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    As an Asian-American lesbian, I absolutely agree with Mr. Manago’s critiques of the mainstream queer community as being not only totally dominated by white interests but also substantially more racist than Western society at large.

    As a trans lesbian of color, as a social activist, and as a cognitive scientist, I understand that achieving equal rights for all queer people requires social transformation as well as political action, and achieving that social transformation will require both efforts which are cross-cultural and efforts which are specific to a particular culture or subculture. White people often fail to comprehend the need for culture-specific methods because they enjoy the privilege of always having their culture catered to by default.

    Creating culture-specific organizations within the broad aegis of the equal rights movement is in no way “anti-white” or divisive. Rather, it is a long overdue recognition that the queer community is bigger than just white people and that engaging non-white cultures often requires different organizations with different tactics and strategies.