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  • I like how Powell was portrayed in the movie “W”. He really didn’t have the political savvy of knowing watch your back. That is probably why the picked him. I suppose his endorsement of Obama might have been his get back. Though I still want a book. The hearings we should have had against Cheney.

  • And I heard a bit of real scorn in her voice during, might have been her confirmation hearing, when the Republican hawk said something like, “Well Cheney’s view…” and she interrupted and said something like, “Do you think what Dick Cheney says has much weight with me.” The smirk on even his own staffers face was priceless. I think she takes the “shame on you” quote unlike bush who flubbed it and the resentment that can come from that pretty seriously.

  • And it is really hard to know what Obama would have done as CIC. Oh wait. Today I look back and think he would not have only cast the vote but he might have gone in. I don’t know if Gates would have gone to the UN with a bottle of white powder though or Hillary say mushroom cloud over and over again. I have been thinking back since the killing of Osama, about Obama saying he would take it to Pakistan (not his exact words) back in the debates. The drones have indeed been taking it to Pakistan.

  • Even with the admission, Obama doesn’t look back. He looks forward. Their backs are covered either way.

  • Well, she did get the best of him in pointing out he is a horrid interviewer. Call an interview and not let people speak? Of course she would admit no fault. But, damn, if he would have kept his mouth shut, she just might have slipped up somewhere. But the Cheney admin did always have their lies and mushroom clouds down much better than Obama talking heads. Including talking head Lawrence.

  • Birther Party: Time for another immaculate conception?

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  • “The responsibility on you is greater to use language which cannot be easily confused/construed with refined, well-educated white supremacy.”

    The responsibility on all of us is to have this conversation period. Having the conversation while insinuations of racism are made, with the code word of “ignorance”, is not beneficial to furthering the conversation. My stance on that comes from “common sense” that has nothing to do with so-called “higher” education. Gotta go study, Boo, on why it is better that we reflect upon, “Feed two birds with one scone” rather than “Kill two birds with one stone”. Though the first of course is still anthropomorphism. See you around.

  • Boo, this is probably a conversation we should have over a Micro-Brew or Paps Blue Ribbon. (That was snark.) Makes no difference to me which one we drink. Depends on which one we can offered at the moment. (Though what I found most telling was when Paps was making a comeback in 2008 was that is was put on the menu of “trendy”, code word for “White”, establishments with the price jacked up.)

    I inserted “Gay-pride” as a social empowerment movement before I inserted my identity. (The Conscientious Use of Language to empower social movements is a theory in Linguistics.) I come from the ethnicity of Redneck (use that to beat me over the head or not) with a White Father in 25 year relationship with a Black Man with a stepmother that called himself “Wicked Stepmother”. I should finish my work on “My Stepmother is a Black Man.” Pretty much sums up my educational and personal thoughts on the matter. Thoughts that are always evolving for all of us.

    I’m a “gal” by the way. And it makes no difference to me whether I lost points with you or not. I suspect your condescending attitude losses points with many on a “liberal” blog.

  • I fear Dr. West, will be called a “racist” soon enough after his showdown with Sharpton, or that will be the last time we see him on the mainstream propaganda machine. I don’t know if Dr. West has confronted the notion of “Post-racial”. I need to look it up and see his take on it. “Racist” worked to garnish some votes in 2008. I wondered if it would be pulled out again for 2012. I so hoped not. “Hope” is the new dirty word.

  • Boo, I know my sexual identity is not my ethnicity. I said what, as far as a social lexicon, empowers me the most in the continued fight, which I do consider, the fight being to confront classism. When Cornel West, the school of socialist and sociological thought I come from, tells me I am ignorant, well then I might go back and take some classes under him. You are a very condescending person and I do not in anyway see how that can help the cause of fighting the oppression of classism. Thanks for the sugar-coated gum ball, Mickey.

  • Well, for me, Boo, I identify most with “Gay-pride” and as a social movement, yes I do find that very empowering. And there is a divide. I find the notion of “Post-Racial” as something akin to “Let’s move along now. There’s nothing to see here.” As far as “classism”, yes, I can understand we are all in the same boat. But the Black community still bears the brunt of that the most. Especially Black Women that will be effected the most in the continued gutting of social safety nets. Historically they have always been effected the most. These things cannot be denied and to me to remove “Black” from the social lexicon seems damaging and but another form of repression.

  • Pelosi has many beans to spill on the tacts of OFA. Best to shut her down now. Does anyone wonder why it seems as though Obama’s nemesis always is a woman? Whether Clinton, Pelosi, Palin, or Bachman? Why is that? I don’t know the answer to that or what that gets them, how that gets them the female vote.

  • When did “Black” become a dirty word? “Black Power” and “Black is Beautiful” were empowering in the social movement through the conscious use of language in the linguistic sense: The reclamation of power in numbers and identity that, as you put it, 100% European-American, repressed with things like pushing the “purity” of “White”. “Gay-Pride” was and is a conscious use of language in social movement as well.

  • I suspect she knows what OFA was up to in regards to H Clinton in the primaries, why wouldn’t she know about Pelosi. I often wonder what she thinks about watching the erosion of “choice” under his watch. Maybe we should draft Michelle to primary him.

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    Wow. Speaking of primary. Did anyone see this on Huffup? “An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton”


    I still don’t think she’ll do it. Bernie must run as an Independent! We need an Open Letter to Bernie.

  • Sent over from NSC to State. It was a little more than a “stint”. Wasn’t he there there when that program was sat up, plus during the time period Obama merged White House staff, Homeland Security Council, and the National Security Council into National Security Staff. So are you saying, State picked Hammer, for his resume, which included these new interrogation programs and staffing?

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    And that wasn’t civics. That was a lesson in doublespeak. Are you a “progressive” that says “entitlements” too?

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    Well, then my bad, indeed, if you said, “Fat” rather than “Billions” or 50 cents out of every tax dollar.

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    Fat equals some program you have never heard of. A bridge to no where program. “Fat” is a carefully chosen word that goes in teleprompters. He can’t say “earmarks”. That sounds too Republican. It actually probably means Defense getting their money back from foreign policy programs. Look for Fat to be a followup to cutting more (last bill) funds for family planning and women’s programs in foreign countries.

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