a pro-corporate and devious bill. When Messina was his chief of staff he was Baucus’ puppetmaster, and after Messina’s move to the White House Baucus became their primary Senate stooge, taking direction from Messina. The Obama administration relied on Baucus to move their agenda through the Senate.

    ACA was and is Obama’s legislation. The blame for this travesty belongs to Obama first and foremost. Don’t let Obama off the hook by putting most of the blame on Baucus, a low level stooge who was just following orders from on high.

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    The TPP may be the final blow that ends the American experiment in representative democracy; this concrete step to enshrine the underlying rules for global corporatism is worse than fascism. Here’s a good interview with Lori Wallach from Public Citizen. A few choice quotes:

    Well, it’s been branded as a trade agreement, but really it is enforceable [...]

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    It’s more than disappointment. In 2000 the Green Party presidential candidate received over 2.8 million votes. After the undemocratic Cobb Manski coup in 2004 Cobb received less than 120,000 votes! That’s less than 5% of the 2000 total. It would be like a baseball team going .500(81-81), and next season getting a new manager and [...]

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    It appears this support for Stein is a direct response to the recent post(now censored) by the banned reinstated Michael Cavlan. Unfortunately Jill Stein was recruited by David Cobb and her campaign manager is Ben Manski. David Cobb and Ben Manski were Democratic Party Trojan Horses who manipulated the arcane rules of the Green Party to stage [...]

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    Agreed about the power and effectiveness of ridicule: Money does not buy happiness, it buys social status and social satisfaction. Which is why those who seek money and power are outraged more by ridicule(the attempt to diminish social status) than anger(an expression of power). Meme’s that point out how ridiculous and absurd the self-absorbed and [...]

  • Here’s an excellent response from Germany about how Grass’s poem should start an open debate on Israel’s stated intent of attacking Iran; not because Iran is attempting to produce a nuclear bomb but because Israel may soon be in a position of not being able to effectively attack Iran:,1518,826180,00.html

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    Humor, a tool of the powerless, works for me too. While the s&m novel “Fifty Shades Of Grey” is about consensual sex, the Obama support of non-consensual s&m strip searches in all cases is more akin to rape–Quite the outrage–making progressive support of Obama an unquestionable absurdity. I have heard that a bath is something [...]

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    At the behest of the Obama DOJ , SCOTUS has just ruled that police strip searches are legal in all cases of arrest, even the slightest offense(jaywalking, minor traffic offenses, protesting). Any liberty loving non-authoritarian should be outraged at the idea of a strip search that has more to do with humiliation and a sub/dom erotic thrill [...]

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    DESPOTUS! I love it!

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    Certainly education and exposure of the fraud and con is important but education may not be enough. After educating someone about the progressive/democrat betrayals of Obama–an hour later the arguments are getting lost in the back of their minds–and after a restless nights sleep they forget all about any reasoned critique of Obama. The power [...]

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    Obama, like most modern politicians, is a conman.  He promised his marks/voters “hope” 4 years ago and then gave them some small “wins”(2 pro-choice Supreme Court Justices, ended DADT, invested in clean energy).  This gives his diehard supporters the flimsiest of accomplishments to call “wins” and are some of the weak explanations that help in [...]

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    Though not a supporter(i would love to see him as the nominee, just to shake things up) I do think the push and pull of modern politics should be between the individual–libertarianism, and the collective–democratic socialism. Just not sure where the common ground would be to start a dialogue. I have heard R*n P*ul say [...]

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    Comrades!  Kudos for your honoring the death of Dear Leader by erasing a diary that not only mentioned “He who must not be named” but also advocated voting for him.  Stalin would be proud(or would it be Pinochet?).   The diary entitled “In defense of R*n P*ul” was scrubbed from this site because though it reasonably [...]

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    The NYTimes had an article describing Obama’a speech as “Infusing his speech with the moralistic language that has emerged in the Occupy protests around the nation, . . .”. So Obama is said to be channeling the Occupy monement?! What grotesque and absurd hypocrisy. As chief executive Obama is responsible for the attempted removal and [...]

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    It’s nice to read this takedown of The Daily Show’s devotion to the 1%(while they do condemn the unnecessary violence of the authorities toward OWS it appears they are only doing so because it is lousy optics for the 1%). I’d just add that an integral part of the Samantha Bee piece(this was the ONLY [...]

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    My guess is that with 6 candidates no one will get enough votes to be the mythological “spoiler”, yet they might be able to influence the debate. And who knows, forcing Obama into promising to appoint 2 or 3 of these progressive primary candidates to cabinet positions might be one of the few good things [...]

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