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  • destor23 commented on the blog post Specifics in Debt Limit Deal Pretty Minor

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    What loopholes are they talking about closing?

  • The problem with going the no tax/no stimulus route is that taxes will go up for everyone and the middle class can’t afford it. Sure, it’s the same rates paid during the Clinton years but those were years of rising wages. In this environment, we’d be condemning a lot of middle class workers to falling living standards and I don’t see how that’s acceptable.

  • destor23 commented on the blog post TSA May Prosecute “Don’t Touch My Junk” Guy

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    Why screw him? He didn’t try to fly. He said “if this is what you demand for me to get on the plane, then I’ll go ask for a refund.” So I don’t get what your beef is.

    Though he has revealed that this policy is wildly unpopular, so the TSA should probably reconsider it.

  • destor23 commented on the blog post TSA May Prosecute “Don’t Touch My Junk” Guy

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    So basically once you get in line, no matter what surprises they have in store for you, that you have no choice in the matter whatsoever. Since different airports have different standards and you basically never know what you’re going to face, that seems a bit extreme. But I guess those are the rules as they’ve been written.

    At this point we need to have a broader discussion and reach a national consensus about what’s appropriate. I understand that you don’t mind being scanned. Frankly, I’m not sure I do either. But this seems to be wildly unpopular and maybe we need to discuss that, too. The TSA rules have been unilateral and there’s been no public input or deference to what the public does and doesn’t want to put up with. I’m willing to take my chances with nail clippers, bottled water and hair gel in abundance. It seems a lot of people are willing to go to metal detectors and no further. Since we’re never going to be able to detect every little thing, maybe we need to develop security policies we can all live with and leave it at that.

  • 1% of the budget that has already been appropriated. All givnig up on earmarks does is moves the decisionmaking about expenditures away from the legislative branch and towards the executive branch. This would actually increase, somewhat, Obama’s power and give him a kitty equal to 1% of all appropriations by which he could reward or punish individual members of Congress, if he were to choose to do so.