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  • Their cookies are over-priced and the majority of the money goes to the cookie company. I just give them cash and tell the young women I don’t want any cookies.

    As to the controversy about GSA accepting this that or another type of child into the local club I couldn’t care less. In my humble opinion that is something best left to each local unit. What works on one block doesn’t necessarily work 3 blocks away.

  • Here is an article written in 1977.

    Read the last page where it praises the 1972 Swedish law. Note the specifics. Then ask if this is barbaric or is it a sincere attempt to have a functional state funded procedure to help transsexuals.

    If we in the United States had national health care and national birth certificates I would expect similar requirements except maybe the bit about storing eggs or sperm might reflect more modern tolerance.

    Are we in this country trying to police world morality? We screamed WMD and sent the military into Iraq. Should we scream Human Rights and send the military into Sweden? We still have 3 states where a birth certificate can not be changed under any circumstances. Maybe Sweden should have preached to all our states back in 1972.

    And lest I forget, Sweden recognizes gay marriage on a fully equal basis with opposite sex marriage. Bigot is a sort of disparaging term but perhaps it is appropriate when we in this country criticize Swedish law.

  • Ru Paul is a drag queen. If you can not accept a drag queen’s perception of the world that speaks volumes about you. Do you want to stomp a mud hole in his heart and then stomp it dry like the Tennessee house speaker from district 27 just west of Chattanooga? I find Ru humorous and quite harmless. I wish he would register Republican and go mix it up with Gingrich and Romney in the primaries. Now that would be truly entertaining.

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    I read all this and I had seen the video when it was first up. None of it made any sense and I concluded it was all staged. Perhaps I am wrong – again. But now I am having fun conjecturing what MLK Jr. might have said were he still alive. Perhaps … I have been to the mountain but today I have also seen the gutter where a bully pummels an idiotic smaller white person. Maybe he would have quoted the Bible passage where it says men shall not wear women’s clothing. But I strongly suspect that MLK Jr. would have deflected any comment to focus instead on black unemployment in this recession being twice the rate of whites. If alive he would be 82 and I have serious doubts as to whether he would join Ashley Love in a drum circle at an Occupy event. Do any of you think his Southern Baptist Church would be in the lead in supporting LGBT rights?

  • Matt I don’t think you understand. A woman who has been raped doesn’t ever get over it. 2007 was a non-consensual gang-bang by Joe and the HRC board. It doesn’t matter what the motives or rationalizations were. When promises of lasting fidelity are whispered in your ear and you are told “I will never hurt you” only to be slammed against congressional pavement and ravaged then trust has been eviscerated. Not wounded, not injured but eviscerated.

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    King didn’t seem to comprehend anvils and you don’t appear to comprehend thermostats Autumn. A thermostat is a simple switch that activates a heating or cooling device when the thermometer which it relies on indicates that the temperature has either fallen or risen above a threshold. Likewise when King said “Longfellow said, “In this world a man must either be anvil or hammer,” meaning that he is either a molder of society or is molded by society.” he misunderstood Longfellow. An anvil is not molded. An anvil absorbs the blows and is absolutely necessary to the shaping of the metal. King never worked as a smith and didn’t understand the point Longfellow was making. And while I am speaking of King let me remind you that he was a womanizing southern Baptist preacher who would have viewed you as a cretin and an abomination. If you don’t believe me ask John Lewis or Julian Bond or Jesse Jackson. The night Martin Luther King Jr. was shot I found myself in the middle of a race riot on 14th street in Nashville. If you want to talk about Montgomery, Selma, Birmingham or other places where heads were bashed by bat wielding cops I’ll be glad to discuss first hand experiences. MLK Jr. was not the least bit interested in the rights of white privileged retired military pensioners who rail about how unfair society is when they never had to suffer the indignity of drinking from a fountain marked “coloreds”. I have tremendous respect for MLK Jr. and all that he did in 39 short years. In my opinion you are disrespecting his legacy. I doubt you do it intentionally but rather simply out of ignorance never having known him.

  • Please consider carefully the following definition which is from wikipedia.

    “A phobia (from the Greek: φόβος, Phóbos, meaning “fear” or “morbid fear”) is a type of anxiety disorder, usually defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation in which the sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational. In the event the phobia cannot be avoided entirely the sufferer will endure the situation or object with marked distress and significant interference in social or occupational activities.[1]

    The terms distress and impairment as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV-TR) should also take into account the context of the sufferer’s environment if attempting a diagnosis. The DSM-IV-TR states that if a phobic stimulus, whether it be an object or a social situation, is absent entirely in an environment – a diagnosis cannot be made. An example of this situation would be an individual who has a fear of mice (Suriphobia) but lives in an area devoid of mice. Even though the concept of mice causes marked distress and impairment within the individual, because the individual does not encounter mice in the environment no actual distress or impairment is ever experienced. Proximity and the degree to which escape from the phobic stimulus should also be considered. As the sufferer approaches a phobic stimulus, anxiety levels increase (e.g. as one gets closer to a snake, fear increases in Ophidiophobia), and the degree to which escape of the phobic stimulus is limited and has the effect of varying the intensity of fear in instances such as riding an elevator (e.g. anxiety increases at the midway point between floors and decreases when the floor is reached and the doors open).[2]

    Finally, a point warranting clarification is that the term phobia is an encompassing term and when discussed is usually done in terms of specific phobias and social phobias. Specific phobias are nouns such as arachnophobia or acrophobia which, as the name implies, are specific, and social phobia are phobias within social situations such as public speaking and crowded areas.”

    Most of society does not have a phobia of gender variant people within the definition listed above. It is not phobic to ridicule, look down upon and laugh at people who are trans. Trans is not feared but rather laughed at and often seen in the same light as 1930′s black-face theater. When a man in a dress levels charges of trans-phobia against someone who is laughing at his act that is an attempt to aggressively reposition perceptions. That is, in turn, dripping with male privilege. Don’t accept my word for it. Ask the woman you know best.

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    At least Autumn didn’t run off with your aguacates.