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    Thanks for this post @wendydavis and thanks to all of the commenters. It`s heartbreaking to hear about how everyone`s towns are changing, but heartening that we are sharing in the same struggle. I am in my 30`s and have been bouncing around the country for over a decade now, because of layoffs and new job opportunities. [...]

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    I couldn’t agree more and, clearly, neither could the gvt or why else would there be such DHS hyper-militarization of police forces? In visiting my own motivation, it’s not hard to remember that people follow paths of least resistance, so why would the elites change anything without absolutely needing to do so, for fear of [...]

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    I feel the same way, every day, in almost everything that I do. Apart from trying to live more sustainably (in a world that requires $$$$$ for everything, and very few ways of making money don’t add to the myriad of problems you seem to agree about), I’m not sure what I am willing to [...]

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    Thank you for this thoughtful angle. It’s been rare that I’ve heard something other than ‘raise awareness’ as the driving force behind actions lately, which seems perverse given that the legislators/Obama/etc don’t act on pubic opinion (if the media/surveys accurately portray that, anyway). Especially with something as broad and vague as the TPP, a lot [...]

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    This is great, ‘thanks for sharing’. In my younger and more naive days, I worked for one of the Big Defense Contractors and we went through a series of managers, all versed in the EXACT same bull$hit corporate-speak phrases which included: “Drinking from a fire hose” (you’d think a manager could get by without saying [...]

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    I know – I tend to read/watch a lot of sci-fi for that same reason and to give my brain the space to think: “Oh hey, maybe there’s a chance of our survival!”

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    ThumbnailThis is my home, I have no other, like the rest of you. All of our atoms came from it and will return to it when we die. Is there hope for humanity? Just because there are people who say that they own it, and therefore me, that doesn’t mean that they do. Just because I [...]

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    Thanks for this post. It’s amazes me how strongly people hold onto 9-11, how strongly they/we have to hold on to 9-11 or it makes the last 12 years of America not the America we’ve allowed ourselves to become. It reminds me of watching the Vietnam Vet in Why We Fight talk about his son’s death on [...]

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    Thanks for the post. I agree that we are becoming outwardly more intolerant, although I’m not sure intolerance is anything new in a competitive world. While I’m not sure I agree about the self-actualizing trend setting off the vocal intolerance, I do think that the behavior of our political leaders makes so much of this [...]

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    I went to a show last year – it’s one of the free things left to do in NYC these days – and they ‘instruct’ the audience REPEATEDLY to go nuts to keep the energy really, really high for the show. It ends up being a weird mixed of forced and genuine laughter, but it [...]

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    Per this story (and the many others that came out about this), it’s hard for me to not think: 1. We cause the cyclical terrorism that we’re “fighting” so what do we bloody expect? 2. The Powers That Be will pull some homegrown cyber attack b.s. to say, “Told you so” because of the wild unpopularity [...]

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    Thank you, GREYDOG. Always glad to see this list. Well, not exactly ‘glad’, but you know what I mean.

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    Yes @Ludwig, those people are included, too.

    I am speaking for myself. But, also people in general. Our lifestyles (by and large, maybe you are an exception) are driving our downward spiral. If we cared, we would change and demand change.

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    We aren’t being truthful with ourselves.  We’re blaming our government for the problems we perceive in the world – the wars, the warming, the lack of resources, the tension and hate – like Frankenstein blaming his monster for the destruction he caused. A government is an agreement.  Idealistically, we are in an agreement with ‘officials’ [...]