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  • Ugh, there’s unfortunately JUST enough weaseling in there to likely avoid any criminal charges.

    “Well we have been giving the money to the campaign directly, so yes, the donors would be supporting his campaign” kind of thing.

    Disgusting and completely unsurprising, though.

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    Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely to get anyone willing to move the Catholic Church in that manner. They tend to limit Ex Cathedra statements, which would otherwise be the easiest way to ease up on women, gays, me…

    Well, unless by some fluke of nature, I get elected Pope (I’d be awesome).

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    Uh, I think someone has thought a BIT too much about this…

    “They will shower and wash in the creeks or lakes that outline their camp site. It would be nothing for boys to wonder about with their shirts off, or sometimes just in their underwear or swim suit because they had just been to the latrine or to the swimming hole. ”

    Ok, so, I was an Eagle Scout, and apparently I missed out. In 10 years (between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts), trips to Philmont, Ely, Naish, Bartle (including working there multiple summers), I never showered or washed in the creek or a lake. Dishes, sure, myself, not so much. Can’t say that outside of the swimming pool or showers, that there was an epic rush of shirtlessness or running around in underwear.

    Well, ok, that time at Bartle, but it was a prank, and in the staff area (we weren’t ALWAYS smoking things, listening to Pink Floyd, and playing Nintendo).

  • So, I’d been troubled by this for a few days, because I was worried I was being very cis-centric by thinking “Oh, come the f*** on”.

    Then I got to go out drinking with two of my good friends, who basically swapped genders. M1 is … well, I’ll be honest, he’s better at being a guy than I am, and I was born one. And M2 is in the top 5 of girliest girls I know. (We all prefer girls, so, we have a LOT in common)

    They agree. M2 said it best, when she suggested you find better fitting panties, because obviously your current ones are a little too binding. (She’s way classier than me, too).

    Uh, you don’t really wanna know M1s’ response…


    Do I think it’s a shame that you, me, and a whole bunch of other people weren’t name-checked in the speech? Nah. It’s an iterative process, and if you’re expecting everything to turn the corner now now now, well, good luck with that. It’s gonna happen, don’t get me wrong. I have, do, and will totally support you having the same rights, privileges and responsibilities that I do. And I fully expect you to have my back if I decide to start whining about the bigotry and discrimination against those of us who…. are in the middle.

    It’s likely to keep sucking for a while. Ain’t gonna lie to you. But we’re working as fast as we can as a people to get better, I promise.

  • Yeah Mena, I really want to make some snarky comment along the lines of

    “The Catholic Church? Exploiting children? Inconceivable!”

    But the joke’s just too damn easy.

  • I emailed her earlier today thanking her for this, though every time I watch it, my allergies kick in, and I get all teary-eyed and snot-bubbly.

    Damnable allergies.

  • That’s…. well, I’m only a simple, country computer geek, but that seems pretty fscking psychopathic, if not straight up sociopathic.

    “I only want to hurt other people”, yeah, that seems right.

  • I would like to think that there’d be a backlash against that kind of dynastic empire-building.

    I’d like to.

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    I said it there, I’ll say it here.


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    Dan and Terry live down the street from me, so yes, he’s definitely a resident (as Laurel said).

    I’m still trying to find out if I can bring popcorn, or if it’ll be sold there, because this is going to be hilarious.

  • This won’t affect me at all, since system administrators have pretty much always been non-qualifying anywhere I’ve worked, so I’ve always been salaried exempt (since ’92).

    That being said, I still think it’s wrong. If I’m on call, for example, and get called out for something, I don’t get any compensation for that. Or for just putting my life on hold so I can be available. And that’s not always a “well, it’s once a quarter” thing. Try every other week.

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    Hugs, poor Wembley.

    I know exactly how that goes. It sucks, little big-eared dude. I’ll be thinking of you.

  • Ugh. Fscking disgusting.

    Awesome video though. Look for the Benny Hinn sith lord videos (like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9SS95q2kpg ) for more funny.

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    And, yet, I’m oddly intrigued by this idea of Bristol Palin tit-shimmy.

    Yes, I’m a horrible person, I know.

  • See, I just don’t understand this.

    I’m as white as they come. My family are pretty much nothing but redneck hillfolk out of western Kansas and Oklahoma (shut up. there’s a hill in western Kansas, and we’re from it).

    F yes we had Mac ‘n Cheese on Thanksgiving. Only a freaking heathen wouldn’t serve it.

    Oh, and my menu this year?

    Ring ‘o Shrimp.
    Pinot Gris.

    Later, this will be amended to include homemade creamed corn, and cornish game hen made with my (not so) secret recipe (hint: brown sugar, butter, rum, whiskey).

    And I may make up some mac ‘n cheese just to spite this hateful, bigoted old so-and-so.