• In addition, this new industry is expected to boost GNP. That’s why Obama’s Justice Department is taking a cush approach towards Colorado and Washington.

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    I thought Obama was against any amendment that contained the number 4 in it.

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    “The fact that such a simple measure cannot get past the governor’s desk shows why we need to . . . require mandatory drug testing…” I don’t care if it is doctors, high school athletes, nursing moms, or the employees at home depot: drug testing without reasonable suspicion is wrong. Do you really think that [...]

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    Where are the “state’s rights” folks? According to our founding fathers, the states were to be incubators for the laws to be adopted by the nation. There are 18 states now with laws allowing for medical cannabis to be legally used. This should be viewed federally as a major change, a new trend, the wave [...]

  • If only the government could come up with some type of “loyalty oath” then the military would have been able to weed out someone like Manning before he could see what was really happening. Why didn’t Showman simply state that she never observed Manning drinking kool-aid of any kind, and therefore should not have been trusted?

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    Correction: $5,000/year not $5,000/day

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    Many charter schools do have problems. But the issue is more complicated than is laid out here. My two children attend a charter school in Los Angeles that runs K-8. The school is split between two campuses – one rented from a church and one co-located at a LAUSD campus (which gets shifted from a [...]

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    Well we are all safe now because LAPD is going to start using drones in the manhunt!


  • Here is an example of another energy company using a SLAPP suit (from today’s HuffPo):


  • There are a ton of academics, primarily economists and business school types that serve as expert witnesses. Check out the rosters of firms like Berkeley Research Group, Charles River Associates, and Lexecon/Compass/FTI. Find out if your favorite professor is for sale. For an “expert” the typical rate the academics charge is over $500/hour. For the biggest “experts”, usually the chairs of major departments, they bill around $1,000 per hour.

    With high legal and expert fees coupled with limitations on damages due to “tort reform”, the ability to right an injustice in court is near impossible. And try fighting a merger of two corporations like Exxon-Mobil and chevronTexaco. Who is going to pay the million dollars it takes to have a credible opposition? Cuz the government sure as hell is not doing it!

  • The RSC is an ad hoc committee of the House. The members of congress who support the committee pay for it by giving up a staff position of half of a staff position to fund its operations. The staff writes position papers that members of congress can quote and cite for their constituents. The RSC also holds briefings for members with some of the biggest conservative players of the day.

    All position papers are fully vetted by its shoestring staff. In this case, it would have passed the internal review before touching a nerve of one or more member of congress — one who is more in favor of a dollar today instead of supporting the vision of shared prosperity the founding fathers outlined in the constitution. This smells more like a smackdown of the RSC by its political members rather than a “poor” job at reviewing the “logic and reasonableness” of the study’s conclusions.

  • “Every child has a right to a mother and father.”

    So how can he justify war?

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    Blame Canada! There not even a real county anyway!

    – Sheila Broflovski

  • The Baldwin Hills, named after the Baldwin family (yes those famous Baldwins), are going to be upset if their oil royalties get cut.

  • The 12th Century is alive and well in San Francisco, at least in the dungeons.

  • I agree with you. I don’t give money, but I think I am in the directory. I sent an email to Ryan’s mom on the Change.org exchange with my offer. Thanks Pam for bringing this issue to our attention.

  • This makes me sick. Scouting was one of the few places in society where a boy could mix independent but guided learning with non-parental supervised activities. It was an important rite of passage for me and many of my friends.

    Back in the 70s, there were a number of boys scouts who later realized or became strong enough to announce that they were gay. Usually it happened after high school or once scouting no longer provided the excitement they wanted or after they were singled out and bullied.

    Being a young male is often synonymous with being a self-centered jerk. It is a messy and unpleasant part of growing up and coming of age. As the father of a 12 year old daughter, I can attest that evolution has not changed this pattern of male development very much. But even back then, we were taught by our leaders that there were lines that we were not allowed to cross under any circumstances. We were taught to respect other races and not to discriminate and we knew that there would be consequences if we engaged in such activities. We were taught not to endanger others — whether it be on the rifle range or rolling boulders down the hill on camp outs. We were even taught not to bully or pick on someone if they were different.

    I thought these rules were absolute. Youth are impressionable. They will listen and learn — especially by example. This is a colossal failure of leadership. Yes, I know the BSA has kicked out scout leaders who were gay (which I think is short sighted and hypocritical). But they always said that they would not exclude a boy who was gay. I thought they were serious. The logic that the BSA gave after the first supreme court decision was that punishing a boy could scar him for life. They obviously have “etch-a-sketched” their position.

    When I was 14, a 45 year old scout leader who didn’t like me told me he was going to everything in his power to keep me from getting my eagle scout, even though I had fulfilled all but a couple or requirements. I was devastated. I felt like I was punched in the gut and could not breathe. I know first hand how cruel it is for anyone to destroy a kid’s hope and dreams. Just before I turned 18, I finished the last requirement and earned the Eagle rank. I still think that my scout leader was a massive jerk, and that his actions still have bitter repercussions in my psyche.

    Boy Scouts teaches young boys and men to leave a child, a campground, a community, the world a better place than they found it. Ryan Andersen’s Scout Masters, the leaders at the local council, and the national leaders (including their national apologist Deron Smith) are not fit to be leaders in the world the boy scouts claim to be preparing today’s youth to lead.

    If Ryan Andersen would show me that he has fulfilled all his requirements for the rank of Eagle Scout, I would gladly confer to him my Eagle Scout medal.

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    No. Brother-in-Law is supposed to sell his company to a new Bain LLC, who will take over operations — have their other companies buy goods and services from the company, load the company up with debt, pay themselves a success fee, management fee, and then let the debt destroy the company even more. Then they [...]

  • Hey Bank of America, we proved we can cover your back!

  • MERS has had some setbacks. While not covered in the news sources (or FDL), there was a very important mortgage case decided by the Washington State Supreme Court last month that says MERS does not have the authority to foreclose on a property in Washington. http://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/index.cfm?fa=opinions.showOpinion&filename=862061MAJ

    The court decided that if MERS does file a foreclosure, it may (decided on a case by case basis) be in violation of the Consumer Protection Act.

    One funny thing, on page 25 of the decision, the court noted that MERS failed to identify any of its principals, but noted that in another case MERS had over 20,000 vice presidents signing documents…

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