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    When the administration believes the borrowers are deadbeats because that was the initial Wall Street propaganda, and they look only to investors to substantiate the claims of criminal fraud – then, yes it will be hard to prove intent because investors had hundreds of pages of disclaimers… Homeowners had none! If the administration had testicular [...]

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    This was not a housing bubble… It was a “debt” bubble. The purpose of the turn of the century mortgage and credit push was to pillage, ravage, plunder American debt. It is the debt that is still actively trading, whether you are in foreclosure or not. The debt is what is bundled, packaged and resold over and over and over again… Even the deficiencies are traded and resold. Debt has become the new commodity and it has replaced the gold and silver standard.

    The minute you fill out a credit application your entire financial history, credit, behavior – past, present and future – is assembled and compiled is data storage for all banks and government to access and review. The process is patented – thousands of patents that make up the new debt trading commodity.

    No, this was not a housing bubble – this was your personal credit information and promises to pay that have been exploited to the point of more fraud now than in the 1920s. And what are we doing about it? What pressure have we put on this complicit administration or Congress? http://www.deadlyclear.com

  • Strip the mortgage loans from the banks and let them stand on their own depositor merit. Capitalism at it’s finest. Right now all those bank spreadsheets are using foreclosure properties as the new gold standard… Remove the mortgages from Wall Street before the Bank of China, etc. buys them out. Keep our land in America.

  • There are going to more foreclosures because there are more loans than the banks can legally hold. It has nothing to do with no-payment, modification, HAMP, or any other government dreamed up scam. Repeat after me: “THE BANKS WROTE MORE LOANS THAN THEY CAN LEGALLY HOLD.” Unless we can convince the states to take over the mortgages because of the massive Wall Street fraud… And allow the states to reconstruct the loans with the homeowners less the inflated appraisal and defective loan products…or get a new government agency (without hiring the old cronies or their pals that cause this mess) and reconstruct the loans with the homeowners…AND force Congress to regulate the derivatives and mortgage securities… We will continue to live with an unstable and literally depressed economy.

    Don’t think they don’t get it in the White House… They do …or for sure they shouldn’t be there. They are just holding their breath until the election that 24 million government workers, union members and 401k beneficiaries don’t find out they have no retirement funds… they are gone…cops, firemen, teachers… Gone or in some settlement set to payoff in the future – which of course will disappear when the banks file bankruptcy… Or the states which ever comes first. Thank you Wall Street banksters.

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    Mazie gets it and she also signed Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s Resolution:

    Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the proposed settlement between the Department of Justice, the State attorneys general, and mortgage servicers regarding mortgage fraud and the economic crisis.


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    This isn’t just about robo-signed documents (which these also were). This is about fraudulent and forged “Assignment of Mortgage” documents fabricated in order to effectuate a non-judicial foreclosure. Every Assignment of Mortgage document I have reviewed (100′s) are the same – fraudulent and ultimately VOID. Without a valid assignment of mortgage the “Trust” trying to [...]

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