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  • First, you don’t know anything about my politics or whom I support.. Second, there is a huge chasm between rhetoric and filibustering what you believe in, third, if you are speaking in the context of a neoliberal duopoly who sets this high-minded bar of dogmatically pursuing their beliefs with tangible action, The DO ? Well, this was a rhetorical question, because nobody meets your delusional standard within the body politic.

    Ralph Nader and Ron Paul have the courage of their convictions, but surely you weren’t on a blog about Warren and comparing her to third-party integrity.That would mean you have a magical bar for political standards. My point was and is that consciousness raising counts, such as what activists pursue. Moreover, if you actually believe that Warren could grind the machine to a halt, and save us from bankster tyranny, then maybe you read too many graphic novels

  • Warren did more than “just talk”. The difference from campaign conjecture and challenging banksters is more than semantical. The banksters own both parties, but more precisely they control the dems selection system.i.e.,vetting process.She made Dimon whip the flunkies, Obama prove his marquee banking reform was a load of shit, and by no means made life easier when averring the entire system is owned by Wall St..The general public to whom she spoke still can’t handle that message. She gave them proof.

  • Hey eCAHN, have you noticed this misdirection : The rogue private Saudi funders over whom the totalitarian monarchy has no control. It seems like only yesterday when Putin gave Bandir the boot for threatening to unleash the ISIS dogs via Checheneya because of pipeline drama. How quickly the conformist mind can be etherized with state amnesia.

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    America has been bamboozled again. The masses see ISIS as opposed to its funders as the problem, and don’t realize this is the greatest neocon misdirection since we invaded Afghanistan to takeover Iraq. This is Obama’s backdoor passive/aggressive ploy to take out Assad with his humanitarian bombing. The rabble never win, this is merely a [...]

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    It can only be Hillary and Jeb, because they are the choices of the oligarchs. The owners want huge, for-profit governance for no-risk privatization of the world. Neoliberal trade necessitates neocon war intervention. Today’s Paul would be murdered before he could be elected , but maybe he will sell-out and the masses might still believe he’s better. That would be the second time Hillary lost in hope for something better.

  • Ultimately, Hillary will have an fettered cakewalk into the election, and it really doesn’t matter, because once going through Rubin and DLC vetting, viability dictates a pathological love for Wall ST. and Israel and war promotion.

    Everybody here knows this is merely a circus to propitiate the rabble, while the elites pursue neoliberal destruction via the duopoly. Be honest, isn’t this exercise to vote for the parasites who are destroying you pretty much what you clown teabagger retrogrades of doing. Both pursue the same cultural minutiae via identity politics while big-picture monopoly steals our personal and public wealth and destroys the planet in the process.

    There is no lesser evil, what one gains at the margin is lost in resistance to the status-que. Politicians don’t seek to solve problems, they wish to embrace problems as issues to club opponents,e.g., food stamp cuts and employment extensions. Pelosi and Reid were giddy over shelving extensions for election clubs.

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    Sorry Jane, either the links didn’t initially pop up, or I just blew it. Obviously what I was missing was the article, not your coverage. It was too “inside” for further comment.

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    Hi Jane, for no partisan reason I instinctively assume you and Diane are right. I have zero demobublican interest, and identity politics seem a tweak passe at the grassroots, but this seems to be a case of slick-willie triangulation that is motivated by the school-privatization scam and the fake debt-based austerity to facilitate it.

    Since this premise obviates the feminist bugbear, I surmise Chait and neocon privatizer, Dan Senor, are utilizing Brown for a straw person. Senor, was chief strategist behind the Romney campaign, and is Brown’s hubby.

    Jane, you didn’t give me much to work with, so where did I go wrong ? yes. I know Brown is a dem, but that neoliberal branding is definitely passe, except when it is insider business, which this appears to be.

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    Insofar as Putin abandoning SE Ukraine, what dots are you connecting to insinuate any support for these poor people invites NATO warfare ?

  • Hey gentle, you should have stopped after I schooled you. You admitted you should argue what you know, herb. Now, I doubt whether you know anything. You try to set up a straw man with taxation to divert attention from your callous indifference to Jim Crow and prison disenfranchisement from citizen agency.

    Now to your real concern, you. I would tax your hemp-related commerce in a heartbeat, but that is because I know this is a huge market that will soon be institutionalized. However, you seem to believe that legalize and commercialize are synonymous.They aren’t . Morphine,methadone and many other dangerous drugs are legally prescribed, but they aren’t commercialized and taxed. Even if a drug were completely pernicious, why would any punishment visit the user as opposed to a profiteer ?

    You don’t need to be a drug expert or even religious to live your life by the Golden Rule. Just a little humanity via empathy. You need to be taught that mass incarceration is civilized.

