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    The Government can create jobs. See FDR and the WPA. Plus, subsidies that are stragetically funded could also create jobs. It’s amazing how most don’t realize that being a member of the US military is akin to being a card carrying “socialist”

  • The US isn’t subject to the jurisdiction of the ICC, so good luck with that. It’s kind of hard to enforce international law when one has the smaller military might. Plus, it’s not that hard to stay out of counties overseas. Like it or not, the Bush and Obama regimes are above the law.

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    Do you have a source for this information? I’d be interested in reviewing them. I won’t call you out and say you’re a bullshitter, but if what you’re saying is factual, I would LOVE to read your sources.

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    If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

    However, I do agree that the increase in prison population is a direct result of the United States policy with respect to illicit drugs. I’m guilty of having broken said law, but I accepted the consequences, should I get caught. I don’t care if I get busted with a joint. It was worth it.

    The states are within their rights to contract prisoners to do whatever labor they assign. I hate to say it, but you know.. If you break the law, you’ll pay the price should you get caught. That’s just the way it is.

    Again, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

  • No, we’re worse off for it. I expected Obama to order the DOJ to begin an investigation to formally prosecute Bush / Cheney for ordering torture. Unfortunately, Obama wasn’t really a Democrat. He was a Republican pretending to be a Democrat. The country is worse off because Obama was pretending to be something he’s not.

  • What was that about a tyrannical government and the right of its citizens to rise up and abolish it, while putting a new system of govt in place?

  • I hope Abbas doesn’t go for it. I’d rather the US be forced to veto it and show their true colors for what we really are. Palestinians have a right to statehood and self-determination. Israel is the world’s biggest hypocrite/twat. They’re oppressing the Palestinians, just like their ancestors was once oppressed by the Nazi’s. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

    Pull out your balls Abbas and ask the UN to recognize statehood! :)

  • It’s what he should have done from the start. He should have also nominated a more competent DOJ AG other than Holder and actually gone after the Bush administration for breaking the law. But no, he wimped out like the chicken shit he is and didn’t prosecute for fear of a “coup”

    Please. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Nothing will ever change. It’ll only stagnate and / or get worse.

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    I think the Death Penalty is unconstitutional under the 8th amendment, but I guess people really do like seeing other people die.

  • Sorry, I misspoke. I meant that I’d rather have an actual republican candidate in office rather than a Democratic candidate who is closer to the republicans ideologically. At least you know where the Republican stands. Obama? Not so much. The only reason he’s hammering the jobs act and going after the millionaires is so he can get re-elected. Not because he actually thinks it’s the right thing to do. Given his track record over the last 2 and 1/2 years, I don’t trust Obama. Period. He’s too much of a chicken shit and tries to work with both sides. I can’t respect that.

  • They can blame me all they want. The person they should blame is the sellout that’s currently occupying the White House.

  • I’m not voting for Obama. He doesn’t know how to lead and I don’t particularly fancy a Democratic President that has no scruples about taking away my disability benefits or access to healthcare through the Medicare program. I’m abstaining from this election. I’m only 28 years old and I honestly could care less about our system of government nor acknowledge its legitimacy / jurisdiction over me. Far as I’m concerned, the Government has failed to uphold its end of the Social Contract so it’s every man for himself.

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    Still trying to figure out why anyone listens to or cares about the credit rating agencies considering that three or four years ago they were literally being paid off to re-rate securities in a favorable way, ignoring their actual risk. Does anyone remember that? This whole debt ceiling business is something like watching Harry Potter [...]

  • Part of interacting with the rest of society requires that you pay taxes, it’s your civic duty and it’s what you do as a citizen. If you even remotely want to interact with society, then you should pay your taxes. Otherwise, I’d argue that you have no right to be a part of that society. Simple enough.

    I hate the idea that I have to give up a percentage of my pay to taxes, but that’s part of being an adult and learning to be a responsible citizen. I have no problem with it at all, especially if it goes to help those less fortune than myself.

    I’d argue that our education system and civics classes have failed these poor, unfortunate souls. Instead of being pissed off at their selfishness and arrogance, I feel only pity.

  • You know, my Uncle said something once that still kind of sticks out in my mind to this day. We have the 2nd amendment which upholds the right to bear arms, and the vast majority (yeah, what a generalization) of us are essentially nothing more than civilized barbarians.

    I’m still quite young and I can definitely tell you that we seem to be more a culture of violence and fighting due to being constantly bombarded by that sort of stimuli. Control the environment, you control the behavior.

  • You know, I’m kind of conflicted on this particular issue. After I read this article, I went two doors down to my buddy who was deployed to Iraq three times (marines) abd asked him about his views on torture. I pointed out that the 8th prohibits this, answer was that constitutional rights only apply in US jurisdiction. I bring up Geneva, applies to uniformed combatants only. He said and i quote verbatim, “if we got captured, the chances of torture is pretty high. You’ve got to do what you need to do to keep the country safe.”

    In other words, the jack Bauer doctrine. He says that other countries will most likely torture POWs in order to serve their agenda, why should we claim the moral high ground. Torture happens but it’s just often not spoken about.

    I honestly don’t know what to think but I’ve spoken to a fair amount of service members who have been deployed there. I asked him, “if your commanding officer ordered you to extract info from a prisoner by any means necessary, would you refuse the order since it’d be unconstitutional.”

    Nope. What then with this mindset?

  • I stand corrected.

  • Well, technically, States are allowed to refuse federal funding, aren’t they? There’s a remedy for that and they’re doing it in Wisconsin. I’m not sure if you can recall Indiana politicians at the State level, but it’s one way to go about it.

    But then again, perhaps I’m a bit liberal in how I interpret the “general welfare” clause in the Constitution. There is absolutely zero federal funding for abortion and even if you have a moral objection to it, there’s insufficient grounds. However, what the funding DOES go towards is women’s reproductive health and they provide a huge range of services in that regard. This helps those lower income women that would otherwise be unable to get said services.

    This isn’t misogyny, this is class warfare.

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    I quit smoking awhile ago. I won’t do so again until it’s legal on the federal level.

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    Nah. I’m actually in agreement with most of the FDLers here. I just had to go off on a rant because it seems like all these old geezers only care about are themselves and their donors. We really should amend the constitution to allow for recall of federal representatives/senators — while we’re at it, also the President.

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