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  • David65 commented on the blog post Barney Frank: Will Not Vote For Gang of 6 Deal

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    This is in regards to Rep Frank, (he is my rep) I look at one issue, when President Obama took ofice one of his first issues, not the first, was to request passage of the war supplemental bill. The House Leadership standing behind their Man passed this bill, Franks vote in the affirmitive included. A year later when the house had more than enough votes to pass war supplemental my rep Mr Frank voted in the negative. Question, how can you be for war one year and against it the very next. My read on my rep Mr Frank, and for that matter most D’s from MA, is that they are cynical pols at best and at the worst like every pol in DC bought and paid for. Just look at the D party in MA and their passage of an anti-union bill, Ma is not the liberal state many think it is and neither are those pols who represent us.

  • I’m a Mass resident and saw reports disapointment that ER use has not gone down.
    As a user of HC with medicare and State Funded supplemental Ins. ( Wife worked in State System) have only seen Ins premiums rise and if anything quality of Ins use decrease, i.e. far more time consuming back and forth with Ins. to obtain coverage(payment) than before HC in MA was introduced. If I were to give a grade on the current state of affairs in MA it would not be a passing grade.

  • This is an open challenge to Rafe, you name the place, time is dependent on place. If you are an adult, over 21, I challenge you bare nuckles fight. You are the most disgusting human I have encountered on the Internet and this person (me) would love to have the pleasure of kicking your butt.