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    Jacobin ran an article, but all accounts unedited, that linked to a conversation Kendzior was having on Twitter about rape threats she had received. The article, written by Amber A’Lee Frost, essentially mocked the tweets

    Notice the weasel word essentially. If DS Wright had a case that Frost was mocking anything, he would have just said mocked. No need to precede it with an adjective unless you know your case is weak.

    Of course, what Frost really said was she thought bro descriptors were an inappropriate fit for the subject of rape, but Wright is too dishonest to be an accurate arbiter.

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    And DS Wright tells us he doesn’t know what “mocked” means. Pretty poor for a writer.

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    Now that the heavily redacted, selective leaks are apparently failing to accomplish anything, let’s turn to cultish lionization.

    Why not turn the public pressure on Greenwald & Co. to release more docs where it has the promise of actually doing something?

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    “Glenn” and “Matt” and “Jeremy” never had trouble doing their kind of journalism before. They never had trouble finding audiences, either, so I don’t know who it serves to have them all gobbled up under one media entity except Omidyar. And what exactly is his quarter billion dollar agenda, anyway? What’ll it take to end [...]

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    There’s also the matter of the .org in Change.org. They’re not actually a non-profit. It would be nice to get some truth in advertising from them, too, and have them change it to Change.com.

    In fact, why don’t we change it for them. No one’s forcing us (or paying us) to say Change.org. Let’s just say Change.com. There.


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    Nobody should question Greenwald. The more you make him respond viciously (and incessantly) on Twitter, the less time he has to leak the next 1% of docs over the next 6 months!

  • Obamacare is high-deductible health insurance. High-deductible health insurance will never become popular.

  • If a journalist is going to put their own safety first, they shouldn’t take the leaks in the first place. No one forces them to receive classified documents. And Snowden leaked everything, deferring to Greenwald/Poitras’ judgment and putting the ball in their court. He’s given up control.

    None of these arguments change the fact that these releases have been technically useless to people in a position to fight back. The Guardian’s articles are all inference and insinuation, no facts except a few program names like PRISM and some broad outlines about what they may be capable of doing. This only leads people to believe the NSA can see everything and resisting is useless.

  • It’s not just only 1% of the documents have been released. They’ve been so heavily redacted to contain exactly zero technical information useful to software developers to defend us. For example, the Guardian told us the NSA has cracked/spiked several encryption standards but won’t tell us which ones. They just inferred that i could be this or that. Do I have to explain how unhelpful and undermining this is?

    And this “you shouldn’t dump” line has taken on the sanctity of religious doctrine. Just repeating it doesn’t make it convincing, and the way governments have been thoroughly captured by corporate interests, this isn’t about reforming through Congress anymore. This is about putting the information out there so the rest of us can have the tools necessary to protect ourselves. And the only way to prevent other governments to enact similar repressive programs against their own citizens is to put it all out there so open source developers can give us those tools.

    You know, there’s an article below this that attacks the Third Way for who’s on their board and who their funding comes from. Since neo-lib parasite Pierre is this new media venture’s sole funder, why shouldn’t Greenwald & Co. be attacked on the same grounds?

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    Marissa Meyer is not a “dudebro.” There are women in Silicon Valley, too. Thought you were earning your feminism points for the day by using the lazy dudebro signifier, didn’t you?

  • Maybe it’s time to stop giving Katha Pollitt, Chris Hayes, etc., any attention. They’d rather strike vain poses of moral righteousness rather than get up and actually do anything (and risk anything). They say they don’t like the current system, but they’re making a good living off it and won’t do anything to change it. They won’t betray their class.

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    Syndicated columns, vaguely racist letters to the editor, and the occasional editorial about how local politics is all messed up.

    This made me laugh. What’s sad is I’m in the SF Bay Area, and it’s the same here.

  • “Competitiveness” can also mean gutting public education in favor of for-profit (and discriminating) charter schools.