  • Hey onitgoes@11, very well-stated. You speak for me.

  • Hey Gentile@6, we all have concerns about drug unsafety, but your problem with “other” drugs” is a tacit endorsement for the status-quo. You have been duped by a false issue, drug safety. This is a marketing construct created by madmen to sucker white middle everything people into supporting a fake war of social control via Jim Crow proscriptions and mass incarceration. On your problem scale, does mass incarcerating poor minorities equilibrate with the damage done by illegal drugs. Have you seen the damage that prison does to lives for victimless and manufactured offenses ?

    Whatever your beliefs, their credibility is contingent upon a moral consistency. Do we mass incarcerate alcohol users, considering no other drug causes more personal and public damage ? Considering acetaminophen is more physiologically damaging than heroin, why should one be in every medical venue and the other a reason to treat a human with prison.Most progressives are correctly appalled by incaging a fucking chicken, yet are good with humans “of a certain type” being transformed into prison slaves for a crime against social norms,i.e., traditional customs and values.

    Before the mainstreaming of illegal drugs, ghetto pleasures were framed as moral depravation and were enforced with what was known as as vice squads. Since the middle class would not pay taxes to keep this drug war sham afloat if their kids were traduced as moral deviates, it became a two-track war: drug education for the privileged and drug incarceration for the poor. Guess what track is represented by the movement for legalizing cannabis?

    Progressives should be ashamed of their cowardice on this issue. Ron Paul is alone in calling on a national audience to eliminate this race war and capital punishment. Social and market libertarians have left that two-party primitivism in the dust. Yeah , go Hillary and Jeb. There’s some change we can believe in.

  • She agrees with us, insofar as not needing the economy. Banking ,the military, and a hologram.

  • Waddup eCAHN ! Catherine Austin Fitts. I believe you told me that she was scary smart. Regardless, do check it out, her vision is sui generis.

  • Hey eCAHN, your school mate was on fire last week on Guns & Butter. Best economic breakdown of 2014 for those who get it. She was allowed to free style for a change, as opposed to being confined to giving investor tips and market analyses for conventional types.

  • Thanks eCAHN foor doing the heavy lifting. Economics is quackery, and anyone who believes social disciplines are science is a sucker and a square. A voodoo craft about value, yet its attempts to define value are completely fraudulent. It tries to be an objective science and reveals itself to be a scam. Whether theory of hedonistic utility or abstract labor, it’s all bullshit.

    An interesting meetup would be why the neoliberal agenda seeks global impoverishment. At a psychological level one would wonder why liberals believe Krugman and Steiglitz are good and Summers and Taylor bad. It’s all New Keynesianism that promotes monopoly confiscation via neoliberalism. Oh, wait, it’s party tribalism, like trying to tease out a difference between two parties owned by Wall St.

    You guys are no more capable of changing your thinking than those tea-party hicks.

  • Stewartm@42, pretty much nailed it. Why would capitalists wish to please us if monopoly can quash competition via free trade agreements and reverse protectionism. They export our GDP.eliminate their tax liabilities, and rule us via the consequent debt leverage.They make money from money via derivatives speculation, and when they blow the economy up, guess who socializes the losses with even more debt-leveraged austerity and privatized confiscations.

    We even pay for the technologies that replace our jobs.There can never be economic expansion because it’s inimical to the neoliberal agenda that owns our two-party polity.

  • The owners don’t care about us as either consumers or taxpayers. They don;t need fiat paper, they can print trillions, so to speak, with one keystroke. They want tangible assets,e.g., priceless art and artifacts, precious metals and real estate. They are stealing our personal and public wealth via an LBO scam with bubbles on the front end and debt-leveraged via austerity on the backside.

    The 99% still doesn’t know the 2008 blowout was a pump and dump, and this is the dump.There will be a revolution, how could it be otherwise ?

    The crazy right wing and Wall St., will go at it and we will wait to see who are new masters will be. Nick isn’t your enemy, he was triangulating. There is no such creature as a bankster who ignores contingency planning. Got a plan?

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    Hi cass, I’m saying Marx’s definition of surplus extraction is not what has been relevant since financial deregulation made speculation a means of leveraging derivatives for arbitraging monopoly extraction. I could argue that,say, GM is a financial operation that sells cars and utilizes this production process as a collateral base for derivatives play. However, my [...]

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    Hi cass. That system of capitalism doesn’t exist. It was replaced with floating exchange and hence financial deregulation and hence neoliberalism. That was when globalization replaced sovereign competition and the classic economic theory to which you still refer. We have nobility, the history of feudalism is rooted in debt, and our system is rooted in [...]

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