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  • Turnout. Turnout. Turnout. Unless voters overwhelmingly discipline these miscreants, the presumptive elites (of all parties) will continue more strongly than ever to trash the People. What bothers me is how they are so sure they can get away with such anti-democratic behaviors. What fortifies them? If it isn’t fear of non-participation in elections, what is the ace up their sleeves? What do they know we do not?

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    I do not believe it serves any useful purpose to acknowledge weakness in liberalism. This is acceptance of the dogma of the Right. The Right is wrong, and we should remember that the discussion is far more nuanced that such simplicity/simple-mindedness.

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    Two words should make liberals turn out: (1) Bader-Ginsburg, (2) Stevens.

    NLRB is toothless in the face of a conservative court.

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    The better approach is to realize that change soon is impossible. In the short run there may be a reaction against the Republicans/Tea Baggers so that nearly any Democrat will be elected. More likely is a gradual change. In either case, taking back the Democratic Party will be a more efficient approach than building new [...]

  • Amen! And well said.

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    (1) Clearly and in simple terms rebut all laissez-faire trumpeting from the addled such as Kristol, Norquist, and Paul. The other bloviators are tacticians; ignore tactics. Americans see through the Orwellianisms now.
    (2) Take over local committees then on up to tactical enablers. Turn the Democratic Party leftward and use the infrastructure already there to do that. Starting anew is (almost?) always doomed because of the huge investment needed up front.
    (3) Tolerate no steps backward by liberals who make deals for self advantage; be clean. Clean! Clean! Clean for Gene!
    (4) Always rebut the anarchists and libertarians by using facts. They are wrong and can easily be shown to be wrong.
    (5) Rotate leaders and groom new ones via the infrastructure, and, most of all,
    (6) Keep the self-aggrandizers in our own party aware that it’s “us,” not them, that is the immediate value.

    Ayn Rand was, and Rove, Norquist, the various Kristols are, hypocrits.

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    Actually, Caesar said “Alea jacta est,” just as McArthur said “Revolvere,” but who’s to care?

    If this were truly a Laissez Faire v. Social Democracy debate we would all be much better off. It is a high school squabble between less than brilliant politicos instead, and prevents intelligent (and honest) understanding.

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    William Greider’s “The Soul of Capitalism” speaks of reasonable reform of the somewhat-functional system.

    Politically, liberals need to get their butts into the Democratic party action in local, regional, and global areas where possible and drive the dirt out.

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    Face it. We are doomed until a liberal shift rocks the country. Until then the reality-deniers, conservatives, fundamentalists of all ilks, and non-cognoscenti will have their way ruiningg life for decent folk.