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  • It says something about out times that we more readily identify with prisoners than with government officials. Pelican Bay is the last place I’d normally look for moral leadership, but here it is. Both sides have presented their arguments, and I believe the hunger strikers. That means we’ve got righteous prisoners or we’ve got lousy government. Hmm. We’ve got to start turning things around. I beleive that if I ended up in Pelican Bay they’d put me in the SHU and I wouldn’t get out.

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    Team Obama may not feel they have any real options here. If they put KSM on trial and he successfully challenges all the evidence against him, he’ll walk. They figure it’s less trouble to keep him in prison. It pisses off the civil libertarians, but they’re not macho men and they don’t count.

  • Hard to say exactly how bad she’d be, but she certainly ran to the right of Obama in the primaries…with kissing McCain’s ass and the dog-whistle racism, etc…

    Also, don’t forget, she’s got “property of AIPAC” tatted on her butt, left over from when she supported Lieberman against a good anti-war candidate.

    And there’s the 5-plus years of her support for the loon-crusade in Iraq.

    I’d vote Republican before I’d vote for Hillary, and I’m never going to do that. Republicans are existential, the reason you lock your door at night. But Hillary’s far worse than that – she’s a house guest that steals from you.

    Burglars are going to steal from you, it’s their nature and you understand that. But house guests, no. That’s something else.

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    Spoken like the truly clueless I don’t think your experience entitles you to dismiss other people’s opinions as clueless, depending on whether or not you agree with them. You haven’t addressed any of the guilt issues that veterans face, and I suspect the reason is your distance from the actual fighting. Didn’t you say you did your [...]

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    Refuse to support the troops when they do shameful things. We aren’t empowered to grant them absolution – they’ll find out when they come home that they feel guilty – possibly the rest of their lives. There’s no way to expiate that guilt. They can’t drink it away, they can’t drug it away. It will haunt their [...]

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    Please FDL commentators, it’s Veteran’s Day. Can we dispense with the urge to blame service members for this and other wars? The fact that it’s Veteran’s Day makes it even more important to remember that you never surrender your ability to make moral choices. This is a good occasion to remind young people that decisions they make [...]

  • It’s surely unreasonable to expect many of the kids who enlisted fresh out of that bastion of enlightenment, public high school, to withstand the propaganda tidal wave

    Well, they made a mistake. It certainly wasn’t the first time a high school kid made a bad career choice. My original comment was that I find it difficult to feel sympathetic to anyone who’s in Iraq now.

    It certainly was possible to make a values-free choice to join the Army a number of years ago. It’s OK to add in additional mitigating factors like being misled by counselors, recruiters, even parents. However, I think if you join today’s Army, you’re a sap. That’s my opinion.

  • I think a lot of kids see no hope out there working at McDonalds and no chance for an education that will let them earn any money. So the army offers them the chance for that.

    The problem is really the lack of social mobility in this country. Whatever class you’re born into, you’re going to stay there. However, I don’t see this as a positive argument for joining the Army – possibly because I don’t support the kinds of wars we’ve been waging.

    Is there such a thing as a values-free choice to join the Army? There hasn’t been for quite a number of years. The invasion of Iraq was clearly bullshit. If you join today’s Army, you know what you’re getting yourself into.

  • We need another choice

    We’re in the same situation as Nixon’s supporters were in when they found out he was a lot more like the sleazo’s around him than the guy they thought they voted for. Nixon represented himself as a cloth coat straight shooter, but as president he surrounded himself with lowlifes. Was Nixon always a sleazo himself? Or did he become one over time?

    The more relevant question is whether Obama has become like the people he’s surrounded himself with, or was he always more or less like Tim Geithner? Rahm Emanuel? Larry Summers? After all, he did choose them for his inner circle. As a group, they remind me of the sleazo’s around Reagan. (Yeah, that’s stretching it . . . )

  • let’s remember those kids hunkered down in the hot sand who have been experiencin’ hell for the last 10 years

    I have difficulty feeling sorry for people who voluntarily joined the Army. What did they expect was going to happen?

    There’s really no scarcity of advice not to join the Army. Anybody even considering military service has to put on blinders to avoid seeing it. Then they join and they find out it’s a shit trip. Surprise, surprise.

    I understand that you can feel bad for kids who make a mistake. However, it’s not like the old days when people were compelled to join the military. These days, who can they blame – some dumb shit guidance counselor?

  • My neighbor served both in WWII and Korea but because he & his Wife get pensions for 40 years of teaching he is denied coverage and boy does he need the special care they provide our oldest Veterans

    I can’t agree with you here. Sounds like there are two 40-year pensions coming into that household – a respectable income, I’d say. A lot of people make too much money to qualify for VA health care; it’s based on need, not on merit.

  • Just recently I was in conversation with a conservative, who insisted that the WMD are just “hidden now in Syria.”

    There’s a distinction between being a conservative and being an asshole. Admittedly, it’s not a bright line, and members of both groups repeatedly step across the boundary. The person you chatted with is far more of an asshole than a conservative. I apologize for this characterization if this person is a relative.

  • The British and Germans also said they were shocked that further attacks were planned and nearly carried out during Obama’s administration because they were convinced that reports of potential attacks were only put out for political reasons and to falsely scare Americans

    You definitely need some support for these statements. I can believe that reports of potential attacks were indeed magnified for their political value, but I’d be curious about attacks that were planned and nearly carried out. This sounds like a reference to the underwear bomber or the Times Square bomber . . . neither of which would change anybody’s mind about whether America is actually under siege. Do you trust the FBI? The New York cops? The Coast Guard? I sure don’t.

  • it would rather sweet if the Germans . . . initiated charges . . . against the warmongers and torturers

    I agree. It would be wonderful to see that. However, I don’t think Germany would do anything of the sort without the approval of the Obama administration. Team Obama have proven themselves to be major foot-draggers in terms of respect for the rule of law.

    Now, Spain is a different story. I suppose that once you’re on the hook for the Inquisition, you don’t care if other countries call you legal fussbudgets. There are whole bunches of politicians who have scratched Old Madrid off their list of “Places to See Before I Die.”

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    … shoes to Imelda Marcos?

    … facile excuses to General Petraeus?

    … an undisclosed location to Dick Cheney?

    … ghost writing services to Condoleezza Rice?

    … discount coupons at the Clue Store to Sharron Angle?

    … a Get Out of Jail Free card to Scooter Libby?