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  • I consider myself VERY left wing, and I think the right is pretty much correct about Islam. There is absolutely no need for the left to support any kind of Muslim activity in the US. Islam is a religion of ignorance. Supporting Islam is not very different from supporting the KKK. You guys need to educate yourselves on this topic. Just because the right wingers hate the Muslims doesn’t mean they are wrong. Islam IS a threat to our advancement as a species, and a threat to America. And I find it VERY dishonest to equate hating the Muslims with hatred for gays. “The gays” have no interest in theocratic rule. Just because the Right is dumbed-down does NOT mean the Left has to do it too. Actual thought is possible, and it’s probably a good idea. You guys need to THINK a bit before you start defending Muslims.

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    Why do Republicans hate America?

  • ^^Law, logic, and reason are not applicable here because we are dealing with a government that is now rogue. When law only applies when you choose for it to apply, then you have a government capable of literally anything.

    The US government no longer answers to the “will of the people”. There is no longer any “representation” of the people. this implies many things.

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