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  • How does financial regulation come under the purview of this most right wing committee? How does A Lieberman led committee get to have such a sweeping control over the financial regulatory agencies of the govt?

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    Link to transit info for tomorrow. Rom NY1–lirr–subway-service

    iPad changed boros to Boris

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    I am have the understanding that many of the vulnerable NYCHA, NY Housing Authority, bldgs were evacuated. I can not verify that they all were or that everyone agreed to leave. I have asked people like cashiers in stores and people working in restaurants like my Upper West Side neighborhood, how they got to work. They said their bosses paid for their taxis. Not sure everyone is doing that. But at least it’s fair.

    There is limited subway service beginning tomorrow. Essentially from the north to 34th st and from Brooklyn and Queens to the last station in Thise Boris. Then buses will take people across the bridges which are open, though the tunnels are mostly still submerged and being pumped out. NY1, the cable station, lists all the lines that will be open.

    Lower Manhattan because it doesn’t have electricity had to get generators – paid for by the way by the federal government – generators to pump out the subways stations and tunnels.

    The city already has a terrible rat problem. Maybe this makes them easier to kill.

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    I must agree that this is still a long term loss for reversing inequality. Any loss of a defined benefit plan for a defined contribution plan is a step backward. And
    Satin wound is correct, why should the younger generation trust anyone whenno one will fight for their future.

    401(K)’s beggar the future. They are a loss of wealth for the future 99%, ok maybe the 98%. But once more it is a transfer upward from the middle class, or upper middle class to the billionaire.

    We should not celebrate pyrrhic victories in the way we celebrate real ones. A real one would have been keeping defined benefits for everyone.

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    Ed De Marco is ideologically opposed to principle reduction.

    The dividend proposal is another kind of pressure. Weighty pressure certainly.

    However It in neither a command nor an order he MUST follow. Given that his reason for refusal is either temperamental or ideological and his financial stewardship concerns are merely invoked as a smokescreen, he could and WILL resist the pressure on the dividend as well.

    Now if Treasury did pressure him on dividends by withholding them, then they could build a case on misfeasance in office as grounds for removal. But why is it necessary to remove De Marco when a like minded Commissioner Hornsby would take his place? A recess appointment for a new Director gets around that much more efficiently.

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    It wasn’t Rahm. Rahm wasn’t involved in his campaign at all. Rahm had nothing to do with the selection of his campaign apparatus. He did.

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    There was not one woman on his initial campaign team. Dunn came on at the very end of the primary. Not one. That was telling. But in the heat of the primary against Hillary the wagons were circled around this issue. People refused to look at it without clearly.

    In the stimulus plan the very first thing cut, with a personal phone call from the president himself to Henry Waxman were family planning monies. Look at the the relelgation of the issue of abortion rights in the health care bill. Women were told that they should not get in the way of something more important.

    Eventually it catches up to you.

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    Actually the extra one you chose, is exactly the one I would have put first. Here’s another version by Natalie Merchant, beautifully sung.

    Which Side Are you? Written during the caol strikes in Harlan County.

    Which Side Are You On?” is a song written by Florence Reece in 1931. She was the wife of a union organizer for the United Mine Workers in Harlan County, Kentucky. In 1931, the miners of that region were locked in a bitter and violent struggle with the mine owners. In an attempt to intimidate the Reece family, deputies hired by the mining company illegally entered and searched the Reece family home. Sam Reece had been warned in advance and escaped, but Florence and their children were terrorized in his place. That night, after the men had gone, Florence wrote the lyrics to “Which Side Are You On?” on a calendar that hung in the kitchen of her home. She took the melody from a traditional Baptist hymn, “Lay the Lily Low”, or the traditional ballad “Jack Munro”. Florence recorded the song and it can be heard on the CD Coal Mining Women.

    Reece supported a second wave of miner strikes circa 1973, as recounted in the documentary Harlan County USA. She and others perform “Which Side Are You On?” a number of times throughout.

    The song is referred to by Bob Dylan in the song “Desolation Row”.