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    Obama is a man who called a woman reporter “sweetie” and then excused himself for it by saying he called women “sweetie ” all the time. In the first year of his administration, women stafff members compalined to Valerie Jarret theat the White House cconstituted a hostile environment, because of the old boy way Obama and his people conducted business. He stated that he could see changing the Doe provisions of Roe because he didnt want women having third trimester abortions “just because they were feeling blue.” With the ACA he codified the Hyde Amendment into permanent law rather than something that had to be extended every year. He signed an Executive Order relaegating womens health care to “separate but equal” status. His rationale for limiting teenagers’ access to Plan B has been that “he is a father of two daughters,” which is just about the purest expression of patriarchy there is.

    Under his administration and with his cooperation and agreement, women’s rights to abortion have eroded more than they ever did under Bush.

    But Bush’s objections to abortion were based on religion. Obama’s aren’t.

    Simple answers to simple questions: Obama is an old-fashioned sexist. He believes in patriarchy.

    Hillary might be awful in a lot of ways, but one thing she did do as SoS was stand up for women’s health, safety, and equality.

  • No, you should not be all for a balanced budget. Not as long as we run a trade deficit. if we run a trade deficit, we have to run a fiscal deficit to correct for the demand leakage as we ship dollars overseas. Otherwise the economy shrinks, and the private sector ends up taking on debt to make up the leakage.

    Progressives shoot themselves in the foot by not understanding this. You end up sounding like St. Augustine: please lord balance our budget, but not yet. Or you end up arguing like the old Life cereal commercial: make Mikey do it. Both of which sound like bad faith arguments and both of whoch concede territory to the deficit terrorists. And, regardless, reflect a flawed understanding of sovereign currency and sectoral balances.

    We need to radically turn the conversation around: the deficit is not too big. Given the size of our trade deficit, its too small.

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    For guys like Yglesias — and there are way way too many of them in the “creative class” (see Chris Bower) that make up the backbone of the Obama support — life is nothing but an endless upper division seminar in which they can bat around abstractions. Obama is exactly their guy because he too [...]

  • Because Yves believed that Warren had more power outside the senate than inside it as a junior senator in a hidebound institution whose leadership is compromised and whose procedures are ossified.

    There’s a reason her fellow blogger Lambert calls the Democratic Party a “roach motel” for progressive organizing and fundraising efforts.

  • And every liberal or progressive who voted for Obama consented to this.

    I’m sick of hearing people say they had no choice.

    There is always a choice. A vote doesn’t come with a “yes, but” clause attached. Voting for Obama was a consent to all of his egregious policies.

    Stop voting for democrats. Period. Stop consenting to right wing policy. Period.

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    Good list. But instead of talking about how “people” are isolated and socialized toward violence I think we should say “men.”

    All of these mass shootings have been committed by men. White men. Only white men are encouraged in their violence in this country. The word “people” completely obscures that fact and diverts attention from where it should truly focus: the problem of relatively privileged white men who feel justified in and often are applauded for expressing their angers, disappointments and frustrations via violence against others. We have a gun problem in this country. And we also have a mental health problem. And we also have a white male problem.

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    The above was in response to tbogg’s assertion that a vote for Jill Stein was identical to a vote for Romney.

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    Which is to say that principle counts for nothing. A perfect expression of the hollow core of today’s liberals and exactly why the right continues to drift ever rightward: their voters, deranged though they may be regarding actual policy, do understand principle and leverage.

  • Actually, the dollar declined steadily throughout the Bush admin but has been rangebound throughout the Obama admin. But if the dollar declines, it has to decline relative to other currencies, and which ones are those and will those nations permit that?

  • THis is what I don’t get. If he shrinks the economy like that, the dollar’s going to get harder not softer. So how is it all possible to double exports?

    Maybe I’m dense but the gears don’t seem to mesh in his economic thinking.

    So which part is the lie — the deficit reduction or the export-doubling? I’m guessing the latter.

