• “The Russians have produced all their radar evidence/ all evidence for consumption by the world” – including a piece of forged evidence paraded by Putin at G-20 that was quickly debunked as a crude fake – who’s smoking the crackpipe now? Now the Russians are reviving the lunatic theory that some Ukrainian billionaire thought he’d be [...]

  • “Admittedly the US spent 5 billion to install, in a coup, an anti-Russia Government.” – for the 1000th time, this is bullshit – that $5 billion figure is over 25 years, including money supporting pro-Soviet leaders, cleaning up after Chernobyl, etc.

    Stupid overt lies don’t help your case in the slightest.

  • The numbers are pathetically small in the UK & in Ukraine.
    You’re just following a distraction down a rabbit hole, just to cheerlead Putin or get in digs against the US.
    There is no significant following of your “Nazis” in Ukraine.
    Whether there are 2 representatives in the lower house of Ukraine or whatever, they have no influence.

  • BTW – re: numbers, there’s simply no comparison – Britain has a 50 year old tradition of skinheads, typically embracing racism & other fanatic ideas. All this uproar over a couple hundred Nazi wannabe troops in Ukraine or a couple marches – Skinheads in Skokie Illinois made a much bigger splash, doncha think?

    Besides, you ignore the obvious – the Nazis killed 3 million Ukrainians & other non-Jews and another 900K Jews in Ukraine – any collaboration with the Nazis was to get rid of Stalin & the murderous USSR, but that was shortlived – 2.3 million Ukrainians were sent to forced labor in Germany, ending the Nazis’ shortlived PR campaign. Almost 5 million Ukrainians joined the Red Army or partisan anti-German brigades. Some Ukrainians in western Ukraine (Volhynia & Galicia) did collaborate with the Germans to be able to launch anti-Polish, Jewish & ultimately anti-German attacks, especially in the mass expulsions of Germans following the war (look up OUN-B and UPA re: long-standing disputes between Poland & Ukraine), but overall any affiliations they had seem to be opportunistic, & they were primarily brutally promoting Ukrainian nationalism (e.g. Ukraine for Ukrainians only). They were convenient allies of both Stalin & Hitler up through 1942, carrying out atrocities to help the 2 superpowers split up Poland, and then shifted tactics to win more sympathy from the west in the latter years of the war. Anyway, this is far from the knee-jerk Putin proclamations of “Nazis” and “fascists”. It should still be noted that none of their actions were as brutal as Stalin’s murders of 22000 Polish officers & intelligentsia at Katyn. Thus is the backdrop of this history.

  • Here, did some homework for you. Yes, enough Nazi-influenced skinheads in the UK, Oi-boys alive & well.

    Re: a few stark raving freaks in the House of Commons or our House of Representatives, haven’t you been paying attention?

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    Feel better?
    England has more pro-Nazi skinheads than Ukraine has neo-Nazis. Should we hold a UN resolution on UK sanctions?

  • Over-represented? How many? My numbers from press releases show about 200. Do you have larger numbers from a reputable source?

    Soviet atrocities + Nazi atrocities = super atrocities.
    Why the hell are you listening to people who commit mass atrocities to decide who should be condemned? There are maximum 4000 civilian deaths in this war – more likely around half that amount.

    Additionally, where are the signs of any significant Nazi influence in Ukraine outside of Donbas? Are hooligans marching through the streets beating & killing minorities like in the 1920′s? Is there a steady progression of increased military rule and absconding of property and political assassinations? Where are the Nazis of which you speak? This is just nonsense – taking a word and twisting it to mean something that’s far far away from its historical significance.

    And as for “People with any knowledge of Ukrainian history would know that there were Nazi sympathizers in Ukraine who fought the Soviets” – people with any knowledge of Ukrainian history would know the Russians horridly abused Ukrainians, including purging Crimea of Tatars during World War II, aside from launching attacks on Poland and killing off much of that country’s intelligentsia. These are pig-fuckers, and you’re just glossing over 1 side of the story to have an easy anti-America pro-Russia slant. It’s putrid – it makes me wonder what happened to the educated left in this country.

  • There are about 200 “Nazi” troops in this 1 Azov “battalion” that seems to be getting all the news. If the logistics weren’t impossible, I’d even suspect Putin recruited them himself just to give him a stupid piece of propaganda to repeat ad nauseum.

    By the way, did the UN condemn the Russians killing off millions of Ukrainians by starvation back in the 20′s? Or are we still waiting for “proof” to come in.

  • For fuck’s sake this is moronic – Stalin *JOINED* Hitler in attacking Poland and splitting it apart. Stalinism *IS* Nazism until poor Joe got on the wrong end of the blitzkrieg. Putin can’t seem to quite quit those good times they had under Uncle Joe, being that macho leader type he aspires to.

