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    With the continuation of corporations getting richer with higher profits and CEO’s making more money then ever including banksters and Wall Street, they, with the help of their cronies that are representing them in Congress and in governmor’s offices continue to economically assault the middle and lower classes with the draconian congressional bills that show [...]

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    To eradicate leaders of countries today; we, the U.S. government just has to label there leaders as dictators, whether they are or not, to justify their killing of the countries regime and soldiers, never mind the fact that many innocent civiians will be murdered as well. We oppose these leaders for the main reason that they are not willing to go along with our demands for oil, or some other material wealth that the country has in their possession. Our government administrations for the most part, are at the control of our multi national corporations and they direct/drive where to go to war and who needs to be eliminated with respect to leadership in the particular country.

  • Until we learn that we cannot continue to keep our tentacles all over the world and moreover now in the middle east, we will continue to see death and destructio­n and the loss of our troops and personnel not to mention loss of many innocent civilians where ever we cast our line. My main concern [...]

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