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    The Powers That Be…in other words the Banks and Mega-Corporations…have decided that destroying governments and impoverishing 99 percent of the planet would be better for their bottom lines than the status quo. And until our political class does something about that, “austerity” will continue. It isn’t a crisis that no one can figure out how to solve. It’s the plan.

    Alas, our political class has been completely bought and corrupted by the One Percent. So get ready for an end to home ownership, an end to a meaningful career, an end to being rewarded for merit, an end to health care and retirement; say hello to forced renting from the One Percent, no minimum wage, child labor, temporary and part-time only McJobs, Patronage only for success, and working yourselves to an early death.

    Or we can revolt. Them be the choices.

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    No one still seriously thinks King Barack I gives a crap about consumers, do they?

    He knows what the priorities of his billionaire sponsors are. He won’t do anything to upset them. That position will only be filled, if it EVER gets filled, by a corporate toady.

  • Isn’t it Dane County where there have been multiple cases of election fraud recently? Ballot boxes being taken home, ballot stuffing, etc. Or am I thinking of somewhere else?

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    Far be it from me to defend Ron Paul…but back in the 80′s there WAS a lot of hysteria about catching AIDS from Teh Gheys, and it was not that uncommon unfortunately to run into people afraid to use a toilet that a gay person had recently used. Hell I worked as a waiter in [...]

  • Exactly. There’s absolutely nothing progressive about it. From CNN (a site I rarely go to nowadays, but even they get it right sometimes…)

    If the payroll tax cut is extended for all of 2012 — which both parties say they want and will work to do when they return from their Christmas recess — workers would save anywhere from several hundred dollars if they’re low-income to more than $2,000 if they earn six figures.

    I suppose it is “stimulative” when someone who earns over 100K per year has an extra $2000 to spend on poorly made crap from China…but in this case that $2000 is coming out of their future retirement. This is similar to calling a weekend getaway to Vegas stimulative, even though you used your rent money to pay for it. Sure you spent money in Vegas, but now you’re facing eviction….

    Not a smart way to live, and not a smart way to run a country.

  • Obama has indeed made great strides into turning our poor country into an Oligarchic State, controlled by secret cabals of foreign and domestic bankers and other corporatists.

    It is legal today for Banks to commit fraud in the form of robosigning. It is illegal for the regular people to assemble in public carrying umbrellas. America, what a country!

    Sorry Ezra, you’re either a dipshit, or you’re a cheerleader for a war-criminal who is complicit in the overthrow of our Republic.

  • They have 300,000 pages of evidence against him…yet it took 19 months to bring him to (pre)trial?

    This government and it’s corporate owners are pathetic. They deserve what is coming for them.

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    Maybe the US Government should stop committing War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

    Then they won’t need a fainting couch when people report about it.

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    No one should get a free pass on torture/war crimes.

    Arrest them all. Start with Barack.

  • Lamo is quite the curious member of the hacker community. His testimony paints him as quite atypical among hackers. Unwilling to enter a computer system because it “might be illegal” to do so. Willing to talk to authorities at all, much less to the extent it appears that he did. The whole identifying Manning based on info from a Facebook user’s wall.

    It’s just weird.

    My speculation based just on gut instinct from reading Kevin’s account and a passing knowledge of the hacker community is that Lamo has some serious psychological issues, a drug abuse problem, an inability to hold down a full-time job, and one or more felonies he has committed under his belt related to the above. I’d further speculate that he jumped at the opportunity to be an informant to make his legal troubles go away, and that the authorities were looking for him to entrap ANYONE related to Wikileaks to have something to go after Julian Assange with.

    This testimony makes me even question that Manning has anything at all to do with it. The lack of proof on Manning’s own computers, the only identifying info coming from Facebook of all places. And I agree Lamo does sound heavily coached.

    The Army already looks like a bunch of blundering idiots. They should drop the charges and let Manning go, before the world finds out that they just picked a random gay guy to harass during the DADT era, by trumping up charges in a pathetic attempt to get at Assange.

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    What, Americans haven’t climbed aboard the “Bring Back Child Labor” bandwagon? I am flabergasted!

  • It’s just infuriating that actual war criminals like Cheney and Bush get off scott free, while Manning has been rotting in jail indefinitely and they have to bring up “He kicked a chair! He was out of control!”

    This is something, but justice it isn’t.

  • This whole sham of a (pre)trial looks more like Cardassian justice than American justice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spWamB1sr5k

  • Oh I don’t know, he leads ok. He’s just not on our side. He’s accomplished quite a bit for the 1%. Though I’d bet they would prefer a Gingrich in the Oval Office.

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have a political class that worked to make the country a better place? You know, instead of Corporate-installed asshats who believe destroying the country for craven political is a good idea.

    The laundry list of things the country urgently needs to survive gets longer every day, but clearly tying the hands of the .01% and purging the Congress need to be at the top of the list.

    At this point OWS’s GA’s are doing more for the Public than the Congress is. It will be a de facto shadow government before long.

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    Thinking a building is beautiful is fine.

    Choosing your religion or philosophical views BECAUSE the meeting place is beautiful, is just ridiculous.

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    So Newt converted because the church was pretty.


  • I guess the only question remaining is, is our military on board with becoming this century’s new Gestapo? Will they willingly start detaining Americans en masse or will they oppose it?

    Seems like military officers with a taste for power could now legally arrest a lot of oligarchs, and they have the hardware to do it.

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    Ah, no wonder she wants a Thermomix:

    Thermomix couples all the functions of the normal horde of space-grabbing appliances into one white machine that occupies roughly the same footprint as a Cuisinart.

    It’s lily white! No nasty ethnic corruption. Why, no one would EVER even THINK to accuse it of being high yellow.

  • I’m surprised. I thought the whole point of the law was to drive out the cheap illegal immigrant work pool, so that the PTB would have cover to mandate use of the free prisoner work pool.

    And then of course they would need to create even more prisoners, because every One Percenter would rather pay workers nothing, rather than less-than-minimum-wage.

    Our Oligarchs are getting sloppy!

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