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  • No, revisioninst, you’re not the only one. I supported the idea of Occupy Wall Street, but not really clear what these folks are doing and precisely why. So far, I’ve read more stories about the water issue than what the group is protesting. A message needs precision to be effective

  • This type of passive lazy reporting — “which Mr. Obama says…” is endemic at NPR as well. I listen to it on the way home from work and frequently talk back to the reporter — “well, IS it true? this would seem to be a verifiable fact.” One of the worse examples was when the [...]

  • Pam, you live in North Carolina and are a prominent LGBT blogger with national influence. We are YOU doing about this other than posting on Firedog?

    Presumably you know the local organizations and politicos and could coordinate effective outreach.

  • I called the Mayor’s office spokesman (213/978-9721). Woman manning the phones says the city is paying for it, “just like any other protest.”

    Jon, did you call the city and what kind of response did you get? Or was your headline rhetorical? As an aside, I actually think if you are going to post this kind of article, one has a responsibility to do a little digging rather than flame throwing


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    The 99% photos are great, and I do wish that the ‘message’ was that clear and specific, targetting Wall Street/Establshment bailouts/greed/finanical fraud so plainly. But soley based on the coverage I’ve seen (Olberman, O’Donnell), the crowd’s signs were all over the place (Legalize marijuana, Gaza, anti-death penalty, etc.) just about any grievance one could think of. Doesn’t that confuse about the point of THIS protest? Sure it could be all of those things, but the banker/bailout protests feel very relevant NOW to lots of people, without letting the other movements tag-team on to what is supposed to be the message?
    Am I missing something? I want this to succeed but also get the critiques.

  • “patently unhip” is the perfect description for both O’Donnell and his dull show. Would rather see David Shuster with his own gig again or even better Cyenk Unger or Sam Seder.