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    I have to admit that I’m mystified by Weiner’s inability to get a handle on his dick-pic problem.

    What’s truly sad, though, is that we’ll soon be deprived of great salacious headline fodder:






  • The perfesser almost has it, but not quite. The reality is that Obama used his super-secret time machine to hypnotize Zimmerman back in 1932 when nobody would notice, then planted Zimmerman and Trayvon back into modern Florida.

    Wheels within wheels, people!

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    Possible. Typically, though, organizations like this that run out of funding do their best to go away as quietly as possible. One, to avoid the embarrassment, and two, to keep the door open for former leadership to parachute out to bigger and better jobs.

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    Snark aside, this is amazing news. It is a rare thing when a group of people doing “God’s work” figure out that they’re NOT doing God’s work. It’s even more rare that they then follow their consciouses and not only stop what they’re doing, but publicly apologize for it!

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    I have a really hard time wrapping my head around the idea that unleashing a group of untrained civilians in residential areas while said civilians are armed to the teeth could possibly have a happy ending.

    One guy gets surprised by Fifi the pomeranian yipping unexpectedly and suddenly it’s the Fall of Berlin as everyone starts shooting at anyone who’s shooting. And, of course, the bullet-stopping capacity of the walls of your everyday suburban house is simply legendary.

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    You forgot to mention the time-travel machine that Obama uses to go back in time and fix mistakes. His most famous use of this was to plant the birth announcement in the Hawaiian newspapers, but he could also have used to to watch Family Guy with Bill Ayers at any time during the 1980s.

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    I join the assembled masses in hoping Mrs. Tbogg had a marvelous birthday!

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    I do believe it was Tbogg who predicted that within our lifetimes we’d start seeing reports of people being hospitalized or even dying because they were sticking their tongues in outlets to find out what electricity tastes like. Stories such as this bring us just. that. much. closer. to the event horizon of stupidity.

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    Yes, the newest iTunes does suck. It will take you about 15 minutes of poking around with it, but you can force it into a configuration nearly identical to the previous version.

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    Yeah, funny how none of the magic the gun enthusiasts are constantly promising never seems to appear. How, instead of being a deterrent to crime, having a gun in your home makes it much more likely you’ll be a victim of gun violence. How, in most cases when there’s a mass shooting in progress, the bad guy with the gun is only stopped when he turns into a good guy with a gun and shoots himself dead.

    But I’m sure that it will only take another 3- or 4,000 more dead innocents before something magical will happen. And that’s a small price to pay.

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    Despite issuing press releases stating that there was nothing to talk about with Biden before the meeting, the NRA really did try hard to something something.

    Personally, I hope the gun-nut groups keep ratcheting the whole thing up. The more they screech about how they need super weapons, the more regular folks look at them with squinty eyes and begin edging sideways toward the exits.

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    You can tell that none of these gun fantasists has ever seen actual violence. When all you know is what you’ve seen on TV and in the movies, it’s really easy to imagine yourself a combination of John Wayne and Rambo. Especially when the theatrical bad guys always have terrible aim and die instantly from flesh wounds.

    Real life is a very different story, and I’d say it’s probable that Godlstein and the rest of them would end up killing or wounding lots of innocent bystanders before being brought down themselves by responding law enforcement who can’t tell he’s not the bad guy.

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    Hiring McMegan: Yet another Tina Brown triumph.

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    Thanks, Cap’n!

    I can’t help but think, though, that the insurer had to make at least some inquiries as to whether Lowry and NRO exercised a reasonable standard of care before publishing the piece in question. And I can just imagine the looks on the faces of NRO’s lawyer during that discussion!

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    I would speculate that Lowry’s Losers don’t have libel insurance, but I in my opinion it’s an equally valid speculation that they DO have libel insurance, And their insurer took one look at the offending post, asked what the basis was for calling Mann’s work “fraudulent,” and heard “Well, it’s just got to be!” as the answer.

    At which point their insurance company refused to defend against Mann’s claim, knowing that Mann has actually been libeled. This, in my opinion, is a reasonable scenario.

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    I find it amazing that the likes of Reynolds and Althouse can daily embarrass the institutions that employ them and yet suffer no consequences, and enjoy continued secure employment.

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    Re: Mass killing stopped by citizen with a gun.

    Nobody remembers this because it has never happened. Ever.

    It is, however, the No. 1 prime justification cited by the pro-gun crowd for why we need more guns and fewer restrictions.

    After all, just because something has never happened doesn’t mean that won’t ever happen. The only question is how many more mass murders will have to occur before, someday, some citizen actually manages to draw his weapon and end the slaughter. My guess, based on the evidence of the last 30 years, is that it will only take another 2,000 to 3,000 dead innocents before the NRA’s dream comes true. Then we can look forward to another few thousand dead before the next hero emerges.

    Meanwhile . . .

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    There’s a reason why Reynolds teaches law instead of practices law. Actual lawyers have to be able to construct coherent arguments. Reynolds’s blog and scribblings for the newspaper are Exhibit A.

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    Remember, it was less than six months after hiring McMegan away from the Atlantic that Tina Brown had to announce that she was shuttering Newsweek.

    Well, between the two of them, it was inevitable. Tina Brown has all the editorial sense of your average potato, and she no doubt let Megan handle the books (since megan WAS the economics editor at the Atlantic).

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    Yeah, pretty odd the things that people fixate on.

    I would like to believe that 20 dead kindergartners would focus their minds a bit better. But if history is any guide, we’ll just have a splash of mourning followed by more calls from the right to allow more guns in more places for more people with even fewer restrictions.

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