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    ThumbnailNarrow is the Gate By David Glenn Cox   Caution – The following is intended only for mature audiences – if you are easily offended by logic or common sense, please return to the comfort and safety of your television set.     I’ve had this up my nose for a while now. Political events and [...]

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    Pilfered? While I don’t disagree that our government is illegitimate, why is it money is only pilfered when it aids the people? Now admittedly the Obama stimulus was Fascist disaster, would you prefer he do nothing?

    Because you got your wish, the administration is doing nothing.

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    Say “No” to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$? Never gonna happen

  • David Cox wrote a new diary post: Drafted by Circumstance

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    Thumbnail Welcome to Independence Day 2014, the day we celebrate our independence through revolutionary violence from Great Britain. In CONGRESS, July 4, 1776 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America,

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to [...]

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    Helicopters hovering over the Saigon Embassy revisited

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    I haven’t had a real job in four years, I worked as a dishwasher about six months. I’ve pulled carpet, painted houses, moved furniture, whatever I could do to keep going. It’s got to reach critical mass, they can’t ignore more than 25 million people forever.

  • David Cox wrote a new diary post: Adventures in Job Hunting

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    Thumbnail Unless you have been hiding in a nuclear bunker or sailing your yacht in the Mediterranean, you already know the US job market is dismal. Millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans of all ages, struggle seeking work in this new job environment. Because it’s not just the quantity of jobs available that’s changed, it’s the [...]

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    The American Red Cross is a Corporation, not a charity. The Red Cross has been a Right Wing Meme since its inception. See, you don’t need big government, “private Charities” can rescue the victims of Capitalism. Way back in the 1920′s Barack Obama’s role model Herbert Hoover, first popularized the Red Cross. When farm families [...]

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    Warp is a good handle

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    Good old Puritan tough love, more jails, more punishment. Here in Cleveland, police report a near epidemic rise in heroin use. The number one factor users say led them to heroin was pharmaceutical pain killers prescribed by doctors. Who should go to jail? Of course if you have money you’ll be able to get your [...]

  • David Cox wrote a new diary post: Now Just Look Surprised

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    ThumbnailCrossposted from  The Leftist Review It gets a bit frustrating sometimes … horizons dimmed, opportunities limited, X’d out of society and living with the grand lie of economic improvement sugar-coating the rage and smoldering opinion that the government is our adversary. In the worst economic times in seventy-five years the Federal Government offers struggling, long-term [...]

  • David Cox wrote a new diary post: A World of Peace

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    Thumbnail  “Is this Max Headroom, a buzz word Presidency?” Politics is an ocean it’s currents unseen, with agendas hidden beneath the waves. And when a President speaks publicly, he intends on saying something, he’s bent on making a point. The remarks are often tailored for the audience beyond the room. In June of 1963, John Kennedy [...]

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    I’m not ridiculing anyone, except perhaps the Internet. I have my own beliefs outside the norm. But to believe Barack Obama is a Liberal…that’s crazy!

  • David Cox wrote a new diary post: Paddling the Crazyville River

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    Thumbnail I really love the Internet, it has made it possible to see more made up garbage in a few hours, than one could formerly see in a lifetime. It has made responsible journalism Jell-O and less than responsible journalism, taken seriously. Fact checking and organ grinders with monkeys are now long gone and obsolete. Within [...]

  • David Cox wrote a new diary post: Casket…What Casket?

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    Thumbnail   You do weird stuff when you’re a kid and then one day, you don’t do it anymore. You look back and think, “Wow, that’s some weird stuff! What the hell was I thinking? Oh yeah, stupid kid. So I’m in eighth grade shop class with thirty or so, other fourteen year old boys. What could [...]

  • David Cox wrote a new diary post: Apes in Suits

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    Thumbnail There are millions of us living under dual identities, who we are now versus who we used to be back then. This economic plague has changed us, it’s changed the way we think and act and respond to things. Take for instance, a credit card offer. Years ago, I would have glanced at it with [...]

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    The Bus Depot is now J.D.’s Post House restaurant. Don’t know where the packing house is but we get our meat from Geauga Farms, Amish meat market

  • David Cox wrote a new diary post: Live Coverage: Parkman, Ohio Memorial Day Parade 2014

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    Thumbnail It’s a great day for a parade here in Parkman. The sun shines in a near cloudless sky of azure, as the crowds begin to form. I hadn’t really planned on going, but after walking to the Post Office, I could sense the tension in the air. This was “The” Parkman Parade of the year. [...]

  • David Cox wrote a new diary post: 25 Scandals more Important than Benghazi

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    Thumbnail Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 1. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims, “Payroll employment rises 288,000 in April” while the actual number of Americans working decreased by 73,000. The civilian work force shrank by 806,000 while the number considered unemployed fell by 733,000. The number of workers “Not in the labor force” rose by nearly ONE MILLION in [...]

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    I’m in Amish country in Ohio, where horsepower means horses. It means when you run out of ketchup, you can’t eat your cornflakes. Portland is Portland, they care about eating right almost as much as they care about their coffee.

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