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  • Unfortunately, if you go to the Medicare website for guidance it practically leads you by the hand to the Advantage plans. If you didn’t know to look for them, you would never even realize you had the option of getting a Supplemental plan instead, or find the information on the Supplemental(Medigap) plans which is buried in a corner.

    When you do find the Supplemental information there is much less available than there is about the Advantage plans. For example, all the premiums are listed for the Advantage plans and it is very easy to compare them. For the Supplemental plans you have to go to each insurer’s website and hunt for the costs; and sometimes you have to call them. It is time consuming and confusing.

    It’s probably just as well if large numbers of seniors aren’t using the internet to make this decision, or even more of them might end up in Advantage plans because they didn’t understand what their choices really were.

    Since Medicare Advantage costs the government more money, I don’t know what their excuse is for deliberately steering patients to it and away from the Supplementals. But they definitely do it.

    Same thing, for more obvious reasons, at the insurers websites. There were a couple of insurer sites at which I couldn’t even find the Medigap information, although listed them as offering it. They put the Advantage plans front and center and hope that you don’t even know there is an alternative.

  • I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve had a Medicare Supplemental plan for five years and I’ve never had a claim not paid promptly. Of course, they don’t cover things that Medicare doesn’t cover – that should have been perfectly clear from the description of the benefits. What they cover is the patient’s share – the deductible and co-payments.

    Medicare patients are responsible for 20% of most services, with no out-of-pocket limit. Obviously this can add up to a great deal of money. A supplemental plan is necessary for this reason. You are giving people very advice.

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    Since older people can only be charged three times as much as young people

    And how much more do you think older people should have to pay?

  • I just got off the phone with Feinstein’s office, and it sounds like she hasn’t made up her mind about signing Sanders’ letter yet. Constituents, PLEASE call her.

  • It’s worse than it looks here. First, because the younger people are the more the overestimate how much they will be able to amass. And second, because so many people have been conned into thinking Social Security won’t be there for them.

    The number of people who will rely mostly on Social Security is much greater than the number of people who THINK they will rely on it.

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