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  • DCreamer wrote a new diary post: Response to Romney’s VFW Diatribe

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    One would have to be a complete idiot to believe that President Obama has been anything other than exemplary, insofar as his foreign policy management is concerned. He has done more to restore the national reputation ruined by the previous republican administration than we could have rightly expected. His penchant for truth telling has earned [...]

  • DCreamer wrote a new diary post: The Media

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    I am so sick and tired of the various media anchors allowing the politicians they interview to avoid answering questions with anything other than preplanned talking points. Even when most of them ask a at first seemingly hard question they allow a dissembling answer sprinkled with the current talking points instead of demanding specificity and [...]

  • DCreamer wrote a new diary post: It’s Time for Some Changes…

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    There are only two long term solutions to the partisan gridlock paralyzing the government. One is meaningful campaign finance reform and the other is term limits. Under our current campaign finance laws politicians are not only allowed but actually forced to accept bribes in exchange for their vote and influence. Their first thought after obtaining [...]

  • DCreamer commented on the diary post Radical Supremes Deny Justice to Man Falsely Convicted by DA Misconduct by Scarecrow.

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    Roberts probably has the Koch brothers on speed dial so he can quickly find out what the verdict is and if you believe Thomas ever wrote his on opinion on anything I have a bridge you might be interested in.

  • DCreamer wrote a new diary post: Darrell Issa Should be in Jail.

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    http://www.flickr.com/photos/foolsparadise/148874890/ Darrell Issa should be in jail and if there is any justice in the world he will end up there sooner or later. Since he has been a teenager Issa has managed to sail through one scrap after another with the law having been accused or suspected of multiple car thefts, arson, weapons charges and other imbroglios [...]

  • DCreamer commented on the diary post Let’s Be Honest About American Politics by LaFeminista.

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    I just wish I had the political sophistication to put a million people on the national mall clamoring for finance reform and term limits for three days. That’s my American dream.

  • DCreamer commented on the diary post American Prophet- Eugene Debs by Daveparts.

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    I had never heard of the man and consider the piece well worth the time in exchange for the knowledge gained. Thanks.

  • DCreamer commented on the diary post Fear and hatred are alive and well in Murfreesboro Tennessee!!! by DCreamer.

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    One of the principals in the lawsuit was black and if you google the videos of the protest you will see blacks in the crowd. The lawsuit was ruled in favor of the defendents after the federal government put the court on notice that Islam is a religion as a matter of settled law.

  • DCreamer commented on the diary post Repeal the Right to Keep and Bear Arms by mjbarkl.

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    The thought that comes to mind is “from my cold dead fingers.” First you will never accomplish your objective and second there might come a day when your gun is the only thing between you and the anarchy outside your home. I definitely think our laws need to be modified and enforced but let’s try [...]

  • DCreamer commented on the diary post American Oligarchs And Their Puppets by Bin Quick.

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    Will somebody please tell me how to get a real grass roots movement dedicated to meaningful campaign finance reform and congressional and senatorial term limits started? If we are ever to fix things in Washington we have to stop the bribery and lifelong incumbency of our elected representatives. We are like the idiot business owner [...]

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/27179543@N00/60555159/ The small minded, fear based, immoral and physically violent racial and religious prejudice once the almost exclusive product of southern whites of the Klu Klux Klan era has expanded and infected southerners of all racial and religious persuasions in Murfreesboro Tennessee. One would think the memory of the hate and discontent, beatings and lynchings [...]

  • DCreamer commented on the diary post Your Vote Does Not Count but Your Organized Influence Does by DCreamer.

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    I think there comes a point where armed rebellion makes sense and is even mandatory but only after all other means of peaceful revolution have been exhausted. Certainly to go from “I’m too busy to care” to picking up a gun is idiocy of the worst kind and unconscionable at best. On the other hand [...]

  • In today’s political climate with the conservative movement as organized as it is on both sides of the aisle your vote counts very little. With politicians on both sides of the aisle beholden to the conservative movement for reelection and depending on them for cash contributions and employment should they lose an election their votes, [...]

  • DCreamer commented on the diary post What must they think? by DCreamer.

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    Some of the foregoing comments are perfect examples of our total lack of unity and community and our seeming unquenchable need to put our own need for solitary recognition above our contribution to the betterment of the whole. Who gives a f**k if there really is a god or if the f**king bible is an [...]

  • DCreamer wrote a new diary post: What must they think?

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    We are without a doubt as a species the most self absorbed, selfish, narcissistic, greedy and obtuse collection of similar life forms on the planet. Every other species on the planet works together within their environment on the collective survival, welfare and general good of the entire species. Sure there are some predator prey relationships [...]

  • DCreamer commented on the diary post Michigan House passes bill to privatize cities and towns by ubetchaiam.

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    Eventually they will privatize the whole country and we will be managed by a board of directors. Your citizenship will cease to exist and you will become an at will employee subject to termination for any reason. The ones not lucky enough to be terminated will be sent to reeducation camps or some such. I [...]

  • DCreamer commented on the diary post Arrest in Actual Bomb Plot in Spokane: Will This Story Break Wide? UPDATED by Teddy Partridge.

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    Is there any doubt?

  • Thumbnail What happened today in Wisconsin has rightly drawn national attention to the GOP’S malicious attack on the middle class and the lengths both illegal and devious to which they are willing to go to usurp the rights, protections and hard won wages and benefits of the working poor. It is however only one front in [...]

  • DCreamer commented on the diary post My Bradley Manning Protest in P.T. by Kris.

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    I really don‘t get all the bleeding heart angst over Bradley Manning. Liberal or conservative you have to condemn the release of classified documents in contravention of his oath of enlistment wherein he swore to bear true faith and allegiance to the United States and protect the U. S. from all enemies foreign and domestic. [...]

  • DCreamer commented on the diary post Somebody please tell me why we need to risk lives in Libya. by DCreamer.

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    I appreciate the repartee but my personal view is that of Euell Gibbons in that I’d rather save a tree and eat a beaver.

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