    My take on the Obama admin has been that the goal has always been a carefully titrated deflation — to impoverish the middle class and allow the wealthy to asset strip them and then demand privatization of more public good.

    Deflation always benefits the creditor class.

    Once that deflation’s been accomplished and the middle and lower classes are locked into rent-paying status and without access to credit, then the powers that be will inflate — and voila: riches galore!

    This is EXACTLY how the British brought the working class to its knees after WWI.

    These are the orders Obama is following: this is what he was put in place to accomplish: and I doubt he himself fully understand the economics of it all because his off-the-cuff comments on economics are usually pretty incoherent.

  • Well it’s possible that if we double exports we could shrink the trade deficit and that would shrink the demand leakage to China and thereby enable shrinking the budget deficit.

    But how exactly is he planning to double exports — seems to necessitate greatly devaluing the dollar, no? Is the Fed on board for that? And won’t that just spark currency wars?

    It all seems to be moving parts that don’t mesh — but I’m looking to the MMT crowd for clarification.

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    And the Obama solution is for them to grow some organic lettuce in their backyards and watch their weight.

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    Naked Capitalism

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    Unlike Americans, the European populace won’t take this without significant protest. Our best hope for pushback against the neoliberal shock doctrine project probably lies right now with the youth of Southern Europe.

  • Whenever I mention Obama’s kill list to any of my liberal or so-called progressive friends, it’s like I farted in their punch bowl. How dare I make such a stink, they’re thinking, as they politely look away and change the subject.

    And I’m absolutely certain that when the next Republican president assembles his kill list and begins the executions they’ll be outraged and horrified and might even bestir themselves to protest or at least put a bumper sticker on their cars.

    Meanwhile — aren’t the Obamas such a charming family? (blub)

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    Cutting the deficit will deflate the economy. Deflation benefits creditors as opposed to debtors. Creditors are Wall Street and the 1%.

    The march to neo-feudalism rooted in debt slavery continues — these are the marching orders Obama has been following since 2008.

  • Hahaha tbogg you’re so funny and so right. Stupid comments about drones and the Constitution and civil liberties, jeez you’d think Obama was rounding up and killing FDLers instead of brown people who can’t even vote (plus the occasional American citizen but cut the guy some slack, jeez people are so picky in their demands for sparkle pony perfection when the plain fact is that the technology just isnt there yet for targeted strikes to be 100 % accurate — and we’re working on that too.).

    FDLers should just be more patient and give Obama four more years — he’ll be much more skilled at extra-judicial murder by the end of his second term and will only kill the brown people and American citizens who deserve it and not the accidental teenager here and there.

    After all, change takes time.

    And the main thing is that it’s our guy who is killing the brown people plus the occasional American citizen and not their guy because their guy is a fascist crony capitalist tax cheat who would kill even more people to advance the cause of fascist crony capitalist tax cheaters whereas our guy is a Democrat and

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    Wow. That’s as cynical as Obama in 2009 chiding people for believing in anything he said while campaigning because after all it was just a campaign.

    I wonder if the Democrats would be a stronger party if they actually had a real platform and it was one that every Democrat had to actually support in order to be a member of the Democratic party. It might be possible then for the electorate to sort out what Democrats actually stand for besides “sucking less” or having more attractive theater.

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    In 2008 during the primaries, Obama, Hillary and McCain spoke to AIPAC and Obama said then that he would support an undivided Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This meant a big change in US foreign policy and caused riots in the Palestinian territories, and Obama had to WORM his statement by saying what he really meant was he didn’t want some kind of wall in Jerusalem separating people.

    Now here we are. The guy is a tool. A complete and utter tool.

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    I’m pretty sure they delayed full implementation precisely because they didn’t want to have to defend it before the election. How exactly are those exchanges supposed to get up and running and what exactly is the definition of affordable for the working poor? Very much not questions the Dems want to have to answer.

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