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    And P.S. Lockheed is not a favorite of the Congress members of Georgia. They pay lip service to LM but then support shutting done LM with their votes, as the recent loss of 560 salaried jobs will attest.

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    I am disappointed you mentioned Lockheed, as it is a pretty good supporter of its LGBT employees. Support for Trans in the south is pretty slim and anybody that will give an out Trans person a job in Georgia is appreciated.

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    There is an article in CNN World from Feb 28, 2012 by Katherine Newman about “failed Joiners” titled “Why we miss school shooting warnings” where she identifies traits consistent with the Sandy Hook shooter. When I was that age, I almost fell into the same description, except I did succeed in Boy Scouts and being a photographer for both high school and college newspapers allowing me to be a successful joiner. Later, after college, it was square dancing and car racing. I see the parallels with my own life. Some really too close for comfort. I also see the differences that kept me from going that far.

    I will also add that to the negative for me, adding to the failed joinings for me, was the Boy Scouts insistence on religious beliefs to belong in the Boy Scouts, and the Religious Right’s adherence to strict, extremely selective, interpretations of the bible causing me to be physically thrown out of a bible study for my slightly different interpretation of “Genesis.” Today, our young men also have to contend with the Boy Scouts objections to gays. And if I was closer connected to my being transgender as a teen, the Boy Scouts would have been a negative, but the Girl Scouts would have been a positive.