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    I am not saying don’t protest. I am saying people should be aware of the consquences of their actions to themselves. If it would just make a difference, but we’ve seen in the not too distant past, the mass protests against the war in Iraq, was pretty much not even covered by the MSM. By saying to be damn careful what you do, doesn’t mean I am trying to stop ANYONE from doing or not doing what they want. I hardly think I am enabling anyone by stating how I feel since I am probaly pretty much alone in my feelings on this.

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    So there is 12 people on this “jury”? Well, then, I suggest if we can get so much done with 12, why not vote out the rest of the useless baggage. Entitlement, just gotta love a word they don’t know squat about. We are entitled to get what we’ve paid into before they chop us off. Entitlement, my ass, like this is some kind of hand out we get for just reaching retirement age. When ever THAT is.

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    Right. And how well is THAT working out for them now. And Libya? Our detention would be more civilized but just as effective. Do you really think anyone out there in the far reaches of space, what is called Washington D.C., would hesitate to clamp down on any really serious protesting? We were told at one time to “be afraid. Be very afraid”. I pretty much shrugged that off at the time. But not in todays political climate.

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    Sure and while we are marching and excercising our rights, somewhere a person or persons will be arrested as enemy combatants. That’s enough to scare the people or should. This is NOT the “innocent” protesting of the 60′s and 70′s. This protesting can ruin your life even more so that keeping quiet.

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    Did anyone really doubt the outcome of all of this frenzy? The day will come when Obama will pull his Republican clothes from his closet where they are hidden today and let the truth be known once and for all. There was never a doubt, really, that this man who couldn’t make it in the party of his choice, had to become a Democrat and prove his value to the only people that count in his book. It must be hard on him to have to hide the love fest he’d like to celebrate but can’t. He’s not a loser or someone that has been fast tracked to the right to save the country. He’s right on time for his deliverance of the people to the hoards waiting to finish off whatever democracy we thought we had.

  • What you are experiencing in Washingto now has been the creation of the Republicrat. It is a hybrid This is the blending of an donkey and and elephant. How can that be? You just have to figure how deep to dig the hole.
    This freak of nature will be the new norm, and the current president will set the rules for future behavior for this new creature that will make all the president’s and their past policy moot for generations to come.

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    Could be after the next election, ol’ John and Barry will have plenty of time for golf.

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    It doesn’t matter if the news organizations notice gaffes big or little. It is too much work to follow through. They prefer some space filling crap when Biden screws up, or Sarah.

  • I thought that the cruel and inhuman punishment some of these inmates doled out to their victims was the reason they are in prison in the first place.
    Had any of these men harmed MY family, I doubt if their comfort would be my first priority. Or second.

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    Did anyone really believe Obama would appoint Ms Warren? He has a track record of making sure the really competent never make it to where some good could be done for the people. Besides, Timmy didn’t like her and that took care of THAT.

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    To save time, I think we should not try to start a third party at this late date. What we should do is allow the candidate challenged Repugs to draft president Obama as their new shining star. He’s with them anyhow on most things, or gives in to “save” the people. This way they can [...]

  • If every single Iraqis said get out of our country, we’d figure out a way to stay. We want control of the resourses no matter how many die on both sides to keep it that way. Not much has been reported about the huge American Embassy we’ve invested too much time and money into only to turn it all over to the Iraqis. Sure.

  • I cannot believe the US is not involved somehow. Maybe I’m just too easily spooked any more.

  • A third party has never been needed more than now. What are people waiting for? We are all going down the drain thanks to the scrubbing bubbles from the left and from the right. HELP!!

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    Halperin only said what a lot of us believe and should not have been suspended for saying it. His own party and others in Washington have probably said a lot worse except not on national television. Big difference. Besides, Mr Obama is a dick and worse and will prove that the huffing and puffing going [...]

  • I think the time has come that president Obama should tell the people he will not make an attempt at a second term for president. He has become a total distraction in an era of distractions. He has been thwarted at every turn since his election. He’s had very little support from his fellow democrates. He, himself, has been less than supportive of his fellow democrates. This has been bad when he had, before the 2010 elections, the world by the tail. If anyone thinks this madness will stop after November, think again. It will continue and possibly get worse. I suggest he settle for one term not because he’s black but because he cannot overcome resistance to his every move or suggestion. He has given away all but the roof to the house in his negotiations with Republicans and it is still not enough. We, the people, are paying for this feud between parties that is continuing to ratched up. So if this is not some Manchurian Candidate moment, he’d do well to get out of the way and give the people a break while there is something left to give us. I for one am most scared of our future here and the world over.

  • It will be interesting to see where this weasle turns up next.

  • Why should he get suspended for what many think of Obama? Quit being such an ass. Or dick.

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    You bet she’s having fun. Press dogging her everywhere with their tongues hanging out. She’s not going to run so she doesn’t have to worry about boning up on the world around her. As long as she doesn’t commit, the dollars keep a comin’ in. The majority of people may dispise her, but it doesn’t stop her bank account from growing. In some ways, she’s damn good at what she does. Well, maybe not so good for jury duty…lol

  • Is there anyone left that really believes Obama cares for the people. I know there are die hards that are trying to keep the faith in him, but it gets harder and harder because he NEVER learns. We looked for someone to stand up for us and we got someone on some fronts worse than Bush. Watch and see the people flock to Jeb when Obama is history. I guess we’ll never learn either.

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