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  • db11 commented on the blog post A Programming Note

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    Another mostly lurker raising my head to thank you for the unbelievable amount of crisp, clean writing you did here. The only blogger I can think of who comes close to matching your ridiculous output (quantity/quality) is Steve Benen.

    There’s not many I bother following her anymore (still love the book salons though!), but I have read you more days than not since you landed here from Digby’s. The place will be much the poorer for your absence.

    Thanks and happy travels on your recursive walkabout.

  • Don’t make it here often any more, but happy I popped in for this book salon. Appreciate your thoughts and comments Doug. I hope that you’re right in believing that getting the countervailing view out there will cause people to give pause to their fear and ignorance of people they know nothing of.

    Seems like thankless work you’ve chosen, but happy that you’re tackling it with intelligence, facts and persistence.


  • Thanks for your response.

    I imagine you must have developed a pretty thick skin, given that at least half the comments are direct insults to your intelligence, integrity and character. (and most employ classic right-wing insults, tropes and dog-whistles)

    I wish that I was as sanguine as you regarding where the majority actually lies. I do understand the concern of extreme, regressive religious influence on the society and polity — but I see that threat as much stronger from fundamentalist xtians due to their numbers and political influence in conservative parties.

    As for parallel cultures that don’t integrate into a larger society, isn’t that where the whole continent is headed with the ongoing radicalization of partisan politics? (thanks to republicans in the US and Harper’s conservatives importing their ideologies and methods into Canada)

  • Greetings from a fellow Canadian…

    Having read your article in the Globe yesterday — which I assume is somewhat if a synopsis of the themes and conclusions from your book — I am in full agreement with the main thrust of your argument. And is if to prove the need for your warning against repeating the bigotry and racism of the past waves of immigration, the comment section quickly sank to a putrid swamp of anti-muslim hatred, fear and ignorance.

    Made me ashamed of the small-mindedness of too many of my fellow canucks. (at last glance there were more than 3,000 comments on the article, with the vast majority – and all the highest ranked – of the sort I’ve described)

    Like you, I’m no fan of any religious belief, but tolerance of difference is the basis of a pluralistic society. Wondering what your take is on the response to your article — and if it is representative to the reaction to your book?