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    Welp….said laterz once, but had ALMOST forgotten – thanks for letting me pretend to be a serious frontpage-type blogger on at least one occasion. It was oh so good; nothing like provoking a torrent of rage and bile. It was always ever so enjoyable to watch those earnest people wandering over from other neighborhoods at FDL and then get all shocked and shit because people here…actually indulged in snark. Let’s give it up for filth and provocation, one more time!

    Conservatives got all da money, but we gots all da humor. Those bastards think a joke is a long story with a dog’s name in it. Either that or the ethnic humor, or maybe I should say always with the ethnic humor…

    although it’s true that conservatives do present a what they call a target-rich environment for ridicule. El Rushbo himself presents a rich vein to mine; why, the shadow of that man’s ass could provide shade for the whole town of Statesboro, Georgia. In August.

    Anyway, thanks for the laughs and commentary over the years – it’s provided me a lot of opportunities to vent when I needed to, not to mention causing tears of laughter when I really needed them. Go enjoy – blogging is fine, but as you’ve noted life is too short and precious not to spend as much time as possible enjoying it, especially when you have someone like the bootylicious Mrs. TBogg to enjoy it with.


  • Enjoy the beach, and it’s more than deserved after all the tears of laughter I and others have gotten over the years. Been reading since back in the day with Satchmo and Beckham, and I will miss many things – hearing about the boys and getting tips on new music from Friday’s Random Ten.

    Also too, Shakira.

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    I’m afraid somebody else has gone there already – Hebrew, the Chosen Beer, by Shmaltz Brewing Company.

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    I could SO have done without that particular image…

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    hey, after watching last year’s Republican primaries and debates, Jesse Ventura looks like fucking Mohandas Gandhi, Albert Einstein and Paul Krugman all wrapped into one by comparison.

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    Minions who don’t know their place having the audacity to ride city-provided bicycles within eyeshot of La Rabinowitz; clearly a sign of the impending downfall of civilized society. Next thing you know it’ll be dogs and cats living together, and at that point the collapse will be irreversible.

    So after every other bit of skullduggery that’s occurred over the past, oh, fifty years or thereabouts (a very great deal of it in New Yawk Citi – misspelling intended), Dorothy finds the city subsidizing transportation to be a sign of impending tyranny beyond all others?

    I’m feeling that subsidization of tumbrils – lots of them – would be an excellent idea.

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    Oops, beat me to it. But the song remains the same…

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    Christine O’Donnell is being groomed for greater things; she has clearly been taking lessons in elocution from La Palin.

    Motto: It isn’t what you say, it’s how you look when you’re saying it.

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    The horror…the horror…

    There just has to be somewhere in the NFL that can use a guy whose forward passing style looks like a moose trying to fuck a refrigerator.

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    Confirmation of my theory that young Master Adam really looks like the sort of guy who is listed as ‘least likely to get laid’ in high school yearbooks.

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    Formerly @RepPaulRyan‘s sole intern on @MittRomney‘s campaign and a @newtgingrich campaign staffer.

    A parade of fail with a cast of thousands…I can’t wait for young Adam’s pearls of wisdom, since he’s shown such foresight in picking winners so far.

    He looks like the guy under whose yearbook picture people things like this:

    Least likely to get laid, at least by a human being. Ever.

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    Falling under the heading of “If you must know”…

    The reference to “the happy ending” refers to, uh, the happy ending option in some establishments specializing in Oriental massage. So I’m told. And yes, in this context it’s clearly a racial reference (as if Erick would have it any other way). Taking a wild guess, it’s a option he’s familiar with, although that raises images I’d just as soon not contemplate.

    If you need further details, ask your parents.

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    As with transvaginal ultrasounds and tax cuts über alles, so with the racist jokes and commentary – they just can’t help themselves.

    Under the heading of Nobody Could Have Predicted…

    Erick Son of Erick: “What?!?? It was just a joke! Those Asiatic liberals are just too sensitive!”

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    …the kind of sexual tension and meaningful glances you rarely see outside of a Lindsey Graham / Kelly Ayotte press conference…

    A truly appalling image. What kind of sick mind….

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    True dat. I keep wondering when Michelle Malkin will be mistaken for one of the staff at a wingnut extravaganza.

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    Clearly a worthy successor to Beckham.

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    Now there’s a candidacy that I could totally get behind.

    Somebody had to say it.

  • Chris:

    Believe me, I’m among the first to acknowledge that there are many, many hardworking and dedicated people doing extremely valuable work at the local, state and federal levels, and I’m sorry if you think otherwise. I’m certainly not an Ayn Rand devotee, a libertarian, nor yet (god forbid) a “limited government” advocate. I regard government as a Good Thing overall and in general, although I confess to mystification as to some government priorities, particularly in the arena of regulation and law enforcement. I should have specified various of the police and security organs of government at whatever level.

    I guess I’m at a loss to explain your anger, which is clear – unless you happen to be one of those people, in which case I’m sure you do a good job and I’m sorry you have taken such offense. That’s my last word.

  • Yeah, I know – I went on an extended and unwanted rant about things that bother me in varying degree, and it was initially because of reading about that poor bozo getting screwed to death by Wells Fargo. Nothing we talk about on this blog or 99% of other blogs is important enough to the powers that be to warrant any serious interest…although I don’t see anywhere in my comments any mention of cameras; I did talk about monitoring of electronic communications, which is a reality – harmless though it may be, it’s creepy. You’re right in that cameras in public places are part of modern life, they do serve a purpose in public safety – it’s just that the Panopticon society bit gets to me.

    Clearly you’ve taken serious exception to my comments, which is fine – it’s a blog for chrissakes, if it’s not a forum for discussion then what is it? My main point – which could have been better expressed – was that the original FDL commentor, while semi-rabid, wasn’t altogether wrong. Government, supposedly our government, does screw people, frequently, and has a huge variety of tools with which to do it. In recent years it has permitted the financial industry to screw the general populace on a massive scale, and generally those who made the most from the screwing have paid the least – while ordinary citizens are pushed to the wall for relatively minor offenses. I don’t regard it as paranoid to note these things, particularly after some of the more egregious episodes of the Cheney Regime. Fine, you don’t agree with me, but I guess I don’t get the personal animus you seem to feel. I mean, meds, accusations of paranoia, etc? Did somebody piss in your Wheaties or what?

    That being said, in all seriousness, no offense was intended to you or our host, and I’m sorry if any was felt. I doubt that either of us should have spent this much time on this topic, and know for certain I don’t want to spend any more. Again, no hard feelings.

  • And hey, if you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about, right?

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