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  • DaPug commented on the blog post Chicago Is Why I Just Grin Like A Clown

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    Actually, I voted for Hoft.

  • DaPug commented on the blog post Muslim Muslim Muslim! It’s always about Muslims!!!

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    Hell, I can’t even find a right-wing blog on Memeorandum so I can leave a wise ass comment this morning.

    Where’d everybody go? Just Friday they were all over this in full anti-Moooslim mode. The “Astute” nut job was even blaming it all on Barack Obama (of course).

  • DaPug commented on the blog post Take The Last Plane To Galtsville

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    Next up, Richard Epstein’s brilliant defense of the loophole (called carried interest) that allows $100 million-a-year hedge fund managers to magically declare all their income capital gains and pay tax at 15%.

    I can hardly wait. Guarantee you he’ll get to that “job creators” bullshit right off the top.

  • DaPug commented on the blog post Take Your Foot Off Its Head

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    Just as bad as Nancy Grace, and that’s plenty bad, are the Alan Derschowitzes and Jeralynn Merritts telling us that not guilty verdicts are always the correct verdict and this just proves how wonderfully our system of justice works.

    Most people have never sat in a real criminal court room and watched one after another indigent loser slammed off to prison while standing next to his hopelessly incompetent public defender who might as well be a cigar store Indian.

    This happens after the prosecutor offers a plea bargain and threatens to overchare him and go for the max if he turns it down. He always accepts on the advice of his cigar store Indian.

    Anyone who has actually seen it in action knows full well just how much the criminal justice system actually does suck and how full of shit Lisa Bloom is.

  • But Tammy is a Democrat. You didn’t know that?

    Tammy is one of those “the Party left me”, Fox News Democrats, but she’s a Democrat.

  • DaPug commented on the blog post Nothing Happened Today

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    I’ve really enjoyed Ann’s commentary on the teacher’s union dispute in Wisconsin. Her position as a tenured professor gives her perspective a certain gravitas.

    After all, she’s a tenured public employee, so she knows whereof she speaks when she trashes elementary school teachers.

    Wonder what her pension from Wisconsin might look like? A pittance, I’m sure.

    Anybody know what kind of health care plan covers tenured professors at the University of Wisconsin and what they pay for it?

  • DaPug commented on the blog post I Am Become Lane, Shatterer Of Glass

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    This is a sad moment for liberalism, for the Democratic Party, and, really, for the whole country.

    But it is saddest of all for Charles Lane. It requires stunning dickishness to imply you speak for Gabrielle Giffords who is, after all, a Democrat you stupid shit.

  • DaPug commented on the blog post All The Best Pianists Have Chinese Eyes

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    According to Wiki, and I know it can be unreliable sometimes:

    Although the song was written for the movie about Korean War in 1950s, there is no mention of the war at all.

    You wonder why these guys have to make stuff up all the time.

  • DaPug commented on the blog post The Road Not Taken

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    From the dreck written by Kirsten Powers:

    But there was another job (for Obama): shutting down the nonsense about how Sarah Palin or right-wing talkers caused the shooting.

    This is the Fox News version of a liberal. It’s Obama’s job to defend Sarah Palin at a memorial for the shooting victims in Arizona?

    She’s fucking nuts. What a warped view of the world.

  • Remember when Sean Hannity ambushed Alec Baldwin during a radio interview a few years ago? The side kick with him that was along to make the really nasty remarks to Baldwin about Kim Basinger was Mark Levin.

    Tragically for the little scum, Baldwin had no idea who he was even though he’s a big, tough talking New York radio talker. Ouch, that hurts.

  • DaPug commented on the blog post Bet The House On It

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    You mean applauding is like blood libel or something?

  • DaPug commented on the blog post Dave’s Not Here, Man

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    Fred Phelps, according to that compelte fucking lunatic Hillbuzz, is a leftist and a Democrat. Bet you didn’t know that.

    Damn leftists. They’re for gay marriage and they picket funerals carrying signs that say “God hates fags”. Makes perfect sense.

  • DaPug commented on the blog post Donald Dick

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    Judging by the student reviews it sounds like his classes are like his blog. Awful.

  • DaPug commented on the blog post Where Is Your Tebow Jesus Now

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    Can Tebow play linebacker? I mean…I know he can’t play quarterback but maybe he could be a linebacker.

  • DaPug commented on the blog post Turkey, Stuffing, and Word Salad for Thanksgiving

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    So I assume Bristol wanted to give all of us who “hate my Mom” a big middle finger from her left hand?

    The poor little Princess of Resentment.

  • DaPug commented on the blog post The Hack Pool (Updated)

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    Apparently, some poor bastard is married to Laura Ingraham…

    No. No one is now, or has ever been, married to Laura Ingraham. I know, big surprise, right?

  • DaPug commented on the blog post The Hack Pool (Updated)

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    This S.E. Cupp quote from the Salon article is as bad as it gets:

    I don’t really care that polar bears may not live to see the birth of my great-grandkids, or that I just shot a deer with my 12-gauge, since it will make for really tasty jerky…

    Shot a deer with my 12-gauge? What a dumbass. Maybe NYU graduates shoot deer with a shotgun, but nobody else does.

    She clearly suffers from Dennis Miller disease, right-wing hipness. Miller does nothing anymore except endlessly repeat right-wing bullshit, but he shows how cool he still is by throwing in an occaissional “fuck” here and there. So cool. So pathetic.

  • Federal Court, no less.

  • DaPug commented on the blog post Black Man Too Black

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    I agree. Isn’t it about time to get over the ’60′s?

    Those of us who grew up then are about ready to drain the Medicare and Social Security systems and this clown is still bitching about the ’60′s.