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    I hate to be a curmudgeon, but if you maintain a large standing military, then you are issuing any president a blank check to do this sort of thing.

    This has happened time and time again.

    The remedy is to gut the military. To reduce it to a fraction of its current size.

    Otherwise, we simply will be reading similar posts the next time the next president does just this. And so it will continue.

  • I can only grind my teeth that several fellows have beaten me to the punch by noting that the elite American media already is a joke.

    Note that not only Germany but also England is unlikely to favor any sanctions. London is awash with Russian money; some now call it “Moscow on the Thames;” and many Russian billionaires now live there.

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    There have been many good posts above to the effect that Obama’s “failure” to “achieve bipartisanship” is just a bit too cute.

    Therefore, I would like to open up some new questions:

    1) Is is now possible for ANYONE, Republican or Democrat, to achieve the presidency other than by running a con? ( Bush as “uniter, not a divider,” “compassionate conservative,” Obama as “hope and change,” etc. ) Are presidential campaigns now inherent bait-and-switch operations?

    2) Can any president, once elected, be anything other than polarizing?

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    If by repeal and replace, something better than Obamacare, such as single payer, could and should be enacted, then I agree.

    I am talking about the immediate present. And I live in Ohio, not California – or Canada for that matter.

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    First: I would strongly favor some sort of single payer.

    Second: I have a pre-existing condition. Right now, for me, it’s either Obamacare or nothing.

    Third: My second point is not quite true. I also have accident insurance, which definitely would matter should I suffer an injury somewhere where my Obamacare network does not apply. Imperfect, but once again better than nothing.

    Fourth: Medical tourism. Foreign countries offer adequate to excellent medical care at a fraction of American. In Inda, this can be 10%. So let’s take our business there. The time has come to start hitting the medical system over the head. It won’t change? Too bad. All the complexities it constanly raises? So what? Political bullshit? Take a hike.

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    Not to worry.

    With the Republicans in control of the House, there’s very little risk anything progressive will actually get done.

  • “As always, should you or any of your I.M. Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.”

  • I would presume that should the NYT prove unsatisfactorym not only Der Speigel but – perhaps more interestingly – many Latin American publicans would be more than happy to lend a hand.

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    Madagascar hasn’t gone to war for the longest time.

  • For the 25,000th time:

    Democrats are NOT incompetent. They are filthy corrupt liars. The problems with the healthcare act exist because the Democrats wanted them to be there and for no other reason.

    Perhaps we need to cut a deal with the devil – like in WWII when we allied with Stalin to fight Hitler – but cut the lie that the Democrats did anything other than what they intended.

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    Re: “Conclusion: it’s better to be a whore for the rich, than rich.”

    Best of all to be a rich whore.

    Bring back Catherine the Great!!!

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    Obama obviously is also for the rich by the rich.

  • Well, according to the strip search case, the courts cannot second guess the police. So certainly they cannot second gu4ess the President.

    The appeaols court should be so briefed – on a roll of toilet paper Then the judge should be lead off with handcuffs and strip searched.

  • That would have been stupid of him.

    Like I said, he’s been called.

  • FYI: I’m a Democrat

    And if you’re so blasted smart, then prove it. You’ve been called.

  • O come now. being a Democrat has nothing to do with any sort of economic reform. That’s just window dressing. Being a Democrat instead has everything to do with femi-fem social values and laughing at rough hewn lower middle class folks who like different music and have different feeling about how family life should work.

  • Speaking as a cancer survivor, when I read articles like this and when I also read Peak Oil type arguments that the entire economy is going to tank and bring everything – including the healthcare system – down with it, I say – good – bring it on.

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    Following this logic, President Al Gore would have soundly defeated the son of George H. W. Bush ( also named George, as I recall ).

    Romney and Obama are Tweedledum and Tweedledee, so far as polices and character are concerned. The number of bigots who oppose Obama because he is black will be offset by the number of bigots who oppose Romney because he is Mormon.

    Obama is a known factor, while Romney is untested. The prospect of all three branches of the federal government being Republican will cause more liberals to turn out than presently expected.

    Once the Chinese cease funding the federal deficit, however, whoever may control what would be left of it will be academic.

  • Drug dealers will buy them first thing.

    The Mexican drug cartels already have. Currently they use them to smuggle loads of drugs over the border.

    The Iranians recently downed a plane; while also reportedly drone software has been infected by a virus. Howto sabotage a drone will become a burgeoning field.

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    Cheer up.

    There’s a good chance that, instead, the economy will totally implode and we’ll descend into barbarism.

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