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  • David Swanson wrote a new diary post: Killed by Congressional Cowardice

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    We tend to think of war as resulting from an excess of aggression or disorderliness or rebellion. Western academics hunt in the genes of foreigners and study chimpanzees to find the root of the nastiness. But one would be hard press to count the number of people who have lost their lives to an excess [...]
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    Of course Americans have been played some 85 times since the Germans were and each time we compare it to the poor Germans :-)

  • David Swanson wrote a new diary post: If ISIS Were Really a Movie

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    ThumbnailRewrite!ISIS has created a movie preview for the coming war, a war it eagerly wants Washington to take part in. The White House and Congress would like to oblige, as long as the movie can be a short one, on the model of Libya. Here’s the plot: Evil force arises out of nowhere; United States destroys it; [...]

  • David Swanson wrote a new diary post: 43 Million People Kicked Out of Their Homes

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    Thumbnail “Humanitarian wars have a homelessness problem.” War, our leaders tell us, is needed to make the world a better place. Well, maybe not so much for the 43 million people who’ve been driven out of their homes and remain in a precarious state as internally displaced persons (24 million), refugees (12 million), and those struggling [...]

  • David Swanson wrote a new diary post: Laughing Our Way to Destruction

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    If members of the U.S. public were ever to wonder what the other 95% of humanity thinks about them, would it be better to break that harsh truth to them gently or just to blurt it out? I’m going to go with the latter. Here’s Frankie Boyle explaining the advantages of Scottish independence: “Scotland would [...]

  • David Swanson wrote a new diary post: After New York: Rally for Peace and Climate in DC

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    An interactive townhall discussion of how we get to peace Speakers: Andy Shallal, Barbara Wien, David Swanson, and YOU When: Monday, September 22, 11:30-1:30 Where: SIS Founders Room, American University 4400 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, DC 20016 Food and drink provided!
    War, Whistleblowing, and Independent Journalism
    Join us for the powerful documentary Body of War (co-produced and co-directed by Phil Donahue), followed by a [...]
  • David Swanson wrote a new diary post: James Foley Is Not a War Ad

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    To the extent that the U.S. public is newly, and probably momentarily, accepting of war — an extent that is wildly exaggerated, but still real — it is because of videos of beheadings of James Foley and Steven Sotloff. When 9-11 victims were used as a justification to kill hundreds of times the number of people [...]

  • David Swanson wrote a new diary post: A Paradigm For Peace

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    Raise your hand if you weren’t surprised when fancy films of beheadings resulted in bombings? PEACE Keep your hand up if you weren’t shocked when bombings resulted in more brutality and beheadings? Is it possible we need a radically different way of thinking about how to solve violence? Listen to this quote:
    “Neither governments nor terrorists [...]

  • David Swanson wrote a new diary post: Warning to War Supporters

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    ThumbnailI know you mean well. I know you think you’ve found a bargain that nobody else noticed hidden in a back corner of the used car lot. Let me warn you: it’s a clunker. Here, I’ll list the defects. You can have your own mechanic check them out: 1. If you want to bomb a country [...]

  • http://youtu.be/GQxwaVQWSbY?list=UUswH8ovgUp5Bdg-0_JTYFNw Russell Brand Reads My Article on ISIS Out Loud (11:40). What to do about ISIS .

    John Horgan asked me for a paragraph on what to do about ISIS. I sent him this: I’d say start by recognizing where ISIS came from. The U.S. and its junior partners destroyed Iraq, left a sectarian division, poverty, desperation, and an [...]

  • David Swanson wrote a new diary post: Peace Ecology

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    ThumbnailWith serendipitous timing, as a big march for the climate, and various related events, are planned on and around the International Day of Peace , Randall Amster has just published an important book called Peace Ecology . This book bridges divides that very much need to be bridged between peace activism and peace academia, and between peace advocacy and environmentalism.  This is, in [...]

  • David Swanson commented on the diary post Nixon Wouldn’t Have Authorized Torture, Suggests John Dean by spocko.

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    Nixon used torturers in Vietnam and trained them for Latin America and used plenty of killers too. Openly torturing would have meant pushback, but that’s about the country, not the individual.

  • David Swanson commented on the diary post Society as a Failed Experiment by David Swanson.

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    What do we do? The shortest answer I can give is: Occupy 2.0.

  • David Swanson wrote a new diary post: Boylan: Is There Still Hope for Peace in Ukraine?

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    ThumbnailBy Patrick Boylan, Pressenza Berlin, 1961 (photomontage) The Ukrainian government, like Israel in Gaza, relentlessly goes on bombing residential areas in the eastern regions “to kill the terrorists hiding out there” (but also the civilians living there). The separatists, called “terrorists”, are in a siege; to break it, they have launched a bloody counteroffensive to the South, with [...]

  • This is from National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance: Dear Friends,

    As part of Campaign Nonviolence  (which has over 150 actions scheduled across the country the week of September 21-27)  NCNR is organizing an action of nonviolent civil resistance  at the White House on Tuesday September 23.  
    On September 23 we will gather on Pennsylvania Ave. mid-morning (exact time to [...]
  • David Swanson wrote a new diary post: Society as a Failed Experiment

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    ThumbnailThere’s little dispute among social scientists that most of our major public programs are counter-productive on their own terms. There is also little analysis of this phenomenon as a pattern in need of an explanation and a solution. Isn’t it time to give up on Western capitalist society? Prisons are supposedly intended to reduce crime, but [...]

  • David Swanson wrote a new diary post: Iraq Has WMDs and Russia Has Invaded!

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    How did they imagine they’d get away with it, claiming that Iraq had vast stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and even nuclear weapons? Defectors had made clear the chemical and biological weapons (some of them provided by the United States) had been destroyed. Inspectors had searched almost every inch of Iraq and said they’d [...]

  • David Swanson wrote a new diary post: A New Calendar of Holidays

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    Thumbnail A new calendar offers peace throughout the year. A new calendar of peace holidays has just been published. And none too soon, if you’ve noticed the epidemic of military holidays around us. I can understand that Catholics have a saint for every day of the year. And I’m not shocked that various ancient religions have holidays for [...]

  • David Swanson wrote a new diary post: Monty Python State Department

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    ThumbnailScene:  A cafe.  One table is occupied by a group of Vikings wearing horned helmets. Whenever the word “war” is repeated, they begin singing and/or chanting. A man and woman enter.  The man is played by Eric Idle, the woman is played by Graham Chapman (in drag), and the Secretary of State is played by Terry [...]

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    Yes he said that repeatedly

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