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  • DesertRat commented on the blog post Friday Night Shakira’s Ass: The Last Assening

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    Surely she has a better sense of what irony is than Alanis Morrisette

  • Tom: Read you at the old place since 2003 or thereabouts and stuck around.

    Enjoy your life. You’ve earned it, and 10 years is like 70 in blogging years.

    I appreciate your keeping me sane during the Bush years, and frankly, being the rare rational voice of reason on Firedoglake.

    Give my best to the bassets, the daughter, the lovely Mrs. TBogg, and Thanks. Thanks for everything.

  • After a certain point, fidelity becomes co-dependence. I’d suggest for Ms. Abadeen we’re well past that point already.

  • What makes you think this isn’t happening already? Lots of people have been giving lots of money to Governor Half-Term…and she isn’t running.

  • DesertRat commented on the blog post Atlas Shanked

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    Saw this earlier today. Phil Mickelson went to my alma mater (Sun Devils Represent), so I’d kept at least a casual interest in his golf career going as I remember him at ASU.

    Lost a ton of respect for him today. Sounds like he wasn’t long for California anyway.

  • DesertRat commented on the blog post There Will Not Be Teblood: The Week-Offening

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    Well, in all fairness to George Blanda, Timmeh can’t placekick either.

  • DesertRat commented on the blog post Michelle Obama Was Not Born A Poor Black Child

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    Shocking to learn that people who had to work, and claw, and scratch their way via good grades and financial aid to get to an Ivy League school would work harder than the ne’er do well third generation sons of old money who got into Harvard because of the dad’s generous financial donation.

    In other news, the sun will set in the west this evening.

  • DesertRat commented on the blog post We Could Be Heroes

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    Gack. If that’s America’s new idea of female sex symbols, I’m now officially switching teams. That’s right, I’m officially gay now.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • DesertRat commented on the blog post The Meta-Photoshopping Dead Breitbart Meta-Postmodern Thingy

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    #6. Seriously, he was made for the role.

  • DesertRat commented on the blog post The Weather Is Here, I Wish I Was Dutiful

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    Which will undoubtedly be illegal in Tennessee by Friday.

  • DesertRat commented on the blog post The Weather Is Here, I Wish I Was Dutiful

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    What wmd1961 said. I won one of the first gen iPads a couple of years back in a drawing at work. I truly hate reading printed books at this point, at least as far as fiction goes. Reference books and non-fiction I still prefer to have sitting on a desk at hand, but that’s changing.

  • DesertRat commented on the blog post Warning: Slow Jam Children Ahead

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    Warning: Slow Jam Children Ahead

    Sorry. I felt this driving compulsion to fix this post title for you.

    And it looks like the Virgin Ben needs to keep up his strategic shaving of the unibrow a little better, if you know what I mean.

  • DesertRat commented on the blog post God Finds You Dull and Jejune Too

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    Douchehat and Lord Saletan of the Woman’s Icky Parts getting together? I was actually thinking the universe would collapse in on itself if you created such a vast black home of charisma and intellect in one space.

  • DesertRat commented on the blog post The B-Team Is Go!

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    The Virgin Ben and Bela Lugosi…separated at birth.

  • DesertRat commented on the blog post They… Call… Me… MRS. Twitchy!

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    Oh noes! Liberation theology. Hidez the childrenz, Marge!

    Seriously, though TBogg, I’d rather watch the Murkin’s gravity challenged cheer than this spittle-flecked, snarling, non-expose expose.

  • DesertRat commented on the blog post From Bangwagon To Bandwagon

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    Reminds me of a great internet insight: Yankees, Cowboys, Lakers.

    If you’re a fan of two of these three teams, there is a good chance you’re a dick.

    I fixed this for you. No charge.

  • DesertRat commented on the blog post This Is So Wrong

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    :: shaking head :: It’s bad enough when people die for their own stupid choices in life, but I HATE it when those stupid choices take others with them/leave their children behind in bewildered pain.

    Um, no. Not really. This isn’t a murder/suicide, Julia. All Mrs. Duggar needs to do is say no. Nobody is making her conceive another child. Short of rape, this is her choice as well as his.

    Now for the children, on the other hand, you’ve got a point…but I’m afraid their lives were ruined the moment they were born into the family of this bunch of born-again hyperbreeding, money-grubbing bottom feeders. Mom kicking it because she doesn’t know when to say when would just be the dollop of whipped cream on the ice-cream and shit sundae for those poor kids.

    My mom was the oldest of 8 in dust bowl Oklahoma. She resented her parents for the rest of her life for the amount of responsibility she was saddled with as a teenager in terms of acting as surrogate parent for her younger siblings. And they had the excuse of being in the days before legal birth control, and in depression Oklahoma. Trust me. By the time this is done, at least some of those 20 will tell ma and pa to fuck off and die.

  • DesertRat commented on the blog post Chivy Chase

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    Geez. It’s like every one of her posts is a cry for an intervention.

    What kind of dead-inside moron would have ever found this monstrosity of a woman sexually attractive enough to marry?

  • DesertRat commented on the blog post If It Illustrates The Nonesuch Nomenclature

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    Oh my gawd, Newt’s married a Real Doll (TM).

  • DesertRat commented on the blog post Scott Brown Just Browned Himself

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    Alright, everybody. Form a circle around the target. Circular firing squad. Ready. Aim. Fire!

    What an incredibly awful idea. Let’s run somebody whose never actually run for office before against the sitting incumbent from our own party. And after that, we’ll take this plugged in toaster into the bathtub with us. What could it hurt?

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