    In other breaking news, Hannibal Lecter asks the UN to condemn “Buffalo Bill” as a sadist, & Pol Pot asks them to condemn French atrocities in Indochina.

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    Dermatology may be irrelevant in treating the wounded on a square, but in determining ballistically & wounds-wise who the snipers were & sameness of weapons while doing a quick M*A*S*H* operation might require more training – though Abby Sciuto could probably handle it.

    You may have it clear that Boholomets isn’t a homicide expert, but there’s a load of conspiracy-minded anti-USian types around here who don’t have the wisdom to differentiate, so I make it clear.

    You might or might not be aware that there’s little forensic investigation going on in Syria, Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan. Part is practical, part is political. As you noted the burned up building in Odessa, when 2 groups of armed street mobs go at it, the results are going to be ugly, and the authorities are not likely to parse which side “did it”, and less likely in the middle of an attempt to start overthrowing provincial governments.

    The forensic investigations might not be tough, but identifying the players could be complicated, and as bodies were being moved, attributing angles & other details would be less than perfect.

    Sure, there could have been a quid-pro-quo, but to be fair to the woman, I think she’s more of the mind to be practical (which can take several forms) than to be awaiting to be paid off.

    “It is little wonder that the coup government in Kiev and their apologists have no interest in investigations, accountability, and justice for the victims. They might have to arrest themselves and their fellow coup leaders. “

    – Now that’s a rather stupid piece of guilt-by-inaction, and is one of the reasons all this crap innuendo gains such a following. Ukraine’s top priority is to survive its current civil unrest and turn into a stable country – *NOT* to figure out who did to whom. The number of dead is puny by civil war standards, and no investigation is going to bring those back, and it’s uncertain how much justice it could reasonably lead to. [how satisfying has that Ferguson legal process been? think it will be more satisfying in Ukraine under national crisis?]

    Regarding Saakashvili, your article doesn’t exactly put him in bad light.
    Documentation for Yanukovych was presumably found at his quite stupendous dacha – I suppose you’ll explain away that largesse as well.

    Re: grassy knolls, at least you still recognize satire, even if you didn’t seem to grok I was using it.

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    Okay, so Olha is someone who exists. She ran for president and she’s now part of the government, so not being terrifically silenced. Has she had anything important to say since March about the shootings? She called it a “suspicion” – yeah, perhaps they could figure out who among mobs lit the fire in Odessa, when both sides had guns and bats and were begging for trouble – how easy do you think that is to do useful forensics at this point? You expect a lot for coup accountability. There seems to be a lot of documentation re: Yanukovych’s corruption, including statements from Georgia’s leader et al, but anti-Kiev folks seem to rush right by that to search for the sniper on the grassy knoll.

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    “but there are also very strong suspicions — backed by a leaked phone call between the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU foreign affairs chief, Catherine Ashton — that the snipers were actually hired by the leaders of the Maidan protests” –

    no, there are no “strong suspicions” – someone in Kiev told the Estonian foreign minister a rumor from “a woman named Olga”, and he passed it on to Catherine Ashton. It was pretty well dismissed the same day, and neither of these 2 claimed it was true. You act as if this has a whole load of backing rather than a comment by an anonymous doctor that of course is repeated on Russia Today as if fact.

    Here’s the Guardian’s reporting on this – there is no there there.

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    It’s pretty hard to argue that Yanukovych’s overthrow wasn’t popular. It’s not like the troops stormed his hideout – he ran away after months of mostly peaceful street protests.

    Do you believe people overthrowing their own government here and there is a bad thing? Was the US founding tainted forever just because the French as a foreign power helped us out? And is it okay for Putin to send his “little green men” into Crimea, but not okay for the US to send in money but not weapons and troops? I.e. are there any standards hiding in your position, or is it just a knee-jerk reaction against American involvement anywhere?

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    Why don’t you just take down this one, since you started with such a screwup – you think any sane person is going to check the rest of your work after you blew the lede? Maybe the other videos are also faked, but they just didn’t get the peer review that the G20 debut clip [...]

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    He’s riding the plane bareback with his shirt off. I understand he scored more shots than the Red Baron.

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    ” I will still let this post stand regardless as the story is an important one whether the plane is authentic or not and there is plenty of other important info in this thread. Technically my headline is not inaccurate.”

    Wow, that’s chutzpah – go round and round about how Kiev “Nazis” are lying, and then [...]

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    Wow, this gets thick with propaganda quick. Yeltsin’s violent seizure of power? You realize that Communist hardliners tried a coup against Gorbachev , holding him in his dacha in the Crimea until protests got out of hand? These Peter Pan rewrites of Soviet/Russian politics are getting more and more amusing to read – do you believe in [...]

  • OSCE monitors. If you have a better source, other than Putin’s butthole, let me know.

  • It’s November – Yats is gone, the country did not collapse nor take on Greek-like debt, nor did the Nazis take over. All is cool – take a deep breath.

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