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    AND don’t forget to wrap the shooter in the plastic bags and duct tape you have laying around from the 2003 NBC attack scare!

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    If we were to issue such a coin I think it would be appropriate to put the likenesses of Sen. Mitch McConnell on one side and John Boehner on the other. A little schadenfreude at the irony might be nice.

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    “Greenville, SC, home of George Tierney, Jr.@geotie2323″ seems like a good addition to the Greenville, SC, South Carolina and various South Carolina Republican Party affiliated Wikipedia sites. I’m just sayin…

  • To quote John Cleese, “There are always those whom one might wish to offend.”

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    “Our money was your money. You spent it. When our money dries up, so does yours.”
    Unfortunately for the rich, this works both ways. We’re in this together, like it or not.

  • Remember, a runny nose is one of the first signs of radiation sickness.

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    The problem with Communism is the principle of taking money from the rich and giving to the poor only works until the rich run out of money. Now, we have the opposite, Capitalism, which takes from the poor and middle class and gives to the rich. Of course, the poor and middle class will run out of money much sooner than the rich and so, the system will collapse much faster. Then we move on to socialism, rather an amalgam of the two, which, while not perfect, at least tries to serve everyone’s best interests. We’ll see what happens.

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    The Pope is not a Muslim!! He’s a…a…is he?

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    Another simple way to deal with these folks would be to arrest them all and put them up at a CIA hotel in Morocco or Afghanistan until they are “convinced” to repatriate their overseas cash at 35% (or whatever we can “convince” them to pay above that) through “enhanced negotiation” techniques perfected on alleged terrorists. At least this time we’d be dealing with real terrorists. And once they agree, we could send them on an indefinate trip to the Caribbean at Guantanamo.
    But, you say, the boards of directors at home would just fire them so they couldn’t negotiate.
    We could arrest them too. Why, there would be tumbleweeds blowing down Wall St. and cobwebs in the doorways of the nation’s banks if we arrested all the real criminals in the financial industry and just to make sure it is approved, we could promise Republicans they could take turns “negotiating”. Think of all the Jack Bauer wannabe’s in congress getting off on that idea! But, you say, that’s too radical. Well, these are the people who are turning this whole country into Guantanamo North. It’s them or us.

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    “My Work Here Is Done!”
    This is probably what Hitler thought just before he shot himself.

  • Having done some research, I have to say that my 70′s N latitude may be off somewhat (though I was on the bridge when it was logged in–by me, I believe) as I am relying on 38 year old memories and haven’t found a source to verify it, BUT
    having said that, it’s not far enough off to make my point the least bit invalid.

  • In the summer of 1973, I was aboard the Coast Guard ice breaker Burton Island when we reached what was, until that time, the farthest most northern point a surface ship ever penetrated into the Arctic ice pack. I don’t recall the exact latitude, but it was in the 70′s North. That would be about 1300 miles from the North Pole at 90° N. (slightly less than the distance from Washington DC to Denver). In 2004 a Russian Icebreaker sailed in OPEN WATER (not having to break ice) to the North Pole and had to go several miles beyond to find thick enough ice to allow passengers to disembark as they had been promised they could do. Any babbling idiot who says the planet isn’t warming either is being paid to lie or or should have their IQ tested with a tire gauge, or both.

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    “Majority Opposes Any Cuts to Medicare or Social Security”

    And the majority (whoever they are) contributes how much to congressional campaigns?

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    This is insane! Just think what a risk we’ll be taking. Just read this from the Onion:
    “In a 30-minute video released Thursday, al- Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri criticized the mass transportation infrastructure of the United States, claiming significant repairs and upgrades would need to be implemented before the militant group would consider destroying any roads, bridges, or railways with terrorist attacks.”
    How can you place the inconvenience of potholes, derailed trains or collapsing bridges ahead of our nation’s national security? A decrepit school is a safe school! We must put all of our resources into protecting ourselves by destroying the rest of the world before they destroy us. We must protect our precious bodily fluids…

  • And so, Adm. Mullen would approve of the Mexican Army crossing into, say, Texas to blow up gun shops who’s weapons wind up in the hands of drug cartels in Mexico? Or bombing the ATF? Seems reasonable to me.

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    I like to think I’m a Christian albeit an imperfect one, but I’ve pretty much quit associating with The Church. If Jesus had a grave He’d be rolling over in it because of the things said and done in His name. Bigotry, avarice and hate aren’t fruits of the Spirit. Whether we are believers or not, we should know better. In truth, the things that are best about Christianity are things good people believe regardless of their faith or lack of it. They are the things that help us live together in harmony, but only if we don’t pervert them. Hypocrisy will be the death of this country. I’m afraid I may live long enough to see it.

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    I wonder if the guys who pulled off the Valentine’s Day massacre had a name? Maybe they could be used to sell toys, video games and tee shirts. Kids would love it and it might add some value to commercializing Valentine’s Day (flowers and a massacre tee shirt for Mom!). The NRA should get right on this! There’s a real gold mine out there! Actually, kids don’t know the difference. This stuff is sold to armchair assassins (parents) who wish they had been there and get off on 24 over beer and chips.

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    Well, I hope whatever notes were taken and “facts” recalled were more accurate than, “The government does not have notes from its second, and only other, interview with defendant that occurred on November 26, 2011.” That’s still about seven months from now! Maybe it’s a typo. I hope so.

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    Anyone can forge a birth certificate! Ask Orly Taitz. She forged the Kenyan one.

  • When I think of President Obama I am reminded of Inspector Clouseau, in “The Return of the Pink Panther”, as he threatens to arrest the blind accordion player and his “minkey” while right behind him, in plain sight, a bank is being robbed. He then even assists the robbers in their escape. This is as typical of Barak Obama’s style as anything I can imagine. Will he be reelected? Probably. He is, for all practical purposes, the Republican gentleman’s gentleman. (There is an alternative expression that, unfortunately, though accurate, would seem racist, which is not my intent.) One of the things sociopaths (those running the Republican party) do well is convince others that they are not crazy, there’s just something wrong with us. By the time we wake up to their machinations it’s too late. Expect four more years of the same or worse if one of these Ayn Rand worshipers posing as a Christian is elected. The real Christians are out trying to feed the hungry, house the homeless and treat the sick, things with which they used to be assisted by the Democrats.

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